Living Room Decor Ideas For Classy And Extravagant Tastes

Living room decor ideas offer inspiration and guidance. Interior design isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. After you choose a theme, follow through with it as the results could surprise you. 

Interior designers will tell you that toom decor depends on those who use the space. According to a report from The Gerontologist, “Of the Big Five personality traits, four have been related to room décor: extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.”

cozy living room

As you can see, living room decor is important. To help you understand this better, we’ve made a list of examples that will inspire your next living room makeover. 

Living Room Decor Ideas 

The following decor examples were handpicked by our team of international design experts. With each example, we’ll show you their unique characteristics and why they’re special. 

Easy Window Coverings 

Easy Window Coverings 

You want to have the ability to cover your windows however and whenever you want. If you want to leave them bare, then so be it. Blinds or shutters can take care of this for you, and so can window roller shades. 

Floor Pillows

Floor Pillows To Create A Cozy Decor

Floor pillows are one of the coziest living room items you can buy. Bohemian floor pillows are always in and they look amazing on any floor. You can add them to carpets, rugs, or hard floors for a comfortable low seat.

This is an example of a fun living room idea. Pay attention to the size of your floor pillows as not all of them are large enough to accommodate just anyone. 

Living Room Design Lighting 

Lots Of Lighting To create A cozy Atmosphere

Sometimes lighting options can be cozier than universal lighting. Having multiple lamps and lights can make a place feel inviting. It’s also great for people who can’t decide which lamp to buy for their living room. 

Try matching the lamps you buy instead of buying an array of lamps that don’t go well together. 

Neutral Living Room

Unique Furniture

A well decorated living room is a sight to behold. A relaxed family room starts with a cool couch. You can walk through an apartment complex and you will see the same couches over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it’s nice to branch out and get funky. 

Curved couches are a fun way to branch out for the first time. You can also get a chaise lounge as an alternative. 

Extended Sofa

Never-Ending Sofa

Is there anything cozier than a soft place to land each night? But it doesn’t have to be your bed that does it for you. This is how you create a joyful living room. The furniture layout is simple yet sharp. An otherwise neutral space, the color accents offer stylish highlights and intrigue.

Portable Pieces

Portable Pieces

Multi-purpose furniture is trending once again. Not just in small spaces. Although they work best for small spaces, you can save even more space using multi-purpose furniture in your large living room.

A great way to start is to get a portable couch that can be used as a cot in guest rooms or kids’ bedrooms during sleepovers. 

Don’t Forget Marble

Don't Forget Marble - Creating a simple cozy living room

Marble furniture is stunning, but it is also rare. It can be difficult to find marble decor for your entire room, and this includes marble furniture. Start with vases, tables, and footstools. 

You can also start even smaller by getting coasters that look amazing on top of any coffee table made of wood. 

Greenery Decor

Live Plants Add Warmth To Any Cozy Corner

Here is an effective way to create balance. Add some real plants and you can immediately see and feel the difference it makes in your living room. It’s okay to use small plants instead of going big with trees in your living room. Small plants are cozier anyway.

Leather Decor

Leather Is Still In

Tan leather sofas will always take center stage. They provide visual interest and stylish comfort  Just because you have seen them time and again doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one. Leather furniture will be cool no matter how many people use it. 

If you don’t want to use a leather couch, you can still use a leather footstool which will add to any living room furniture set. 

Couch Placement

Green couch decor

If you want an open plan living room, try centering your couch in this new cozy living room trend and it’s working. This works best if the couch doesn’t have a back but it can work either way with your cozy living room. 

For a neutral space, add end tables to either side and omit the footstool or ottoman if using this setup. 

Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves For a Cozy And Clean Room

We cannot stop talking about floating shelves and with good reason. Floating shelves look magical, and airy space. So try hanging your shelves by anchoring them higher next time. 

This works with large shelves and small shelves alike but it tends to work best on medium shelves that you can center better. 

Criss-Cross Time

Green cozy living room decor

Criss-crossing is an old trend that is catching on again. You can do this by layering your furniture. Start with contemporary elements like a rug, cross the couch over it, and then a table over it the other direction. Keep doing this for any layers you may have.

Try not to go overboard, starting with two items and working your way up from there.

Furniture & Rug Symmetry 

Furniture/Rug Symmetry 

Always make sure you are aware of how cohesive your furniture and floors are. They should be going in the same direction unless you intentionally make them criss-cross. If this is the case, ensure that you do so with purpose. 

Wallpaper Comeback

Wallpaper Is Back

People love to hate on wallpaper but if you do it right, it can make a cozy living room even cozier. I’m convinced that the right designer or the right mind can make anything cool, attractive, and enviable. 

Yes, even wallpaper. Make sure you shop a long time before deciding on which wallpaper though.

Sectional Extension

Green cozy living room decor

Sectionals are one of the best uses of seating options for living rooms. They offer a lot of seating in the smallest space possible, optimizing their purpose. So go ahead and go bigger with that sectional. 

Longer sectionals can add a couple of extra seats to one piece of furniture. Some of them even double the seating. 

Remember The Accent Chairs

Remember The Accent Chairs

Let’s face it. Not everyone enjoys sitting next to someone else. While it doesn’t bother some people, others can get uncomfortable. So having an accent chair available is one of the most considerate things you can do.

It doesn’t have to be large. It can be cute and small, adding a touch of character to any cozy living room. 

Art That Makes A Statement

Green cozy living room decor

This gorgeous model covers this cozy living room wall. While you can use any type of art that you prefer, having a wall of art is super inviting and fun. Never be afraid to go big when it comes to works of art.

Painting your own mural is ideal but having a friend do it or buying one that you plaster on can also work out fine.

Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow

Flow is super important but most people can’t see it until it has been accomplished. It can be difficult to create great flow in a room if you are a beginner. But you can start with leaving floor space to walk and ensuring the furniture doesn’t clash. 

Try going in the same direction with all of your furniture, like close but not fitting puzzle pieces. 

Floor To Ceiling Curtains

Floor To Ceiling Curtains

Apron curtains can be fun but have you ever tried using floor-to-ceiling curtains? These give a movie theater look to any living room and are perfect for family rooms when you want plenty of privacy and class. Ensure that the curtains have a way to be held back for times when you want to let that extra light in.

Sheer Curtains

Green cozy living room decor

If floor-to-ceiling drapes are too much for you then consider sheer curtains. They let the same amount of light in without allowing the sun to overwhelm the living room.

They offer a wonderful balance for window coverings. Try white sheer curtains first and then branch out to colored sheer curtains. 

Statement Lighting 

Lighting To Stand Out

Globe lighting is fabulous, but so are other lights made of mason jars or fish bowls. It’s the same concept and refracts light similarly. Just make sure you know if you want a transparent or semi-transparent glass. You can make your own mason jar lights with ease because you can get fixtures that they will screw into.

Monochromatic Style

Stay Monochromatic

Monochrome palettes can be super attractive. You can add pops of color for that extra pizazz, but it’s truly okay if you only add monochrome colors. Think silvers, greys, whites, and light blacks. This can look amazing. 

It’s a good idea to try adding a pop of your favorite decor color without going overboard. 

Get Warm

Green cozy living room decor

People often fear that going too warm can make their homes look cheap. But it’s one of the best ways to get a cozy living room. Add warm colors, just be sure to add some cool decor like plants which can cool off a warm room.

Green plants work best and avoid fall colors in plants. Stick to summer and spring plants when cooling a room off.

Stay True To You

Stay True To You

So adding what makes you happy is important. But on the other hand, whenever you use your own inspirations as your base then you will be able to decorate more and in turn, have a more cohesive and alluring living room. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Environmental Gerontology?

The study of interior spaces and how they’re designed for the elderly. Gerontology is the study of aging. When designing a living space, the first thing to consider is who will use the space. For senior citizens, living rooms are designed according to their needs and physical limitations.  

How Far Should Seating Be From The Television?

The standard rule applied suggests calculating three times the size of your TV screen to determine the distance between your seating and the screen. For example, if your TV has a 55-inch screen, your seating should be 165 inches (14 feet) away from the screen.

What Is The Most Important Category Of Living Room Decor?

Furniture is the most important living room decor. Start with a big furniture piece, like a sofa, and design your living space around it. 

What Size Rug Should I Get For My Living Room?

Interior decorators suggest measuring your living room and selecting a rug a few inches smaller than the entire space. That would be a big rug, no doubt about it, but it would look better than a small rug in a large room.

What Is One Thing I Should Not Do With Living Room Decor?

Under no circumstances should you put your sofa against a wall. You want to take a floating furniture approach when designing your living room. What that means is, don’t position your furniture away from the walls, so each piece sits by itself. This will make your living room look and feel bigger.  

Living Room Decor Ideas Conclusion

When choosing decor for your entire living room, follow a theme and don’t waver from it. Also, do not neglect your living room walls. If you wanted to go slow, start with a piece of furniture like a living room sofa and go from there.

“People who have a match between personality and living space report better well-being, and they feel better about their life and have a better mood,” said Karen Fingerman, professor of human development and family sciences at The University of Texas at Austin and director of the Texas Aging and Longevity Center. And with that, what else is there to know?

To create a formal living room, you’ll need more gas in the tank, as they say, and put forth greater effort. Even a minimalist living room, look simples, requires energy to achieve.