Interesting Backyard Creations For Magnificent Landscapes

As lovers of the outdoors and nature in general, we’re always searching for new and fresh ways to spruce up the backyard or garden and today we found some really interesting ideas which could really change the game. These backyard creations can elevate the landscape to a whole new level. Each of the following backyard ideas is based on a different concept and we’ll explore them each more closely through some inspiring images.

Go Green and Natural

Green and natural plants - hedge

If you want to keep things simple, focus on a single color. Keep the backyard green and natural and forget about the multitude of colors featured by flowering plants focusing instead of decorative bushes and trees. You could also add a sculpture to the garden if you want to create a separate focal point.

Flowers and Butterflies

Blue Butterflies in backyard

There are many different ways in which you can add color to a backyard garden. Try something a bit less conventional for a change and decorate the garden with beautiful butterflies. It would definitely be nice to have a bunch of real butterflies there but that would be a bit too complicated. So how about some artificial butterfly ornaments which you can attach to the leaves and stems of your plants?

Flowers with Butterflies

The Monarch butterflies is among the most popular but there are plenty of other species that impress with their amazing patterns and bold colors. This one appears to be a blue Morpho butterfly, a very beautiful and very eye-catching specimen.

Colorful Garden Flowers

Another way in which you can turn a rock garden or backyard into an amazing display of colors involves a variety of flowering species. Think of the colors you’d like to see in your garden and then search for the plants that can offer them. You can also create interesting combination with flowers that have different forms, sizes and patterns.

Add color in backyard with flowers

The color palette of your garden should be chosen according to the mood and ambiance you’re trying to create there but also the season when they can be enjoyed in their full splendor. For example, you can welcome spring with some boldly-colored flowers and select some muted and more relaxing tones for the autumn garden.

Hanging baskets with plants

Hanging Plants in Baskets

Not all gardens stand on the ground. Vertical gardens are quite popular, especially when there’s not a lot of space available. Consider hanging baskets and planters if you want to turn one of the walls of your house into an amazing display of colors or plants. Similarly, a fence can be used in pretty much the same way.

A romantic Corner

Create a corner nook in your garden

A lush and beautiful garden is the perfect setting for a small and private seating corner. The beautiful surrounding landscape would make this space pretty romantic so why not explore this idea further and add some other romantic features such as some fairy lights in the trees or a comfortable loveseat?

Unique Designs

Backyard design art with suspended garden

There are a lot of backyard designs that focus on dramatic and outstanding visual effects. If you enjoy adding the wow factor to your designs, perhaps you’d interested in something similar.

Metalic garden art with grass on it

How about these spiraling things? They’re definitely eye-catching and they’d make any garden stand out? They literary take the landscape to a new level.

River rocks and metalic art for backyard

Other features that can add the wow factor to a garden include water features and rock formations. These can either be the focal point of your garden or additions meant to complete the look and to create a certain look or atmosphere.

Go natural and use only organic materials

Suspended Grass With Metal for a unique garden

The architectural garden design we showed us also inspired us to focus more on natural and organic materials. As you can see, this is an important element in this particular design and this gives the garden a very pleasant and comfortable look and feel. Use materials such as rocks, pebbles, wood and of course add grass and plants to the mix.

Grass, gravel and concrete

Concrete pavers with little Grass

There are plenty of material combinations to explore so let us offer a few suggestions. The combination of concrete and gravel is pretty common and can be used to create some really interesting landscape designs. Modern and contemporary backyards and gardens often employ these materials. Grass is the third elements that completes the look.


Backyard pathway with gravel and flagstone

Flagstone is another option and there are plenty of different ways in which you can use it. Flagstone patios are really charming and in the garden you can create a very beautiful walkway among the trees and plant beds. We find the organic forms of the step stones to be wonderfully charming and full of character.

Wooden Seats

Create wood seats and let them unfinished

Wood is one of the most common and versatile materials you can use in a garden or backyard. Wooden furniture is one of the first things that comes to mind. So consider building some custom benches or seats out of wood and making them a part of your backyard landscape. The seat and planter combo is another option worth exploring.


Backyard cranes

Cranes, flamingos and other similar birds have become popular decorations for a lot of gardens and yards. Turn your own garden into an open aviary. Of course, we’re talking about lawn decorations and ornaments, not real birds and animals.

Metallic planters

Natural patina of planters

Although not the most common type, metal planters are starting to gain popularity thanks to their unique appearances and unusual designs. The rusty finish is a big part of their charm. This sort of metallic planters can look very charming in a lot of settings, including rustic, traditional and even modern gardens.

String Art

String Art In your Backyard

String art is something you expect to see inside a house, not out in the garden. But why limit yourself to wall decorations when you can also use this technique to turn your garden into an outstanding and magical space? String art can have a decorative role but can also be really practical, helping to keep plants and vegetables off the ground and guiding them so they can grow healthy and beautiful.

Water Features

Water feature backyard design

We already mentioned how beautiful a water feature can be in a garden but let’s explore the idea a little bit more. Depending on the location and preferences, you can opt for something small and simple like a fountain or for something bigger such as a pond. Ponds open a whole new world of design possibilities as you can decorate them with bridges, walkways, sculptures and lots of other things.

Rocks and boulders

Rocks and boulders to create seats

Instead of searching for artificial decorations and ornaments for your garden why not use the things nature offers us? This includes things like stones and boulders. Use them as decorations or turn them into seats and tables.


You can use stones to build all sorts of things such as a fountain or a fire pit. You can also use stones to create pathways in the garden or to mark certain interesting features.


Reclaimed wood and gravel - wooden crate

Of course, some of the ideas we’ve presented can be quite expensive but there are ways to save money and to also be eco-friendly at the same time. We’re talking about recycling. So check your storage and garage and take out any old wood and furniture you have lying around and give them a new purpose.