DIY Picture Stand Or Holder From Clay

Art is such an amazing way to create home decor that is seamless and current. Buying prints from small, independent designers is a great way to always have something new and fresh in your home without having to make any major changes.


Buying inexpensive prints and using them to brighten up your home also supports young, independent businesses so you can feel good about yourself at the same time! If you really can’t find what you want then why not pick up a paintbrush yourself! There’s nothing as satisfying as creating something that is beautiful and makes you happy every day.


As well as collating a range of artwork we’ve been working on finding more and more creative and interesting ways to display prints and paintings that are cheap, fun and on-trend. Interesting frames, washi tape and ropes can create attractive displays on the walls but if you’re not ready to commit to a picture gallery just yet and you want to try out a few print combinations first then freestanding picture domes could be for you.


These are perfect for holding postcards full of memories, well made and heartfelt greetings cards and special small prints in place. When you rent you can be reluctant to hammer too many holes in the walls for smaller pieces like these, so this is another great reason to try out these easy to make these picture holders. You can even customise the colour and pattern to fit with a theme or with individual pieces. Try out colour blocking, all over paint or patterned details. You can also make the dome oversized and create more of a statement or keep it small and subtle.

Here I’ve created a medium sized dome with an abstract painted technique. This is great for simplistic prints such as quotes and monochrome patterns. I think this would look even better with a shiny gold brush stroke splashed across the dried paint to create a finished, modern look.


Materials you’ll need for the picture holder:

  • Air-dry clay
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Knife

Instructions to craft the picture clay holder:

Step 1: Prepare clay

Break off a lump of clay around the same size you would like your dome to be. If the clay is a little dry, wet your hands and work into the clay until it’s easy to mould into shape. Create a rough ball shape and press down onto a smooth surface or piece of cloth to make it easier to remove later. Keep pressing the clay into a dome shape and smooth over the top to creat an even surface.


Step 2: Make dome

When the dome is even, round and smooth take the blade and slowly and carefully push into the dome across the centre. Leave the clay to dry out overnight and harden fully. You can sand the surface once the clay is completely dry to make a smooth surface for painting onto. This step will improve the quality of anything you add to the surface.


Step 3: Painting

Mix up the paint colours and begin to layer up the brush strokes. Keep the strokes rough to give an abstract effect. Once the paint is dry add additional details in a contrasting colour. Make sure this is fully dry before adding a varnish or gloss, or inserting the print!

DIY Painted Picture Dome table display art
DIY Painted Picture Dome table display art
DIY Painted Picture Dome table display art
DIY Painted Picture Dome table display art
DIY Painted Picture Dome table display art
DIY Painted Picture Dome table display art