14 Flagstone Patio Ideas to Enhance Your Yard’s Natural Beauty

Flagstone is a natural material that can enhance the beauty of your backyard. The earth tones and organic shapes of flagstone blend with nature rather than compete against it.

If you’re working on your landscaping, use these flagstone patio ideas as inspiration.

Flagstone Patio Ideas to Enhance Your Yard's Natural Beauty

What is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock bound together by minerals. Miners quarry it from an open pit, and a stonemason chisels the rock, giving the stones an organic, unique shape.

Since Flagstones provide a durable and slip-resistant surface, they’re ideal for walkways, patios, pool areas, and driveways.

Flagstones cost about $15 to $20 per square foot, but prices vary by location.

Flagstone Patio Ideas

These flagstone patio ideas will give an organic feel to your outdoor space.

1. Flagstone Paver Patio with Mortar

Flagstone Paver Patio with Mortar
London Stoneworks LLC

The homeowners opted for mortar between the stones of their rounded patio. Using mortar between the joints offers a more polished look and ensures the stones won’t shift over time. You can use this method for a driveway too.

2. Large, Rustic Flagstone Patio

A flagstone patio is a really great option if you're aiming for a rustic landscape

This flagstone patio sits at the backdoor of a small cabin, offering a modern-rustic feel. The patio is large, and the tan and beige stones offer visual interest while complementing the natural landscaping.

3. Small Flagstone Patio Idea

Flagstone and gravel go hand in hand. Add some greenery on the side and the balance in perfect [Design by Newecolandscapes ]

Flagstone patios work as well in small yards as they do in large ones. In this example, plants border the stones on all sides for an integrated look. The patio offers enough space for an outdoor couch and table.

4. Oceanside Stone Patio

For a more organic and natural look, decorate the patio with large stones and patches of moss

Groundcover plants, such as this blooming moss, add an organic feel to the stones and are a great solution for crowding out weeds. The designers took the natural look a step further, using boulders as seating.

5. Modern Flagstone Patio Idea

Flagstone also works wonderfully for traditional patios, regardless of the surroundings [Design from Arcadia gardens LLC ]

Just because flagstone is a natural material doesn’t mean it has to look rustic. These homeowners chose a muted gray-beige stone with mortar to blend with their modern aesthetic.

6. Tuscan Flagstone Patio

The irregular and unique shape of each flagstone makes this a great choice for organic-shaped patios [ From WaterWise Landscapes Incorporated ]

The neutral color scheme, greenery, and simple design give this backyard patio a Tuscan-like look. It goes to show that the color of the stone sets the stage for the design style.

7. Patio in the Garden

You can set up a flagstone platform in the garden, a space where you can go to clear your mind [Design from Banyon Tree Design Studio ]

If you want to enjoy views of your garden, there’s no better patio material than stone. It complements plant life and creates a space to sit with a morning cup of coffee or take a break from pulling weeds.

8. Flagstone Patio with Outdoor Fireplace

A flagstone patio can include flower beds or can be installed around the existing trees [Design from Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects ]

Here’s a look at a traditional-looking flagstone patio, complete with an outdoor fireplace shaded by a pergola. The fireplace and retaining wall are also stone for a congruent look.

9. Stone Patio in a Spiral Design

There's a large variety of patterns you can use, this spiral design being a beautiful example [ Design from Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture ]

You don’t have to stick with an organic puzzle-piece type of design. While it might take some work to find flagstones the right size, you can try a more creative spiral pattern like this one.

10. Flagstone Patio Next to a Wood Deck

The dimensions of the patio are not the most relevant detail in most cases

If you’re looking to eliminate as much grass as possible, add flagstones next to your wooden deck. It adds visual interest and cuts down on yard work.

11. Use Ground Cover Plants to Fill the Space Between Stones

Flagstone walkways are particularly beautiful, this look suiting them really well

This flagstone patio idea prevents weeds by overpowering them with ground cover plants. Use this idea if you’re trying to create a natural, green oasis. 

12. Rustic-Modern Flagstone Patio Idea

This is a contemporary patio featuring organic lines and materials

Simple gray flagstone pavers lend to a modern look fit for a contemporary or mountain home. These homeowners also built a retaining wall in the same color for added visual interest.

13. Flagstones as a Pool Patio

Use flagstone around the pool and highlight the geometry with grass

Flagstone is slip-resistant, making it a top choice for pools. These homeowners went with a “green” look, letting grass grow high between the rocks.

14. Classic Flagstone Patio Design

Geometric patterns usually define modern and contemporary designs

These homeowners wrapped their flagstone patio around the house, giving it an old-world but high-end feel. They chose a gray stone that complements the color of their house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How much does a pallet of flagstone cost?

Flagstone prices come in between $0.20 to $0.50 a pound. A pallet of flagstone weighs three to four tons, which equals $600 to $2,000 per pallet. Pricing varies on the quality of stone and your location.

How many square feet is in a pallet of flagstone?

The average pallet covers 300 to 600 square feet. Thicker flagstone will have fewer square feet by pallet.

What color is flagstone?

Flagstone colors vary by the location of the quarry. Colors can be brick red, soft yellows, and cool grays and greens.

How do you repair flagstone patio cracks?

There are stone repair kits available at local hardware stores. Look for masonry adhesive to fill in cracked stone.

How do you break and shape flagstone?

Use a marker and draw a line where you want to make your cut. Score the line with a chisel. Continue scoring the line with a chisel and hammer until the flagstone breaks away. You can also use a circular saw.

How to DIY a Flagstone Patio

These are the basic steps to flagstone installation using the dry-laid method.

Flagstone Patio Materials You’ll Need:

  • Paving stones
  • Gravel
  • Leveling sand
  • Bucket
  • Tamper
  • Level
  • Wheelbarrow

Once you have gathered all of your materials, choose your space and have a design and shape in mind. You can always move the stones around and expand your chosen area.

Flagstone Steps for installation:

  • Start by removing grass and other vegetation from the patio area.
  • Dig down far enough to accommodate gravel, surfacing sand, and flagstones. This should be between six to eight inches deep.
  • Grade the ground so it drains. About 1/8″ of drop per foot of patio will suffice.
  • Lay 4″ of gravel base to the ground and pack it with a hand tamper or plate compactor.
  • Next, pour leveling sand on top of the gravel and spread to a 1″ thickness. The best material to use is decomposed granite.
  • Layout your flagstones using a puzzling method. Use larger stones around the edges as the smaller stones will shift over time. Arrange stones by size and shape into the space, leaving a one to two-inch gap in between the stones.
  • Level each stone by moving the stone by hand. You may need to add more leveling sand underneath.
  • The final step is to fill the gaps with more decomposed granite leveling sand. You can also soil and plant grass in between pavers.

This dry laying method is cheaper than mortar and grout but will shift over time. If your bed of gravel and sand is compacted right, shifting will be minimal.

Professional Flagstone Patio Installation Costs

A professional installation of flagstone patios costs about $1,500 for a 100-foot surface. You can bring down labor costs by choosing larger stones covering a broader area.

Should You Seal Flagstone?

Although you don’t have to seal your flagstone patio, it will increase the longevity of the stone. An application of sealer hinders weed growth in between joints and prevents mold. It can also prevent stone cracks.

Use a sealer every three to five years, although wear time may vary depending on weather and traffic.