Down To Basics – Decorating With Cube Furniture

Everything looks more interesting if it has an eye-catching or a familiar shape. The cube is a versatile shape which can be applied to a large variety of things. Today we’ll present you a whole set of cube-shaped furniture and we’ll discover together how each piece can become useful and how it can stand out from the crowd.

Chair/ table/ shelf


What could be simpler than a cube? It can be anything you want. Use it as a chair, as a table or as a shelf. It’s up to you to make it stand out and to give it a place and a function in your home or workplace.

Cube-shaped bookshelf


We came to know that this cube-shaped bookshelf is called Lean Man and it’s the work of British designer Frank Flavell. It has only two legs but it’s perfectly stable and it comes in six different colors.

Solid wood stool/ table


Kunk by Gotwod is a basically just a solid piece of wood shaped like a cube. It has a painted bottom and a fine brass metal band that delineates the colors. Four wheels allow each piece to be repositioned with ease. Use it as a stool or side table.

Zig Zag table/ bookshelf


This piece is missing a side so it’s not exactly a complete cube but the shape is there. It’s called the Zig Zag Table and it has a simple and versatile design, with built-in storage for books, magazines and other small things.

Cube lighting


Lux W1 is a wall-mounted lighting system that uses cubes to project triangular lights on the walls. The cubes are made of colored aluminum and can rotate 360 degrees to create geometric patterns when combined.

Intersecting table elements


Three different-colored elements intersect to form a cube. When put together they work together to serve as a table. This is a design that its creator, TJ O’Keefe calls the 3:1 table. Each of the three elements can’t really fulfill any function separately, although it can be used as a sculpture.

Dining table in a cube


Living in a small space means making compromises and using multi-functional and space-saving furniture. A good example is this compact cube which can be separated into three pieces: a small table and two chairs.

Concrete and wood table


The Freddie side table impresses with its simple shape and intriguing palette of materials. The table comes concrete with walnut veneer, creating a strong but balanced contrast. It can be used as an accent piece in living rooms or as a nightstand in bedrooms.

Nestled side tables


We found this interesting set of nesting tables on Urbanoutfitters and we were instantly drawn by their simple and yet unconventional design. Each table features a different color and they all share the same geometric shape.

Sculptural seats/ tables


Put these two pieces together and they hide each other’s unique characteristics, blending in and looking plain and unassuming. Pull them apart and they reveal their sculptural side. This is how the Within set by Studio Vision works.

Compact cube desk


When there’s not enough space in the house for a home office, we have to improvise. A good solution for small spaces is the Cube Duke, a compact laptop desk with integrated storage. The top has an adjustable height and the side opens to reveal a small storage area inside.

Customizable acrylic cubes


El Tapar is a range of cubic modules designed by Georgia Ezra. The modules are made of acrylic, they’re transparent and they allow multiple configurations to be created by simply changing and removing the lids. As a result, the cubes can be combined into bookcases, used as side tables or coffee tables.

Modular Frankies


Miklum Studio came up with the design for a series of modular and quirky-looking pieces which can be combined in a variety of ways and used in combination with tables, sofas and desks. Mix and match as many Frankies as you want and pick the colors you find suitable for your space.

See through storage furniture


Peep is a series of cube-shaped storage furniture pieces of different sizes and colors. Thanks to the see-through walls, the user can peep inside to see what’s stored. In addition to that, the colors sides also allow each cube to stand out.

Colorful storage wall


This is Cubit, a modular shelving system comprised of geometric modules in 25 different formats and 8 depths. They were all designed in accordance with the standards formats for books and music material. The combinations which can be created these colored modules are numerous and can be adapted to the function, space and requirements of any specific space.

Modular and sustainable kitchen


Danish company We Do Wood came up with the concept for a modular kitchen design featuring a series of geometric-shaped modules of different shapes and sizes. The system is simple and eye-catching while maintaining its functionality.

Modular bookshelves


The Stacked shelf system was created by Julien De Smedt of JDS Architects offers five shapes to work with. The system is composed of three boxes although several more can be combined freely. They are connected with colorful steel clips in green, white and yellow.

Minimalist sideboard configurations


Branka Blasius designed the BB Sideboard, a birch plywood piece with a simple shape and which can be combined with multiple modules in order to create storage solutions for a specific space or occasion. The individual modules are versatile and decorated with acrylic glass. They can serve as stools, tables, shelves or anything else you might want to.

Geometric wooden units


We spotted these interesting pieces in the Pop-Up Store designed by Sigurd Larsen. Their design was inspired by the large wooden crates used for shipping. The modules are multifunctional and integrate storage and display spaces of various types.

The Cubrick cabinet


The Cubrick cabinet may not look like much when it stands still. It showcases its true beauty when it starts to unfold. The cabinet was designed by Yard Sale Project and it comes in three different heights and two configurations. The interesting thing is that the cabinet actually moves. It shifts its modules and it almost seems like it’s alive.

Versatile modules with geometric designs


We found these interesting modules on LaRedoute where they’re presented as being made of simple wood and nothing more. This is actually a pretty accurate description. The modules feature different geometric shapes and various dimensions and they can be combined in a variety of ways to create bookcases, wall units and all sorts of other things. Their simplicity is complemented by their functionality.

Eye-catching wall unit


Sometimes the most interesting detail about a wall unit is not necessarily its construction but the way in which it’s placed in the room and the way it interacts with the décor and the users. Like this eye-catching design by FilipJanssens.

3D shelving


The same designer also created this unusual shelving unit. It’s a 3D composition that plays with various geometric shapes and offers interesting visual effects depending on the viewing angle.

Unique Cafe interior


Penda designed the interior for Home Cafe. The firm used recycled steel bars painted black and arranged in a modular grid. The bars create a series of cubic frameworks which can be reorganized. They were combined with cube-shaped wooden modules and decorated with plants.