20 Versatile, Rustic Decor Pieces For Your Home

Warm, countryside feelings can surround your home making it a much more comfortable and cozy place to rest, relax and enjoy every day of the year. From mantle musings to side table accents, rustic decor pieces are a great choice when you want a more welcoming ambiance sewn throughout the home. And we’re showing off 20, real-life ways to make that happen and inspire you.

Rustic Bedding

Cozy Bedding Style in Rustic Bedroom Ideas Inspiration

Layered with soft textures, this bedroom speaks of the rustic genre because of it’s comfort and down-home feel. It’s still stylish enough to look good, but it’s cozy enough to feel even better.

Rustic Home Office


Covered in natural, wood pieces, this home office takes both contemporary lines and rustic accents into consideration. It’s a warm, enveloping room but one that can also enlighten and inspire, perfect for a more creative space.

Rustic Dining Tables

Rustic living room tv stand

From pieces made from recycled wooden pallets to naturally-made wooden designs, dining room tables can still look classy and chic when created with a more country-esque vision. Just look at this more delicately styled family space!

Rustic Chandeliers


There are plenty different styles of chandeliers and that includes the rustic version. Here we have one creating with tree branches creating an even more organize and real ambiance.

Rustic Doors


Your front doors can be grandiose and gorgeous, and covered with some rustic flavoring too! Just look at this cherry piece of luxury. It’s a stunning addition to a more provincial estate.

Rustic Wall Art


Here is a great example of rustic wall art that can brighten and bring life to the foyer or dining room without straying from the country theme. These wood pieces add the right amount of texture while combining rusticism with sophistication.

Rustic Bar Stools


Rustic bar stools can come in both metal and wooden materials with ease. And here we have a beautiful example of backed, wooden stools that match this breakfast bar just right.

Rustic Ottomans


Leather is another great material that meshes well within a rustic themed room. And this mixed material ottoman does the style justice.

Rustic Windows


Bare and clear, rustic windows can be more about the view than the actual styling. Think traditional without too much fluff, and allow the natural light to shine through without restriction.

Rustic Desks

Rustic living room tv stand

A piece of wood sitting pretty on more modern-hairpin legs, this is a great piece for your home office or even inside a large, spacious breakfast nook. It provides that easy, rustic feeling without being too chunky.

Rustic Lamps

Rustic living room tv stand

This antler-inspired table lamp is a stunning focus to this textural, eclectic bedroom. It adds extra, rustic appeal to this textural space.{found on gracehomedesign}.

Rustic Kitchens


There are so many rustic nuances and accents found around this kitchen. It makes for a beautiful example of how stylish this design genre can be.

Rustic Buffets

Rustic living room tv stand

This long and lean buffet piece highlights this inspired dining room with ease and versatility. It’s functional but also makes a stylish, fashion-forward addition this this homey space.{found on samueldesigngroup}.

Rustic Mantles

Rustic living room tv stand

This deep, wooden mantle highlight this cozy room with such grace and comfort that any member of the family will be welcomed and feel at ease inside, especially throughout the holidays!{found on garyahern}.

Rustic Centerpieces

Rustic living room tv stand

Compliment the dining room with subtly and simplicity. Fresh flowers presented in such a clean way, add to the charm and rustic vision of a comfortable home.{found on kitchenlabdesign}.

Rustic Nurseries

Rustic living room tv stand

You can even add that easy, traditional ethos into your little one’s nursery. Just check out this fashion-forward, rustic design!{found on nessaleebaby}.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic living room tv stand

Rustic furniture pieces can even be used outside on the patio taking the theme to new levels. These designs work especially well outside for obvious reasons.{found on finstads}.

Rustic Chairs

Rustic living room tv stand

Accent chairs can easily be dipped in this cozy style as well. Inside the living room or home office, the addition can be really helpful.{found on cabbagesandroses}.

Rustic Bedrooms

Rustic living room tv stand

We’re in love with this rustically-inspired bedroom because of its light charm and feminine quality. It’s bright but still has that cozy, in the country, feel.{found on artisticdesignsforliving}.

Rustic TV Stand

Rustic living room tv stand

Even your entertainment center can feel that rustic essence. Just look at this beauty that is not only versatile but in the theme too!{found on jameshurt}.