More Functions In A Compact Design – Convertible Coffee Tables

The coffee table is a must-have in any living room. But while that may be true, its functionality is not exactly well-defined. The coffee table is a hybrid piece that serves a variety of functions in a variety of different situations. Taking that into consideration, a convertible coffee table would simply be an upgrade for the regular type.

Walnut Convertible coffee table

A common approach features a coffee table with an expandable design which allows it to become a dining table whenever needed. For example, this walnut table from Dwell can sit 6 to 8 people when extended. It has chrome legs and a simple and versatile look.

Single folding table

This easy folding table by John Strand MK has a simple design and an expanding system that has also been applied to a variety of other models. The piece is compact when used as a coffee table and it elevates and expands its top when it has to function as a dining table or work desk.

Yoyo covertible coffee table

Other models, such as the Single table are designed to double as laptop desks or work surfaces which allow the user to sit comfortably on the sofa while using it. It’s ideal for those working from home or anyone who simply enjoys comfort and want to use the table when reading or browsing the internet.

Bellagio covertible coffee table

The Bellagio table can also double as a laptop desk, revealing a small storage compartment at the same time. It’s a perfect piece of furniture for a modern living room. The top lifts up in a single motion and the storage area is great for hiding small electronics, books and other things.Available on Resourcefurniture.

Minimalist coffee table with a covertible design

Finding a coffee table that looks sleek and minimalist when in its compact form and equally stylish when it expands is a bit difficult. The transformation has to be unexpected for this to be an impressive design. The Box suits the criteria, offering a new concept in terms of convertible furniture.Availble for 1507.44 €.

Magnum covertible coffee table

The design is the Magnum table is pretty similar to the one described above. When used as a coffee table, it’s minimalist and compact. When it expands to become a dining table, it’s 132” long and can comfortably seat a large dinner party. It’s perfect for small spaces but also for casual interiors.

Magic table covertible design

Another pretty similar design is featured by the Magic table. This one can also transform into a dining table and has an aluminum base and a smooth lifting mechanism that allows the user to adjust the height with very little effort.

Covertible mini table design

Chic and very efficient, the Mini Table can adjust to various heights and can serve both as a coffee table and a dining table, depending on the immediate needs of the users. The design is simple, modern and versatile.Available on site.

IMultifunzione Piccolo

For small families that don’t need huge dining tables, a design such as the one featured by the iMultifunzione Piccolo table is perfect. This is a coffee table able to transform into a dining table for four. It has a simple and modern design and comes in multiple colors.

Wood covertible coffee table

Two simple movements are enough to convert this from a coffee table into a dining table. It’s called MK1 and it’s made of walnut or oak wood. Its design is simple and doesn’t try to hide the fact that it’s a multifunctional piece.

DIY coffee table with a covertible design

Want your coffee table to have a bit of industrial flair? Then take a look at designs such as the one shared by Ana-white. This is a coffee table with a sawhorse base which has an adjustable-height top that allows it to be transformed into a desk whenever needed.

Turn the coffee table into a bed

Have you ever heard of a coffee table that can transform into a bed? That sure sounds handy, especially when you have guests over and no guest room to put them in. you can find detailed instructions on how to put together such a piece of furniture on Rockler. It’s a relatively simple project which you can customize in a variety of ways.