Yellow and Gray Bedding That Will Make Your Bedroom Pop

Yellows and grays are one of the trendiest and most popular color pairings in both fashion and interior design. And they work really well in bedrooms that have a vision of personality but also for those that would like a bit of relaxation infused in the overall ethos. Today we’re taking a peek at 20 beautiful yellow and gray bedding choices that make spark a new redesign for your own space.

1. Young Chevron

Young Chevron - grey and yellow bedding

Chevron is one of the most popular prints and one of the most youthful. Pair it with a light and airy yellow and gray color duo and you’ve got a great choice for a teen bedroom or even a college dorm!

2. Cozy Stripes

Yellow Gray Bedding Set

Here’s a more traditional take on this trendy color pair. Simple, chunky stripes can be cozy, homey and perfect for the master bedroom.

3. Geo Floral

Geo Floral Grey and yellow bedding

If you love a bit of modern flair but feminine touches too, check out this design that pairs gray and yellow with a sprinkle of geometric floral accents and embellishments.

4. Feminine Damask

Feminine Damask grey and yellow bedding

Here’s a choice for those that are looking for blend both funk and feminine into their space. We love a traditional and girlish damask print but we love it even more with the uniqueness of yellows and grays.

5. Textural Quilt

Textural Quilt Grey and yellow Bedding

You don’t have to get a comforter set, instead you may find the most charming and cozy quilt that works for your bedroom. And in this case you get it with a splash of relaxation and pop of springtime yellow.

6. Piecey Mixes

Grey and yellow bedroom design

Also, you don’t have to have a complete set to make the yellow and gray pairing magic happen. Instead, find pieces that you like and mix them up a bit to fit your vision and personality.{found on camelliainteriors}.

7. Tribal Fun

Luxury bedroom with grey and yellow design

There’s a serenity involved in this bedroom’s design that is helped and pushed forward by the addition of this subtle, tribal print on the bed. We love the artistry and interest of its addition.

8. Pretty Poppies

Pretty Poppies

Personally, I’m in love with these pretty, whimsical poppies spread all over this bed. And what makes it so much more special is the silky sheen and the color combination making it much more unique.{found on greatneighborhoodhomes}.

9. Modern Monochromatic

Modern bedroom design with grey and yellow bedding

Here’s another great example of mixing and creating a bedding set all on your own. Choose monochromatic pieces and put them together to make something inspiring, cozy and complimentary.{found on greenremodeling}.

10. Just Pillows

Grey bedroom pillows

Your color pairing can be made with the addition of your throw pillows. If you have more neutral bedding, throw on some yellow and grays to create a more stylish and personalized look.

11. Abstract Art

Cover cotton duvet

Check out this beautiful design from Kess. Made with an abstract art eye and a cotton blend duvet cover – it’ll make quite the focal point for your bedroom!

12. With Black

Yellow and black plus grey decor

Adding black or whites along with this color pairing will make an even more striking finish. If you’re looking for a contemporary spin on this trendy look then this is the way to go.

13. Sweetly Charming

Sweetly Charming

This is a good example of a room that will speak to a lot of different style enthusiasts. It’s versatile but it’s also really welcoming and relaxing as well with gray being the foundation.

14. Aztec Pixels

Aztec Pixels bedding

Aztec prints mixed with geo-pixel accents can be quite the funky pairing. And we’re loving it! When paired with a more muted gray and yellow it can make a soft impact on the room.

15. Yellow Foundation

Yellow bedroom foundation

This yellow bed has a soft, romantic print that balances out the brightness of the color. Then, adding the charcoal pillows, brings about a breathy warmth that will envelope you.

16. Lemon Pond

Lemon pond bedding

Here’s another personal favorite that is brought to us by Kess as well. Made with a modern yet retro-flailed lemon print, you’ll have something funky and charming covering your bed.

17. Simple Stripes

Simple striped bedding

If you like things simple and sweet then this bedding will be the choice you’re seeking. We love it’s ease and how versatile it can be for different rooms from the kids’ to the guest.

18. Happy Dots

yellow with shades of grey bedding

If you’re looking for funky and free then this happy face polka doit set will be right up your alley. Dress the little one’s rooms in this fun delight or send it with your teen off to college.

19. Geo Diamond

Society Row Bedding Set In grey

Here’s another contemporary print for those that are looking for add some extra modernism into their home. Geometric diamonds can be both masculine and feminine as well depending on how you decide to style the space.

20. Large Floral

Large floral bedding

Are you not in love with this large, floral printed bedding? Made with a white foundation and sprinkled with pops of yellow and gray, we love the hand drawn, youthful feeling of this set.