Easy To Make And Nice To Look At – Amazing String Art Patterns

Not sure what your next DIY home project should be? We suggest trying your hand at making some original string art. You can be very creative with just a piece of wood, a bunch of small nails and some colored string. In fact, these projects are super fun and really spark the imagination so whether you choose to be inspired by one of the string art patterns featured below or to create completely different and customized to suit your own style, we’re sure it will come out looking amazing.

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Spread the love with a lovely set of baker’s twine hearts which you can display around your own home or offer as a gift to someone you care about. The project is very easy and all you need for it is some baker’s twine in different colors (in this case red-white, pink-white and black-white), a 1” thick board, sandpaper, wood stain or paint, 1” nails and some paper for the heart template.

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There are all sorts of interesting ways in which you can use string to make original art. For instance, instead of making a template and arranging the string to fit within the lines, you can do the opposite and leave that space empty while the rest of the board is decorated with string. Check out this tree string art idea as an example.

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Reclaimed pallet projects are very popular right now so here’s one more thing you can do with a simple wooden board: some lovely pallet string art to display in your entryway or on your front porch. You need a board, some paint/ dye, small nails, letter stencils, twine and artificial flowers. You can definitely customize your own design in any way you want so be creative.

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When it comes to string art, your template can take just about any shape. A cool idea could be to make map string art in which case you would need a large piece of paper (newspaper would work), a piece of plywood cut to size, nails, mounting hardware and string. You would have to draw the map first and the level of difficulty here is related to the shape you’re drawing.

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Symmetrical shapes can be a bit easier to work with and hearts are lovely which makes this string art wall piece a perfect combo. To make something just as lovely you only need a piece of wood, a few nails, string in any color you prefer and a template which you can print out or draw yourself. Display this around your home or offer it as a gift.

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Not all projects involving string also involve nails. A good example is this pegboard string art project which is fairly basic in fact. Here’s what you need to make something similar: a plywood board (in this case square, 10” by 10”), a drill with a thin drill bit, yarn in several colors, a needle, clear coat spray and some sandpaper. A chevron pattern is a classic option, easy to work with and chic. However, it’s not your only option.

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The cool thing about string art, in general, is that you can use your imagination and creativity to make your own templates. That means you can make themed and original designs that suit that particular space you plan to display your art in. Take this pineapple design for instance. It’s quirky and fun and it would look lovely in a kitchen. Check out sisterswhat for more details.

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Isn’t this cactus string art just adorable? It even has a little flower. The tutorial on spotofeadesigns can tell you all about it. Here’s the list of supplies used here: a wood plaque, wood stain, a rag, wire nails, a cactus template, string or twine, a hammer, an artificial flower and a hot glue gun.

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You can also make a lot of interesting and cool-looking string art pieces using alphabet stencils. For instance, you can make something for Thanksgiving or for Christmas if you like themed decorations but you can also stick with something more versatile that you can display all year round. Check out sisterswhat for more details.

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Use custom string art to personalize a room and use your favorite color to really make the letter pop. As usual, the project is simple and only requires a few items including a board (it can be recycled pallet wood or just a regular wood board which you can either stain or paint), a template, double-sided tape, nails, a hammer and thread. If you like the finish featured on look-what-i-made you’ll also need a burner in order to reproduce the look.

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Another idea you might enjoy is inspired by a project we found on lovegrowswild. Making birth date string art is no different than any other string art project on this list. There’s a pattern, a piece of wood, a bunch of nails and plenty of colored string involved and there’s always room for creativity in this sort of projects.

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What better way to spread the joy than with some lovely string art that literally spells it out for everyone to see. We really like the wood slice that was used here instead of a board. It has a subtle rustic touch but it also look very clean and simple which makes it very versatile. The project is pretty self-explanatory but you can always check out suburble if you want to find out more details.

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Since we’re on the topic of alphabet string art designs let’s expand the list a bit to include this lovely project from samrhymeswithham. It’s a giant ampersand decoration which may seem a bit unusual when taken out of context but starts to make sense once you realize all the different ways in which you can utilize this piece. Just think of all the combinations you could create.

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You can also use string art to make beautiful monogram decorations, either for your own home or as a gift. It’s a nice way to personalize a space without being too obvious or very specific about it. The colored string could look nice although if you want to keep the design simple white string would be a very elegant choice as well. Check out bydawnicole to find more inspiration.

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If you’d love to add some flowers to your home decor but you’re not completely convinced that the usual vases are right for you, perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more unconventional like this mason jar string art design featured on dearparadise. You can use silk flowers or, if you want to have an entirely handmade piece, you can make something out of paper.

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Not every design has to be very meaningful. Sometimes a nice-looking pattern or something completely random can turn out to be just the idea you were looking for. For example, check out this rustic arrow string art design from dwellinginhappiness. You can have a lot of fun with it even if it’s abstract.

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The usual wood board and nails can be replaced by a corkboard and a bunch of push pins and this is in fact very convenient because you can take out the pins and rearrange them without leaving traces on the board. As far as the template and overall design are concerned, you can pick any of the ideas mentioned in this list and make it work. Find out more on tatertotsandjello.

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It’s easy to get excited about string art when you have a theme in mind for your design. For example, if you’re a Batman fan, the project featured on aturtleslifeforme will probably be a great source of inspiration. Of course, you can extrapolate this for any theme that you’re interested in. Just think of the things that you love, any video games you enjoy, your favorite flower, animal, etc. and go from there.

Seasonal projects

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With so many different themes to choose from there are obviously some nice seasonal designs you can try as well. One of our favorites is this lovely bunny string art idea from consumercrafts. It’s exactly what would make Easter more enjoyable and it’s also a great thing to offer as a gift to family members and friends. This also seems like something that could cheer up an office around Easter.

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Halloween is all about spooky things but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a happy-looking skull string art ornament. In fact, this one looks so friendly that it will put a smile on everyone’s faces and that’s always a nice thing. To make this exact piece you need the following materials: 1/2” plywood, black spray paint (matte), 1” black panel nails, white cotton string and some parchment paper for the template

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For Christmas, we suggest some lovely wood slice string art ornaments which you can customize with all sorts of simple designs such as the basic Christmas tree, a star, a cute snowman and plenty of other ones. The project would be fairly simple and you can even get the kids involved for some parts.

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Since pumpkins are such a big symbol for everything Halloween-related, you can use those instead of a board for your string art projects. Basically, you can just insert some nails into your pumpkins and then decorate them with colored string. You might not even need a hammer for this and you can also do this without a template. Check out mottesblog for details and inspiration.

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This is a Christmas wreath that was featured on homemadeginger. The design is actually quite abstract so you could basically treat this as an everyday wreath and just keep it on your mantel or wall indefinitely. Keep in mind that it’s a giant wreath made using a Hula hoop. In addition to that you’re also going to need twine, letters, spray paint and eucalyptus.

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We’re going to end this list with a super adorable Easter project that we found on sutvivingateacherssalary. There’s a cute bunny at the top, a little carrot in the middle and a couple of colored eggs at the bottom. You only need a wooden board, a bunch of nails and colored embroidery floss. You can outline the template yourself by hand or print out something.

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You can use a variety of different types of thread or yarn to make string art. This mini heart for example is small so embroidery thread is the way to go if you want it to look detailed on a small scale. To make it you only need a few finishing nails, a piece of wood and a hammer and you can use metallic thread like suggested in the tutorial from diys or a different types based on your preferences.

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Floral designs are excellent for string art projects and there’s so many different ones that look absolutely adorable, like these dandelions featured on diys. They’re small and really cute and you can customize them however you want. First, you need to make a sketch so take a piece of paper, place on a wood tile and draw a pattern on it so you know where each stud needs to go. Follow the rest of the tutorial to complete the project.

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Integrating picture frames into string art projects is also a really great idea. If you can’t find a frame that fits, make one. This one for example is made out of moulding, custom built for this particular project. The love sign fits nicely in the middle. It’s made from brass screws that have a gold finish and that goes really well with the whole retro theme of this project. Check it out on mysimpleobsession.


Simple shapes like letters are easy to turn into string art whereas something a bit more organically-shaped can pose a few challenges. Still, it shouldn’t be impossible. Check out these lovely fall-themed and Halloween-inspired string art designs from sugarbeecrafts and get a dose of inspiration for your next project.

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String art is the perfect type of decoration for the entryway. You could make a really lovely sign to display in your entryway and make your guests feel welcome. This for instance is a simple “home” sign but it’s stylish and has plenty of character. It’s made using wire nails and a piece of barn wood with a nice worn finish. You can also use pallet wood for this. Check out sixcleversisters for details.

String Art Christmas Tree with WireView in gallery

Not a fan of traditional Christmas decorations? How about something handmade and special instead, like a string art mini tree in a lovely frame for instance? It could be really fun to make and it doesn’t require a lot of materials. Making the outline of the tree is super simple and if you don’t like the texture of yarn consider using colored wire instead. All you need to know about this project can be found on girljustdiy.

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A simple heart shape is a really good option for a beginner string art project. You can print it out or draw it by hand on a piece of paper, then add nails along the border on a piece of wood or board. Then tear the paper and remove it and start wrapping the yarn around the nails. You can be pretty random with how the yarn is placed as long as it’s fairly even and well-distributed. For more details check out southerninlaw.

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Here’s an instance where string art was used to make a wedding seating chart. It’s a very interesting idea and a cool way to make something rather boring and formal a bit more fun and interactive. The chart is easy to make and only requires a few supplies like a some plywood, vinyl letters for the names, table numbers, a few nails, a hammer and string in different colors. You can find a tutorial on fun365.orientaltrading.

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Here’s also another cactus string art example, this time entirely made using string in different colors. To make this you need a wood frame, a sketch of a cactus which you can print out or draw yourself, thread (green for the cactus and a different color for the flower and the pot), nails and a hammer. In the tutorial from makeandtakes scrapbook paper was used to add a sort of backdrop for the cactus.

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How about a nice “family” string art sign? It could look lovely on the fireplace mantel or up on a shelf, a nice little details to make your home more cozy and inviting. It’s also a good project if you want to try something new and you’ve never worked with string and nails to create art. Some craft paint is needed to create a dark backdrop so the white string can stand out more so pick a color that you think looks nice. For more details and tips you can head over to instructables.

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Once you’ve familiarized yourself with string art and how it’s made, perhaps you’d like to try a design that’s a bit more complex. Check out this colorful giraffe featured on instructables. It has a nice geometric pattern that allows you to use multiple different colors and it’s pretty cute too. This can be something fun you can display in a kid’s room or a nursery.