Modern Daybeds That Revolutionize Classic Designs

Did you know that the daybed is the predecessor of the sofa? That’s definitely interesting considering the fact that daybeds are a relatively new addition to modern households. Who knew that the sofa actually evolved from this obscure piece? The Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Chinese civilizations all gave a lot of importance to this particular piece of furniture. The modern daybed was introduced in the 1500-1600 period in France and it was those particular designs that influences a lot of what we see today. You can look for the particularities of the designs in the following examples of modern day daybeds.

Simple Nordic Daybed

Named simply Daybed, this is a creation of Copenhagen-based manufacturers HANDVÄRK. Its design is minimalist and the smooth aniline leather offers a particularly attractive and sleek look. Other upholstery options are also available. The daybed is offered in leather, velvet, wool and canvas of different types and colors.

Modern daybed for a minimalistic design

Sharing the same generic name, the Daybed designed by Norway-based Martin Høgh Olsen has a simple and sculptural structure. The piece features two frames that angle inwards from two sides and that hold the top. A two-sided mattress adds comfort to the daybed while, at the same time, allowing the user to flip it over to reveal a different color. In addition, the mattress can be folded into a compact form and can be used as an armrest.

Studio Joa Herrenknecht Daybed

Sushi is a modern daybed designed by Studio Joa Herrenknecht. The idea behind it was to create a piece of furniture that would be easy to assemble, would have a flexible design and would be able to serve as a guest bed. The studio envisioned this as a piece of furniture suitable for those who move around a lot of simply enjoy flexibility.

Morfo day bed with ottoman

Featuring a minimalist and, at the same time, futuristic design, the Timber Daybed by Chmara Rosinke studio shares a few elements in common with Japanese design and architecture. The harmony established between the solid wooden blocks that form the base and the freeform, adjustable accent elements gives the piece a certain lightness and a special charisma.

Unusual The Kulle Daybed

The Kulle Daybed designed by Stefanie Schissler originated as a school project. Its bubbly design is not only interesting from an aesthetic point of view but it also maximizes the comfort and coziness of this piece. Being so cozy, cute and comfy, the daybed can easily integrate in a lot of different decors.

Erba Upholstered day bed

Meet Be Pop, a daybed designed by Giorgio Soressi for manufacturer Erba Italia. It has a memorable design thanks to its arched backrest with a shape reminiscent of a fan. The backrest is available in two versions: tufted or smooth. The daybed’s steel frame is covered with polyurethane foam which, in turn, is covered in either fabric or leather.

Morfo day bed with ottoman

Versatility is the key word that best describes the Night&Day daybed. Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Molteni & C, this piece, as all the other ones in this collection, has a reclining back which allows to become even more comfortable. The elements in the collection can be freely combined to create a variety of compositions.

Original barcelona day bed

The original design of the Barcelona couch/ daybed now manufactured by Knoll was created in 1929 by Ludwig Miles van der Rohe. Its design and composition are pure, simple and stylish. The piece has evolves over the years but the main characteristics describing it remained unchanged.

Morfo day bed with ottoman

Featuring a chrome base and a sleek and minimalist design, the Fly daybed created by Massino Rosa Fly for Dall’ Agnese is lightweight and slender, thus being the perfect accent piece for a casual and modern living room but also for bedrooms, offices and other types of spaces. Its seat features high density polyurethane foam and the backrest is padded with goose feathers.

Morfo day bed with ottoman

The Life Class collection from Italy Dream Design contains a really chic piece named Cortona. It’s a modern daybed with a minimalist and elegant design. Its generous dimensions don’t affect its slender and sleek look. In fact, you can hardly tell that it measures 180×80. Not only that this is a very comfortable piece of furniture but its design is also versatile and allows it to be used in a lot of different environments.

Day bed from Menu

Designer Anita Johansen created this Daybed for Menu using classic Nordic materials . The piece is structured into two parts. One is the frame made of ash wood. It’s thin, sleek and simple. The second part is the upholstered top which gives the daybed a comfortable allure. Use this piece on the hallway, in the waiting room, living room and wherever else you wish.

Morfo day bed with ottoman

TK8 is a simple daybed with a timeless and elegant design. Created by Thomas Bo Kastholm for Carl Hansen & Son, the daybed fits nicely in a lot of different settings, from public spaces and waiting rooms to cozy family rooms and bedrooms.

Gianluigi Landoni designed the 680 Class

Gianluigi Landoni designed the 680 Class daybed for Vibieffe. The piece is simple but, at the same time, very familiar-looking. However, this doesn’t take away its unique charm and beauty. This is a piece of furniture that will stand out not because of its dramatic design as a whole but because of the subtle nuances that make it special.

Morfo day bed with ottoman

Designed to meet a large range of interior design needs, the Sherman daybed from Minotti is perfect for family homes. It radiates comfort and this makes it ideal for cozy reading corners or family rooms. It has a strong and durable base which doesn’t give it a robust aspect.

Upholstered fabric day bed

The FK11 Senckenberg daybed was designed by Ferdinand Kramer in 1952 and is still stylish and beautiful today. Its geometric design allows it to fit in most modern and contemporary homes. The headrest can be folded into a rectangular armrest and this increases the daybed’s versatility.

Black waves day bed

The very suggestive name of the Waves daybed is the first clue that lets us know this is a special piece of furniture. Its design is very sculptural and fluid and this makes it unconventional in a stylish way. The daybed was designed by Ernst & Jensen for manufacturer Erik Jergensen and was envisioned as a versatile piece to be used in public spaces, formal waiting areas but also in cozy homes.

Morfo day bed
Morfo day bed with ottoman

Morfo was designed by Fabrizio Batoni for manufacturer Esedra by Prospettive. It’s part of a collection that shares the same name and has a design that’s sculptural and organic thanks to both its shape and color. The daybed is available in a variety of leather and fabric types.