21 Gray living room design ideas

Choosing a color theme for the living room is one of the first steps when redecorating. Even though gray is not technically a color it’s a great choice for basically everything. It’s also a very fashionable tone these days. There are lots of different hues of grey as well and you can play with that when decorating your home.

Although grey is more of a static color, you can add dynamism to a room by using different shades

A grey living room would look both formal and stylish. It’s a tricky color but it can be very beautiful when combined with other colors. And because gray is not a very dynamic color you should use some focal points in your room. For example, a zebra rug would make a great addition to a gray living room design.

Use grey in combination with other neutral colors and use pattern in your favor
An all-grey décor can be monotonous so make sure you have colorful focal points
Contrasts are easy to create even with similar colors and shapes
Keep the natural color of the wooden floor for more warmth into the room
Green plants always make a room feel fresh and more open
Grey is a versatile color which suits both modern and traditional decors
You can use grey as an accent color for the floor if you’d rather not have it on the walls
Sometimes the subtle shades of color are the most visually striking
Grey in combination with purple is a modern and very chic mix
Combine pattern with color to scare away the monotony in a décor
Another nice color combination is grey and beige because they’re soft and bright

Steely gray can help create an intimate décor for the living room. You can paint the walls gray and if you want to go even further you can also paint the ceilings and the floor the same color. It would be like a gray canvas that you can then complete with all sorts of little decorations and details. If you want to add some fun and vibrant color accents you can always use the drapes, the rug, the lamps, the pendant, the pillows or the artwork.

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Concrete grey is a powerful color and it looks great in combination with black
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Create subtle transitions of color and add a little warmth into the room
The more different two colors are the more powerful the contrast is
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Although it can seem austere, a grey room can be very relaxing
White in combination with grey is a clean and elegant choice
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A minimalist room similar to a scene from a black-and-white movie
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Combine cold and warm shades of color for a balanced interior décor
One or two focal points are enough to make a room stand out
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The combination of yellow and grey is one of the most beautiful you can find

As for the different color combinations that include gray, purple is always a good choice. Red, blue, brown or yellow are also nice options to take into consideration. And since gray is nothing but black and white combined, you can also use it with the classical black and white and maybe with some subtle touches of red. Even though gray is a color with character, it’s still considered a neutral so a complementary tone is always welcomed. To avoid a dull interior, you can try playing with textures and patterns.