Big Indoor Plants, Small Trees, And Tropical Plants

Big indoor plants can dress up your indoor space in the same way that outdoor plants do in your yard. One of the best ways to do this is to get big indoor plants. Indoor plants are so good for any interior room.

big indoor plants
Image from Melissa Miranda Interior Design

In fact, some plants live longer indoors than they do outdoors. So you are actually doing the plant a favor by inviting it into your house to live. But what kind of big indoor plants and small trees should you use indoors?

Big Indoor Plants Rundown

Finding indoor plants that work for your space can be very beneficial. Plants can transform a room, bring in “fresh air,” and make your room look cohesive. But finding the right plants for your family isn’t all that easy.

If you have plenty of room, then the bigger the plant the bigger the impact, and the more freshness they bring. So find some big indoor plants that you fall in love with and you can keep them around for years to come. 

Big Indoor Snake Plant – Up To 8ft Tall

Big Snake Plant - Up To 8ft Tall

If you are looking for something for beginners that just won’t die, then the snake plant is an amazing choice. They can survive for a long time without water or light so if you tend to neglect your plant, this one can handle it.

It has also been suggested that snake plants remove toxins from the air so they are doing you more than just offering oxygen. Just keep in mind that there are a few different snake plant variations to choose from.

Jade Plant – Up To 8ft Tall

Jade Plant - Up To 8ft Tall
Image from Ricardo Zurita Architecture & Planning

The jade plant is another wonderful plant that is easy to care for. Although they take a little more care than the snake plant they are relatively easy to care for. There are guidelines but they are not strict.

One reason that the jade plant is so popular is that it is believed that the jade plant brings good luck and fortune. So it’s not just a pretty face but it just may be a good luck charm that you can display in your home.

Yucca – Up To 30ft Tall

Yucca - Up To 30ft Tall

There are so many different varieties of yucca plants that there are some that only grow to be a couple of feet tall and others that grow to be about 30-feet tall. That is a large range that gives you a whole lot of options.

If you want something that grows on canes then a yucca plant is a great hearty option. Although the yucca plants don’t usually need intensive care they do require a good check every once in a while for health reasons. 

Big Indoor Rubber Plants – Up To 50ft Tall

Rubber Plants - Up To 50ft Tall

Don’t be alarmed by the maximum size of rubber plants. You can get rubber plants that are just a few feet tall at maturity or you can get a larger one that you plant outdoors after it outgrows your indoor space.

Rubber plants get their name from the rubbery texture of their leaves. They are actually fig trees though they aren’t traditional fruit-bearing trees. Their care is typical with certain types of pruning needed.

Corn Plant – Up To 50ft Tall

Corn Plant - Up To 50ft Tall

The corn plant is part of the Dracaena family and no it does not grow corn. They are cane trees that can grow up to 50-feet in the wild or about 10-feet in captivity when planted in a pot and kept indoors. 

The corn plant does require more care than some others and needs the right amount of sunlight. But with a little studying, it doesn’t take long to learn all you need to know to keep your corn plant as healthy as can be.

Majesty Palm – Up To 20ft Tall

Majesty Palm - Up To 20ft Tall
Image from here.

Palm trees in general are great for your outdoor space but not many of them work indoors quite as well as the majesty palm. That’s because this palm plant grows slowly and has gorgeous dropping leaves.

If left to grow in the wild, the majesty palm will grow up to 100-feet in perfect conditions. But don’t worry, the majesty palm grows slow enough that you will never have to face moving this palm outdoors.

Olive Tree – Up To 30ft Tall

Olive Tree - Up To 30ft Tall

Yes, your classic olive tree can be grown indoors without any problems at all. They are one of the oldest trees known to man, producing the olive for thousands of years on record, and can still produce the tasty fruit. 

When in the while, olive trees can grow dozens of feet tall, but if you choose a dwarf variety, you can have your olive tree live inside its entire life. These will only be about 6-feet tall or less at maturity. 

Madagascar Dragon Tree – Up To 20-Feet Tall

Tall indoor cactus
Image from athomemodern

Compared to the other trees we’ve mentioned, the Madagascar dragon tree can be a struggle to grow. It grows quite slow and requires more care than the others, though with time and effort you can perfect the care. 

The thing about dragon trees is that they do seem to “die” after they are neglected. However, you can learn to bring them back to life. So like a dragon they do pop back without a hitch if you know what you are doing.

Fiddle Leaf Fig – Up To 50-Feet Tall

Fiddle Leaf Fig - Up To 50-Feet Tall
Image from Urbanology Designs

Another fig variety that is great for your indoor space is the fiddle leaf fig. This tree is absolutely gorgeous and can be found in most sizes suited for indoors. The most valuable part of the tree is the shape of the leaves.

No other tree grows just like this plant and the leaves fan out in a way to prove it. You can get one that is small and is all leaf and you can get one with a long thin trunk with leaves fanning out in all directions. 

Lemon Tree – Up To 20 Feet Tall

Lemon Tree - Up To 20 Feet Tall

Here is another fruit tree that does very well indoors. And come on, who doesn’t want a lemon tree in their house? Not only are lemons tasty when used right but they look like summer incarnate, which is a good thing.

Lemon trees look adorable and can produce fruit well indoors as long as they are planted in a pot by the window. You may need to upgrade your pot or start it out in one that seems a tad too big for the small tree. 

Anita Dracaena (and other dracaenas) – Up To 10ft Tall

Tall indoor cactus
Image by Chris A Dorsey Photography

Another wonderful dracaena tree is called the Anita dracaena. It is similar to the Madagascar dragon tree but is quite smaller than the Madagascar variant. The care is similar to any other tree or plant, with regular feedings and waterings.

Any dracaena tree or plant works fairly well indoors but this one is just the right size for a large indoor plant so it’s a great choice. But if you search for dracaenas in general you can pick the one that appeals to you. 

Norfolk Island Pine – Endless

Norfolk Island Pine - Endless
Image from The Works

The thing about Norfolk island pines is that they hardly ever stop growing. They can be kept an appropriate size with good pruning and the right size of pot but in the wild, they can grow to be over 100-feet tall.

They are also evergreen trees so they will be gorgeous all year, indoors and outdoors.  If you like conifer trees then you will fall in love with the Norfolk pine, the most popular indoor tree of its kind.

Philodendron – Up To 20ft Tall

Tall indoor cactus

The philodendron is a very popular indoor plant that you’ve probably heard of as often as you’ve heard of ferns or pothos plants. They are very simple to care for and they can suit any design style.

They are also great if you move around a lot as they aren’t easy to stress. Some plants will just fall apart under the stress of a move. So even if you move from indoors to outdoors, this plant can survive it.

Bird Of Paradise – Up To 6ft Tall

Tall indoor cactus

This very gorgeous plant produces the most beautiful flowers. That’s why it has such a glorious name and is as popular as it is. The little flowers on the bird of paradise look like a tropical bird that would be found perched on the plant.

Another name for the bird of paradise is the crane flower, which is another suiting name. There are specific care instructions for the bird of paradise but it is generally easier to keep alive than other similar plants. 

Cactus Varieties – Any Size

Cactus Varieties - Any Size

Cactuses are one of the heartiest plants in existence. But they are also one of the most versatile plants as well. You can find a cactus in nearly any size, color, or shape that you want. So who doesn’t like cacti?

They can survive on very little water but prefer to get a good amount of sunlight each day. Most cactuses have a desert look but you can find some to suit your design style even if you have a beach house or a farmhouse! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Much Do I Water Big Indoor Plants?

Big plants need more water than small plants. But the amount of water depends on the type of plant. Ask the nursery you got the plant from how to care for it properly and they will give you specific instructions. 

How Big Do Indoor Plants Get?

Indoor plants will grow until they can’t grow anymore. They will not grow taller than the ceiling. They will, however, die if they get too large. But you do not need to worry about them overtaking your home.

How Long Can I Keep Big Indoor Plants In A Pot?

You can keep indoor plants in a pot until they outgrow it. If the plant seems to be doing find and then starts to die without warning, it may need a larger place to grow. It all depends on the type of plant.