Stylish Coffee Tables That Double As Storage Units

Having furniture that can serve two purposes at once is quite common these days when everyone is trying to save space and to make the most of everything. Multifunctional furniture has become a trend and designs that can allow us to add some extra storage to our homes are some of the most valuable and appreciated. As a result, we decided to compose a list of stylish furniture pieces which double as storage units for all sorts of things from books and magazines to office supplies and toys.

mag Walnut coffee table
Walnut mag coffee table

The first on our list is the Mag table, a very stylish and elegant furniture piece which has a magazine rack integrated in its structure and with a top which slides to reveal even more storage space for documents, laptops and other things. What looks at first like a very simple table is in fact an accessory full of surprises.

Kai coffee table designed for storage
Kai coffee tabel design

Another apparently very simple-looking piece is the table named Kai. It looks a solid coffee table with a low construction. However, at a closer inspection you can see that its surface is marked by thin lines which hint at the fact that there’s something hidden underneath this simple shell. Sure enough, the table is made up of lots of small storage compartments each with its own little door that opens at a different angle.

Lux coffee table with storage

Surely, a coffee table with a storage shelf underneath its top is nothing unusual. It’s actually the type of coffee table you’d expect to see in most modern living rooms. However, one that has a secret drawer just under the top is something quite different. This is the Lux coffee table, an elegant and simple piece with a secret.

Modrest coffee table with swivel

A lot of modern coffee tables have something to hide. Modrest, for example, is a table with a lovely round top and a tapered base. Underneath the top there’s a whole series of storage compartments arranged in a radiant pattern. they’re the perfect place to store small objects such as the remote control for the TV or audio system and other similar things.

Times for storage coffee table
blue storage coffee table

This is Times 4, a very chic and fun coffee table. It has a round base and the top is missing a section, like a pizza would be missing a slice. that’s because e table has a display platform where you can showcase things like a vase or a terrarium or where you can store some items. But the cool thing about this particular design is the fact that the interior of the table rotates and the platform changes its color. There are four options to choose from. You can even combine two at a time.

Brass Storage Coffee Table - Walnut

While most coffee tables feature some sort of storage compartment under their tops or to the side, this one adds to that a new function. This is a convertible coffee table which can also be used as a laptop desk. Its top is divided into two sections which you can lift to obtain an elevated surface just right for someone siting on the sofa.

Rian Gullwing coffee table design
Rian Gullwing coffee table

A top that can be lifted is also the defining design feature of the Rian Gullwing coffee table. This time, however, things a little bit different. The top is made up of two panels of different dimensions which can be opened to the side to reveal a thin storage space lined with suede. It’s a great place for keeping some documents or a tablet.

Louvre mesh cube set

The Louvre Mesh cube set doesn’t really hide the fact that you can store things inside its modules. In fact, it seems as if they’re primary function is that of a storage unit. You can use these mesh cubes as side tables and you can put together two, three or more to create a larger storage unit or to form a coffee table. Their bold industrial design will surely make them stand out.

Round coffee table with storage

The Turning Table has quickly become very popular thanks to its simple and elegant design that also hides a very practical side. This beautiful round table has a tray top which can be lifted to reveal a generous storage compartment underneath it. There’s plenty of room there for lots of things like a book, your favorite magazine, a pair of glasses, etc. a small and chic handle makes it easy to lift the top.

Low round coffee table with a wheel design

Featuring a design of nautical inspiration, the 1007 | Ship’s Wheel coffee table has a low and round form and a decorated mirror top. It’s definitely more on the traditional side than other tables we’ve seen so far. Available in four different finishes, the table offers individual storage areas that fit perfectly inside the frame, forming a complete design.

Modern coffee table munari

Small, compact and very chic-looking, the Modena coffee table could easily fit in any modern or contemporary décor. It’s a glass table with a pull-down door and a The rawer, both designed to offer storage for CDs, DVD,s books and lots of other things. The interior storage compartment is not meant to be completely hidden and that’s part of the charm.

Bergamo coffee table square glass

Bergamo is a very similar-looking coffee table. There are, however, a few differences. This table actually has two drawers that meet at the center. They open up to reveal small but practical storage compartments for simple personal items. As a whole the table looks simple thanks to its square shape and glass surface.

Coffee table with casters and storage space

MIA is also a really stylish coffee table and it too has integrated storage space. In addition to that, this table also has casters which means it’s really easy to just roll it around in case you need to change its location. It’s a practical and interesting piece of furniture which plays with the clean contrast between its white interior and stained wood exterior.

The cube coffee table

Storage is an important aspect for the design of The Cube, a coffee table that transforms with ease to accommodate more guests. The top can be lifted and the sides open up as well. The design is perfectly optimized to offer maximum storage in a compact form. And then comes the really interesting part. What you see here is actually a series of 6 small tables inserted into one another to form a cube. So when we say storage we actually mean that a total of six tables can occupy very little space.

Modern white coffee table with magazine storage

The clean and elegant design of the RKNL20 table is actually reminiscent of the beautifully designed iPhone. The table is refined, simple and exquisite and not without being functional as well. A sleek storage groove towards the bottom lets you keep your favorite books and magazines close at hand at all times.

Square wood coffee table with storage

With a name as simple and intuitive as the Four Block coffee table, there’s not much to hide. But the name is actually a little bit misleading as the table is not composed of four individual blocks but rather has a top divided in two which opens up to reveal a storage nook inside. When the compartment in not in use, the table resumes its simple form with a square top and a low base.

Wire frame base coffee table

The Wireframe table has a design inspired by the 3D wireframe models designers and animators used. It looks simple and very chic, with its walnut finish and exposed ply top and bottom circles. The steel grid that wraps around the sides has a black powder-coated finish which contrasts nicely with the rest and adds a subtle industrial touch to the design.

rectangular coffee table with storage

Next, there are three Modrest tables we’d like to have a look at. The first one is the SE152A model which has a really chic design. The table looks modern with a quirky geometrical twist. One side hides a pull-out drawer while the other has a corner section which lifts up to reveal another storage compartment.

Storage table with an ingenious system

The P209A is also a very modern and chic coffee table. It has a top that lifts up in two sections and underneath there’s a generous storage compartment. Further more, the table also has a bottom storage shelf. You can choose from several classy combinations of black and white, all of which look very elegant.

Wine storage coffee table

The third beautiful Modrest coffee table has a round top. It’s the CJM037 model and it too mixes black and white for a classy and distinguished look. The table’s round top is divided in three sections: the central surface and the two side compartments which are perfect for holding bottles and other things if you’re planning a cocktail party or if you simply enjoy a good mixture of looks and function.

Orlando small coffee table with wine bottle storage

The last two tables in our list are interesting because they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. First, there’s the Orlando table. It stands on three legs and has a fluid and continuous form. The triangular top features a small circular groove at the center. that’s a perfect place to hold a bottle which makes it a really great table for patios, decks and pretty much any other social space.

Fresh outdoor small box
Fresh box used like table and keeping fresh aliments

Last on our list we have a coffee table called Fresh*r. It’s a rectangular table with a really cool and useful feature: a built-in ice bucket. The table is designed to keep your drinks and snacks nice and cool while also looking stylish. It has a shockproof interior, a weatherproof exterior and a wooden top which gives it a rustic look.