DIY Chandeliers That Will Light Up Your Day

Not a lot of people would consider crafting their own light fixtures. A chandelier, for example, is something you buy in a store without even considering other options beforehand. However, this doesn’t eliminate other options. For example, there are tons of ways in which you can embellish, customize and personalize a chandelier or pendant lamp or even build it from scratch.

Chandelier made from upcycled glass bottles

Wine bottles turned into chandelier lighting

Old wine bottles are a great resource for DIY chandeliers. On Diynetwork you can find out exactly how they can be sued for this purpose. The project proposed here requires wine bottles in assorted colors, a glass-cutting tool, a drill and a utility knife plus, of course, the lamp sockets and wire.

How to make a pendant lighting chandelier from glass bottles

Another project that was also featured on Diynetwork shows you how you can upcycle wine glass bottles to create a stylish chandelier that would be perfect for the kitchen. For this one the materials needed are pretty much the same ones as for the previous example, the difference being that you need extra large bottles.

Liquor bottle chandelier

Etsy offers a beautiful chandelier that’s also made from recycled wine bottles. It has a circular wooden base from which bottles of different shapes, sizes and colors are hanging, creating a unique look. The chandelier can be made with as many lights as desired and you can also try something similar at home.

Mason jar chandelier

Here is a Mason jar chandelier that’s also a pretty simple DIY project can be found on Blurubiestudios. This one is simple and uses metal pipes and small bulbs. It’s the type of light fixture that would look lovely above the dining table, for example.

Plastic bottles chandelier

Plastic bottles can also be used for a similar purpose. But since they’re not particularly attractive in their original form, you’ll have to be a bit more creative. An interesting idea is offered on Ohhappyday. For that project you need plastic bottles, spray paint, two metal rings, a utility knife and thin gauge wire.

Paper chandeliers

Cupcakes paper chandelier

Simple, everyday materials can sometimes be used in very creative and ingenious ways. For example, paper can be used to create a wonderful-looking chandelier. A great example is offered on Designsponge. Those lovely paper flowers that make up the chandelier’s form are created using cupcake liners.

Wax paper chandelier diy

Also featured on Designsponge, this project uses wax paper. It’s one of those things we all have in our homes but only use packing lunches. However, if you think out of the box, you can also create something similar to the chandelier you see here.

Scrapbook paper chandelier

Scrapbook paper is the main element for the project featured on Tatertotsandjello. If you want to create a similar chandelier, you need around 8 or 10 sheets of scrapbook paper as well as two different-sized circle punches, a hot glue gun, wire and a lamp shade.

Make a one-of-a-kind chandelier

In case you have a bunch of paint swatches stashed somewhere, check out Heygorg for instructions on how you can use them to make a one-of-a-kind chandelier. Start with a lamp shade as a base and then add layers of paint swatch medallions to it. You can combine several different colors or different shades of the same color.

Lightbulb chandeliers

Lightbulb chandeliers over the dining table

Sometimes there’s no need to cover up the light bulbs. You can actually make them stand out by allowing them to be the focal point of the chandelier. A good example in this sense is the DIY chandelier featured on Liagriffith. It has a little bit of vintage charm but it can easily adapt to a more modern setting as well.

DIY hanging Edison light bulbs

The hanging light bulb chandelier we found on Ruffledblog is also interesting and attractive in its own way. To make something similar you need chicken wire, wood strips, chain, hooks, nails, lamp kits and L brackets. Edison light bulbs would be a nice choice although you can be creative with this part.

Hanging light bulbs chandelier

Although this may seem like a really simple design for a light fixture, things are not that transparent. You can the full description of how this was made on Loveandrenovations. The hanging light bulbs are a nice touch that give the fixture a lightweight look in contrast with the solid wooden base.

Chandeliers made from unusual materials

Build a chandelier from pipes

If you want your chandelier to have an industrial design, check out the tutorial we found on Apartmenttherapy. It shows you how you can use steel pipes and fittings to create a chandelier that looks simple but doesn’t go unnoticed. You’ll also need sockets, clear spray lacquer and black spray paint.

Antique sphere chandelier

What could you possibly create from old wine barrel rings, right? Well, how about a unique chandelier? In case you’re having trouble picturing the design, check out Nepacena for a better understanding of the project. The chandelier has an antique look which is hard to obtain and which makes it stand out.

How to make a chandelier from Fabrics

Fabric is such a basic material it’s hard to think of something that you couldn’t use it for. Chandeliers are no exception as they too can use fabric to look special. If you want to make your own fabric chandelier, Abeautifulmess offers a simple design you can adapt to your own preferences.

DIY yarn chandelier

Using yarn, a sewing hoop, lamp cord, some wire and double sided tape you can make a cute little lampshade for your ceiling light. It’s like a mini chandelier which you can customize in a lot of different ways. You can use the information on Weddingchicks as a starting point.

Wagon wheel chandelier

An unusual thing to use when making a chandelier would be a wagon wheel and that’s exactly what the project featured on Blackoakvintage uses as a main element. In addition to that, you’ll also need string lights, chain, extension cord and some hooks if you wish to create something similar.

DIY a Twig chandelier

Want your chandelier to make your living room feel like a forest? Or perhaps you just want to bring some of nature’s beauty into your home. Whatever your reasons are for enjoying this design, feel free to adapt it according to your own vision. {found on funkyjunkinteriors}

Colorful cage lamps chandelier

The DIY chandelier described on Dailycandy requires the following materials: bulb cages, colored and differently-shaped light bulbs, cord and power strip. The final result is a playful and colorful chandelier which can adapt well to a variety of settings and styles.

Candles and cage wire to create a chandelier

Speaking of unusual materials, take a look at the list required for the project featured on Consumercrafts. You need a tomato cage, chicken wire, silver craft wire, candles, sisal vine, twig vine garland, crystals and chain. What you’ll get is an interesting-looking chandelier that’s suitable for the outdoor areas.

Other designs featuring upcycled items

DIY Sunglass Chandelier

Creative minds can find new uses for just about anything. For example, have you ever considered using sunglasses to create a chandelier? On Sunglasswarehouse you can see exactly how such a piece would look like. The chandelier was crafted using a lamp, spray paint, lots of sunglasses, zip ties, two wooden circles and two wire wreath frames.

Chandelier Ping pong balls

Poppytalk offers a really interesting idea. Here you can find out ping pong balls can be repurposed in order to create a colorful chandelier with a fun and playful design. The base materials needed for the project are ping pong balls and spray paint in assorted colors. The result is a playful design that will cheer you up whenever you look at it.

Colorful chandelier made from test tubes

This colorful chandelier was made using a lot of glass test tubes. They are organized using two plywood bands and they are detachable. This means you can customize the chandelier in a lot of different ways, even add flowers to it for a fresh touch. {found on Etsy}.