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Solve all Your Lighting Issues With These Great Mid-century Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can be a godsend in any room because of their versatility, and this is particularly true with mid-century modern floor lamps because they need to have the distinctive style associated with this design era. Floor lamps are an essential lighting element that can illuminate dark spots, provide task lighting or set a mood, all without the cost of an electrician for hard-wired installation. Their portability means that you can move the lamp to another sport or even another room when you redecorate.

Besides solving a lighting need, a mid-century floor lamp should complement the types of lighting already in the room and give it a warmer, cozier feeling. It’s best to assess the kind of light you already have before shopping for a floor lamp. Overhead lights that are too bright can be countered by a floor lamp that puts out a warmer light, or poor overall lighting in a room can be enhanced by a style meant for task lighting. Next come the size and the style: Consider proportions when you choose a floor lamp so that you don’t overwhelm your room with a lamp that is too big for the space. Similarly, a small floor lamp might not put out enough light for a larger room. Finally, even within the specific style of midcentury floor lamps, there are lots of options.

When you’re ready to go shopping, here are some of the best mid-century floor lamps available at a wide variety of price points:

1. Michele 61″ Tripod Floor Lamp

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Chic angles and tubular steel come together in the Michele 61″ Tripod Floor Lamp, which is a grand example of a fresh mid-century floor lamp design. The attractive tripod-shaped base makes it stable as well as on-point when it comes to style. It’s also a great addition to a room that has modern or urban-industrial flair. In fact, the angular silhouette would work very nicely in a home office or bedroom as well as the living room. The steel frame sports an antique brass or rich bronze finish, either of which feels somehow retro and modern at the same time. 

Inspired by the shape of the mid-century modern grasshopper floor lamp originally designed by Greta Grossman in 1947, the Michele floor lamp feels right at home next to a contemporary sofa or armchair, serving as a reading light. The shade is a classic white cotton drum style that is timeless and helps spread the illumination. A footswitch effortlessly controls the lamp, which is compatible with LED bulbs. Buyers say that this is larger than a standard-size floor lamp, feels sturdy and is easy to assemble. This mid-century floor lamp comes with a one-year guarantee.

2. Swader Slim 69″ Novelty Floor Lamp

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The Perimeter 67.5″ Floor Lamp gives any room a little bit of funk and a lot of style. This mid-century floor lamp has multiple loops of metal tubes that form an elegant, tapered base, caging the lightbulb at the top. The oversized shade adds a big dose of drama and amps up the overall look of the lamp. Buyers rave about the style of the floor lamp and the number of compliments it gets from visitors and friends. Its style is versatile, making it suitable for a bedroom, living room or a home office.

The large lampshade is made from fabric and the base is crafted from stainless steel with a powder coating. At the bottom, a floor switch controls the lamp and the cord is cloth-covered for extra style. This lamp uses one bulb  — which is included — and reviewers note that if you want more light from this particular model, be sure to choose the lightest lampshade color available. Assembly is required but is reported to be very easy. The Perimeter Floor Lamp comes with a one-year warranty.

3. Heanor 68″ Column Floor Lamp

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A super slim profile and a bit of a Nordic feel characterize the Heanor 68″ Column Floor Lamp. It’s a sleek addition to any room — perfect for tucking into a tight corner or placing in a spot where it’s on full view. The linear aesthetic is softened by the waist-like curve that thins in the middle. With a tall column base crafted from walnut or poplar with a walnut finish, this mid-century floor lamp sports a frosted glass shade at the top, which directs the brightest light upward. Nine out of 10 reviewers love the look and versatility of this floor lamp.

The Heanor floor lamp has been tested for safety and is UL or ETL listed. A bulb is included and the lamp can accept one up to 150 watts. The light is controlled by a footswitch, which makes it very convenient. Assembly is required, although buyers note that it is minimal. If you happen to accidentally breaks the frosted glass shade, reviewers say that you can order a replacement directly through the manufacturer. No overall warranty is provided on this floor lamp.

4. Darrel 61″ Novelty Floor Lamp

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Very attractive as a single lamp and absolutely striking when used as a pair, the Darrel 61″ Novelty Floor Lamp is a great balance of retro and modern in one piece. This mid-century floor lamp is compact and takes up very little space, yet has a very commanding appearance. It’s perfect for a hallway corner, a bedroom or any living space. Buyers love to flank a dresser or credenza with a pair of these tall floor lamps.

The style of the Darrel is unique because the three square tubular arms of the frame hold the tall fabric shade, which is a being linen-style textile. The metal is finished in either white or a vintage brown finish. Two 60-watt bulbs provide a warm light that flows through the shade and out the top and is controlled by a convenient footswitch. This UL-listed floor lamp comes with a one-year full warranty. Assembly is required but it is not difficult.

5. Haywards 59.5″ Tripod Floor Lamp

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The Haywards 59.5″ Tripod Floor Lamp has a classic mid-century profile that will add the right style to your decor. Its walnut-finish wood base has a natural feel yet the overall vibe could definitely be considered urban. Perfect for a variety of interiors, from modern to transitional to mid-century, the tripod style adds extra function with the convenient shelf that is incorporated into the design. The shade is a moderately-sized drum shape and is very versatile in an oatmeal-colored linen.

Controlling the level of light on this ETL-listed mid-century floor lamp is simple with the three-way switch.  The bulbs are included with the lamp.  Assembly is required for the Haywards Tripod Floor Lamp and no warranty information is listed for this model.  Reviewers overwhelmingly love this lamp with nearly all of them giving it four or five stars. They have noted that the electric cord runs directly down from the socket.

6. Reitveld Adjustable 83″ Task/Reading Floor Lamp

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Perfect for general or task lighting over any type of seating, the Reitveld Adjustable Floor Lamp has a mid-century style with a bit of a refined industrial edge. The tall angel of the slim, hinged base contrasts with the large, sleek metal dome that serves as a shade. Crafted from sturdy stainless steel with a stylish matte black finish, the Reitveld is ideal for lighting up your living room sofa or a favorite armchair. The height is adjustable so it’s easy to control how close the light is to where you are sitting or working.

The LED-compatible floor lamp is controlled by a convenient on/off footswitch; however, it is not dimmable. The maximum capacity wattage for the lamp is 10 watts, which means it will accommodate a 9.5W LED Bulb, which generally emits 800 Lumens. This mid-century floor lamp is ETL and UL listed, requires assembly and is covered by a limited one-year warranty. Happy reviewers love the style and adjustability of the Reitveld floor lamp.

7. Bryce 63″ Tree Floor Lamp

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Equal parts functional lighting and iconic mid-century style decor, the Bryce 63″ Tree Floor Lamp is a marvelous option for any room. While it has a small footprint, it offers up big versatility thanks to the two separate lights on the single pole. Finished in a stylish matte black, the lamp has brass or silver metal elements to blend with your existing decor. Each of the aluminum shades has a chic hourglass shape that adds some extra flair to the design and can be rotated at about 350 degrees vertically and about 80 degrees horizontally, letting you control where the light is directed.

This mid-century floor lamp requires two bulbs, one for each shade. While the maximum wattage is 60 watts per bulb, the fixture can be used with LED light bulbs for energy efficiency. The lights are controlled by a switch on the central post and each of the two can be controlled independently. In addition, the lights are dimmable, but a dimmer is not included in the listing. The UL-listed Bryce Tree Lamp is covered by a full one-year warranty. Almost all reviewers love this lamp for its style and super functionality.

8. Deer Park 59″ Novelty Floor Lamp

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Break the rules of tradition with the Deer Park 59″ Novelty Floor Lamp, which is a great example of a unique mid-century design. Round globes contrasted with the lines of the metal base create a design that is just as much art as it is light fixture. Whether used to light up a corner or as a focal fixture, this floor lamp attracts plenty of attention. The playful design sits atop a small but sturdy marble base and is a great addition to any modern or mid-century interior.

Stainless steel with a gold finish makes up the arts of the fixture while the globe shades are a classic white glass.  Controlled by a footswitch, the three lights are dimmable but do not work independently from one another. Bulbs for this ETL and UL listed floor lamp must have a maximum wattage of 25 per bulb and a candelabra base, although some reviewers note that they have been able to use energy-saving bulbs instead. Happy reviewers say the Deer Park floor lamp is very affordable for such a unique and striking design.

9. Higgin 66″ Tree Floor Lamp

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The Higgin 66″ Tree Floor Lamp is a fixture for solving lots of lighting issues. The size is perfect for smaller spaces or dark corners because its trio of individual lights can be adjusted to direct light in several directions: Turn one downward for task lighting, another toward the back to reflect off of the wall and the third in yet another direction. Inspired by classic mid-century lighting designs, this floor lamp has a cylindrical base that anchors the slim pole that supports the round shades.

Offred in three versatile finishes — gold, black or silver — the lamp features a 96-inch clear cord and an on/off switch. While the shades are adjustable, the lights cannot be used with a dimmer and do not operate independently. The maximum wattage per bulb is 25 watts. This Higgin tree floor lamp is backed by a two-year warranty. Buyers call this lamp swanky and stylish, as well as super functional.

10. Uresti 61″ Floor Lamp

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A little simplicity can go a long way in making a striking statement, and that’s what you get with the Uresti 61″ Floor Lamp. This mid-century floor lamp has a very slim and sophisticated profile and is topped off with a classic drum shade in a neutral tone. Interiors ranging from classic mid-century modern to traditional or eclectic are the perfect place for this lamp. A silver metal base and accents are an elegant pairing with the warm, brown stained maple finish.

A three-way switch on the socket controls the single bulb in this lamp, which requires a 150-watt maximum incandescent bulb. The Uresti is not compatible with LED bulbs.  The ETL-listed floor lamp does not come with a dimmer. Assembly is required and the product is not covered by any warranties. Happy buyers love the elegance and versatility of this mid-century floor lamp.

11. Cardone 60″ LED Tripod Floor Lamp

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The Cardone 60″ LED Tripod Floor Lamp brings plenty of classic mid-century style at a very affordable price point. It has a timeless tripod design that works well with just about any interior decor style, depending on the finish that you choose. A touch of industrial flair gives the lamp a bit of unexpected edginess and a fresh look. The lamp has a metal base that is painted to look like wood for the option that has a natural shade, while the other shade colors come with a black painted tripod base.

A unique and statement-making lamp, it features a footswitch to control the light. The long cord is concealed inside the leg of the lamp, which is great for those who dislike floor lamp models where the cord is more visible. The drum shade is made from PVC and perfectly proportioned for the tripod base. The Cardone is Energy Star compliant, UL- and ETL-listed and can be used with a three-way bulb or an LED bulb. Assembly is required, but it’s estimated at only 20 minutes. This floor lamp is not covered by a warranty.

12. Lyndon 65″ Tree Floor Lamp

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For an understated mid-century floor lamp, you can’t go wrong with the Lyndon 65″ Tree Floor Lamp. The design may be spare but it is far from mundane with a super functional angled base post and broad metal shade. Ideal for a variety of decor styles, this lamp works in almost any room of your home. The brass body of the lamp is anchored in a heavy-duty, white solid marble base. The slightly angled metal shade is finished in a chic muted teal blue color and the bulb inside is covered by a glass diffuser.

The UL-listed floor lamp uses an LED bulb with a standard base and a maximum 12 watts. Assembly is required but reviewers say that it is quite simple. Buyers who were pleased with this lamp say that it is high-quality, stable and very stately in appearance. It is not covered by any warranty.

13. Lilo 60″ Swing Arm Floor Lamp

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A fresh take on a classic mid-century style, the Lilo 60″ Swing Arm Floor Lamp packs a lot of versatility in a slim silhouette. The height and direction of the lamp are adjustable, making this absolutely perfect next to an armchair or sofa. The study metal base comes with either a brushed steel or blackened copper bronze finish. The tapered drum shade comes in a choice of white or cream fabric to complement your interior decor.

The swing arm style uses one three-way bulb, with a maximum of 150 watts, controlled by a switch on the base of the socket. The Lilo Swing Arm Lamp is compatible with LED bulbs. Assembly is required and the lamp is covered by a warranty, however, the time period is not unspecified. Reviewers say this mid-century floor lamp is easy to assemble, however some note issues with pieces fitting together. Overall, buyers love the look and stability of the lamp.

14. David 64″ Floor Lamp

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The sputnik style lamp is a mid-century classic and now you can have it as a floor lamp for any room in your home. The David 64″ Floor Lamp puts that iconic style atop a sturdy metal pole that’s anchored by a black base. Not only does this add a big decor element to the room, it can really light up the space with its six white opal glass globes. It’s an ideal addition to a mid-century or general modern style of interior.

The brass fixture features an on and off switch on the post for the three-watt LED lights. A total of 270 lumens are emitted by the fixture, which is not dimmable.  All the lights work in concert and cannot be individually controlled. The UL- and ETL-listed lamp does require assembly and is not covered by a warranty. Reviewers love the finish, size and quality of this floor lamp.


No matter what floor lamp you prefer, it is a much more versatile and budget-friendly option than installing hardwired lighting. Being able to move it around or easily change out the lamp makes it more fun for the long run. And, if you need to move, you can take your investment with you!