Versatile and Chic – DIY Copper Cup and Leather Kitchen Organizer

There’s something magical about the combination of bright, shining copper and leather. The two textures and sheens and vibes combine and play off each other so well. No matter what your style, this article is a tutorial for a perfect DIY copper cup holder with leather straps. The end result is not only beautiful, but it’s versatile and functional as well. Use as many or as few copper cups as you want or need. Mount it in your bathroom, kitchen, office, laundry room…the possibilities are virtually limitless. And, bonus, it’s a fast and easy DIY project! Let’s get started.

DIY Copper Cup Holder

DIY Copper Cup Holder Closer look

DIY Level: Beginner

DIY Copper Cup Holder Materials for Project

Materials Needed:

  • Copper cups, as many or as few as you want (four are shown here, but I only used three)
  • 3 mm leather (or suede leather) cord in the color of your choice
  • 1×6 pine board, cut to the length/height you need
  • Paint or stain, staple gun, drill
Paint or Stain your board

Step 1: Paint or stain your board. Depending on your preference, you can paint or stain your board here to be the foundation of your copper cup organizer.

Spray paint primer

In the interest of time, I used white spray paint + primer in one. Spray it on in light strokes to prevent dripping, about four or five coats.

Let it dray

Let it dry thoroughly.

Copper cup placement

Step 2: Determine copper cup placement. The board I used is 31” tall, and I wanted to use three copper cups. The best distance for their use (for pencils and straws to fit easily) was 9” from the bottom of one cup to the bottom of the other. (Each cup is 4” tall). Dry-run space the cups as you see here.

Mark and drill holes

Step 3: Mark & drill holes. Holding each cup in place, make light pencil marks on either side of the top of the cup. These are temporary marks, so keep them small and light.

Move the cups from the board

Move the cups from the board and use a square to mark new holes that are exactly level and centered – 1-3/8” in from each edge works well for this.

DIY Copper Cup Holder Drill Holes

Drill holes in the second marks. Your drill bit should be big enough to fit the leather cord snugly but easily. For 3mm cord, a 5/32 bit works nicely.

Attach copper cups

Step 4: Attach copper cups. Thread the end of your leather cord through one of the holes, from front to back.

DIY Copper Cup Holder Leather Cord

Staple the end of the leather cord down. Staple a few times to make sure it’s secure.

Wrap the leather cord

Wrap the leather cord as many or as few times around the top of the cup as you want. Tip: If doing more than two wraps, work from the center out. Cross the leather cord in the back of the cup so as to keep a clean, crisp look at the front. Cut the cord long enough to thread through the second hole in your board AND staple down on the back.

Pull the leather taut

Pull the leather taut, double check that it looks clean and the leather crossed (if applicable) isn’t visible. Thread the end of your leather cord through the hole.

Pull the second cord
DIY Copper Cup Holder Taut

Pull the second cord taut and staple on the back. Tip: Staple the cord at a right angle to provide extra support and stability.

Repeat for al copper cups

Step 5: Repeat for all copper cups. Attach all copper cups in the same way. You’re just about done!

DIY Copper Cup Holder Mount

Step 6: Mount the copper cup organizer. One way to do this is to predrill screw holes in the four corners of your pine board and screw it to the wall, then paint the screw heads so they are not noticeable

DIY Copper Cup Holder Project

Step 7: Fill your organizer cups. You’re done! All you need to do is put your new chic leather and copper organizer to good use.

DIY Copper Cup Holder Kitchen

In the kitchen, napkins are always good to have handy. This accomplishes that without taking up precious counter space

DIY Copper Cup Holder Storage Organizer

Plus, it’s just such a pretty addition to the kitchen. (And if you like those faux concrete countertops, check out the DIY tutorial here)

DIY Copper Cup Holder View

I love the extra sparkle and shine they add to an otherwise plain space.

DIY Copper Cup Holder Tutorial

We hope you enjoy your new leather and copper cup organizer! If you’re in love with copper, check out our simple and straightforward DIY magazine holder that incorporates this most gorgeous metal.