Transform An Old Jar Into A Halloween Vase

I guess I have a bit love-hate relationship with Halloween. To say it out loud – I don’t always appreciate it for it’s classic design style and decorations, like for example spiders, that seem to be covering many houses’ walls (I admit, I’m totally terrified of anything that has a spider shape and it’s not the kind of terror I am looking for to have during Halloween dinner!) But nobody said that the decorations have to be traditionally scary, right? They might, as well be a little bit different, unique, black & white and design inspired, if we wish. So here comes the DIY vase, which fits perfectly the spooky theme.

Transform an old jar into a halloween vase
A touch of black for minimalistic white design

The best thing about this black & white vase is that,it can be created from any old, long jar you might already have at home. I always appreciate recycling projects, as they are the fastest, most budget friendly and in case something goes wrong…well, you won’t be too upset.

Halloween vase materials

You will need:

  • an old, long glass jar
  • bucket with white paint or spray paint (I have used a paint I had left from painting walls)
  • black paint

Now I will show how to transform your jar into this Halloween vase.


First of all, you will need to make sure that the surface where you are planning to give your jar a makeover is protected well with i.e newspapers.

Slowly take it out and hold on top of the bucket

Open the white paint bucket and dip the jar inside it. Then, slowly take it out and hold on top of the bucket for a while, to let the paint go down. Turn the vase upside down and place it on top of the newspaper. Leave it for a few hours for the paint to cover the entire bottle and dry. Alternatively, you can use a spray paint but you have to be very careful to make the surface clean, without any marks.

Let the jar dry

Once the jar is completely dry, dip its top in the black painted and again place it upside down on the newspapers to dry. Wait a few hours before you use the vase to decorate your home for Halloween.

After few hours try the black paint
Black paint on the white milk jar

I really like it as an accessory on its own but if you wish you can place inside for example dry twigs or black feather or any other items that might fit your Halloween Party theme! If you have more jars to recycle you can make more vases of different shapes and place them all together for a bigger effect.

Display the painted halloween jar
Transform an old jar into a halloween centerpiece