How To Paint Mason Jars – DIY Step By Step Project

When you’re looking to decorate on a budget it’s the small details that make the biggest differences. It’s often the case when you’re renting or buying for the first time that you don’t have a lot of spare cash for purchasing furniture.

How To Paint Mason Jars

You don’t buy those statement pieces that will last forever and enhance the room they are in. Instead it’s easier and more economical to buy simple, timeless items that will easily transition from room to room as you need them to.

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More and more of us are finding it’s important to make our homes comfortable, fashionable and interesting to live in but are trying to do so with only a small amount of money. DIY has always been the answer to creating cheaper decor and now the Internet has exploded with easy, affordable ways of updating our homes, there’s no excuse not to put some time and effort into making the home of your dreams.

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If getting the saw and power drill out isn’t really your thing fear not. DIY is not just for the carpenters in us anymore. Quick, craft DIY’s are the way forward. Creating accessories to add elements of interest intertwined with simple, chic furniture that builds a look that feels planned and put together.

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One of the best things about DIY mason jar is you have the opportunity to really personalise all aspects of your decor. You’re not limited to the colours that are in fashion or what’s stocked. You can create something totally unique to you and your tastes.

We’ve made these DIY painted mason jar vases with a shiny rose gold, metallic paint, but there’s nothing stopping you from choosing silver, or copper. Go for a bright pop of colour, a range of pastels or keep it simple with black or white paint. The choice is all yours. What’s even better? Use old jars to recycle them creating attractive home decor almost for free!

Materials you’ll need to paint mason jars:

  • Mason Jars
  • Spray Paint
  • Masking Tape
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How to paint mason jars: A step by step guide

Ste 1: Cleaning jars and patterns

Clean the surface of the jars and fully dry them. Now you’re going to wrap the tape around the jars. There are many ways to do this to create different effects, but I’m going to show you three different patterns in this post today.

Sharp V

Place the masking tape at an angle, starting near the top of the jar. Press the tape down over the jar until you reach half way around from this starting point.

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Once you’ve reached the halfway point, fold the top of the tape back on itself until the angle is opposite to the other side and make your way back around to the starting point. Line up the joins as closely as possible. If you need you can add extra tape to make clean, crisp angles

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Straight Line

Place the edge of the tape horizontally around the jar. Press down as you wrap the tape around the whole of the jar until you reach the starting point. Add extra tape at the join to create a seamless line along the top edge of the masking tape.

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Rounded V

Follow the steps for creating the sharp V shape. Once you have wrapped the tape all the rip off a small section and cut a small rounded shape out of it. Place it over the ‘V’ shape angle to make it much softer. Make sure the tape doesn’t go over the sides of the v.

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Step 2: Add tape

Just below the masking tape line tape a layer of newspaper to cover the rest of the jar. You only want the top half of the jar exposed.

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Step 3: Paint

Spray paint section of the jar. Spray from a lower angle around the top edge of the jar. Spray light layers leaving to fully dry between coats.

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Once the paint is dry carefully take off the newspaper and peel back the masking tape.

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