Popular Indoor Plants For Every Home From Reddit Enthusiasts

If you want to create a harmonious home environment, you can’t go wrong with houseplants. Today, we’ll review popular indoor plants for every home from Reddit enthusiasts. 

Popular Indoor Plants

In recent years, online group chats and social gatherings have become destinations for plant enthusiasts to engage in lively discussion on their favorite houseplants and to share  plant photos. Today, Reddit’s subreddit r/houseplants has become a top destination for green thumb experts and amateurs alike. 

16 Most Popular Reddit Indoor Plants

Pothos – The Plant That Keeps On Giving

Pothos - The Plant That Keeps On Giving
Image By CarrieLorraine On Reddit

Who needs curtains when you have a pothos plant? Among all houseplants, the pothos is arguably the easiest to care for and most exciting to watch grow.  

As the only plant in its botanical lineage that doesn’t produce flowers, its vines can grow as long as you desire. The Pothos Silver Satin is a low-light, indoor vine plant. As a houseplant, not only do they not require nearly as much sunlight as other plants, if they receive too much would damage their leaves. The key to maintaining their health hinges on finding the right balance of light and shade.

Monstera – For That Tropical Feel

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By k2turnt On Reddit

The Monstera Deliciosa, otherwise known as the “Swiss Cheese” plant, is a common home decor inspiration for wallpaper and prints. A native of the Central American rainforest, the plant is a favorite in office settings where it functions as a natural indoor air purifier. For a large-size plant, the Monstera is surprisingly low-maintenance. 

As pictured above, the Monstera may be the feature attraction, but the green area rug and wall plants that surround it are viable contenders. Pet owners will need to keep a watchful eye over their domesticated animals as the Monstera’s leaves contain calcium oxalate, which is harmful to cats and dogs.

Rhaphidophora Cryptantha – The Natural Shingle Plant

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By fartyn On Reddit

Rhaphidophora Cryptantha, otherwise known as the  Shingle plant, is another popular indoor vine addition The plant requires daily sunlight and should be watered at a minimum of twice a week.  

The Shingle plant thrives in warm environments and should be kept in rooms with temperatures ranging from 55 to 80 degrees. For homeowners who wish to cover a wall with vines, the Shingle plant is usually their first choice. 

Prince Of Orange – Selective Coloring At Its Finest

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By travelling-wallflower On Reddit

The Philodendron Prince of Orange lives up to its name and then some. As the plant grows, its leaves will change colors from yellow to orange to dark green. It will usually maintain at least two orange leaves. As a cool indoor plant, the Prince of Orange grows its leaves starting at the center. 

The Prince of Orange prefers filtered light as opposed to direct sunlight and only reaches about two feet high. This makes it perfect for small offices and living areas. If taken care of, the plant will start with bright yellow leaves that fade to copper then dark green. 

Golden Ceylon Creeper – The Devil’s Ivy

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By bitchola On Reddit

The golden creeper is another type of pothos. The only difference is the color. As you know, pothos is one of the most popular indoor plants, but the golden pothos isn’t far behind. The leaves are heart-shaped and striped with gold.

The more you water your pothos, the more golden it will be. However, letting your golden pothos bathe too much will make those golden leaves turn an overwatered yellow. There’s a fine balance, but in the end, it will be hard to kill your pothos.

Saint George’s Sword – The Slithering Plant

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By sammy1299 On Reddit

Saint George’s Sword, also known as the snake plant, stands upright and ready for action. It is a member of the dracaena family and has some of the most beautiful leaves in the species. The leaves rarely grow to be more than a couple of feet tall.

The snake plant was originally a popular house plant because it was linked with Ogun, the Orisha of war, and is used in rituals to remove the evil eye. Today, it is used because of its unique appearance and sleek design.

Jade Plant – The Real Money Tree

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image by Magog667 On Reddit

The jade plant is often called the money tree. In Africa, where it comes from, it is considered lucky. Unlike other plants, you should keep the water sparse. Only water it enough to not let it dry out completely. 

Because the jade plant is said to bring good luck and fortune, many people place it in rooms with other plants like it. The bonsai tree is one of the longest living plants in existence, making it a good companion. 

Dracaena – Awaken The Beast

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By Harry-Garris On Reddit

This dracaena in particular is over thirty years old. One funny thing about the dracaena is that it’s in the asparagus family, so it does ironically make a great kitchen plant. This popular indoor plant often curves as it grows, ensuring no two plants look alike.

While there are many types of dracaena plants, the dragon tree is one of the most popular indoor plants. That’s what you see here. 

Echeveria – It Has A Mind Of Its Own

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By CaptainAmyyy On Reddit

Not all echeverias are created equal. Some never sprout while others grow heart-shaped beauties like this. When the echeveria hasn’t sprouted from the rosette, it will look similar to a lotus flower, which is a great look in itself.

However, if it has sprouted, it can be one of the most beautiful plants you’ll see. Like with most plants, its beauty depends on how much or how little you water it. Make sure to follow a guide before taking care of any plant.

Milky Way – Find Your Favorite Constellation 

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By Karinnza On Reddit

Every stargazer falls in love with the first Milky Way plant they see. From afar, it looks like the plants are sparkling. But when you take a closer look, you find out that they are scattered with pretty white dots. 

The milky way plant is a popular indoor plant because it’s easy to take care of and its leaves are extremely unique. Because of this, it works exceedingly well in teen rooms and living rooms alike.

Cactus – For The Most Difficult Climates

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By Ashleesav on Reddit

Most people get cacti because other plants can’t survive in hot weather. The cactus is not an easy plant to kill and can survive with little to no water. When people think of a cactus, they usually imagine an old western, but they are so much more.

Today, you can find cacti in multiple shapes and sizes. The flowers can be pink, red, yellow, green, blue, or white! Because of this, you can find the perfect cactus for any room, making it one of the more popular house plants.

Prayer Plant – Because We All Need A Little Prayer

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image by katiebaxterart On Reddit

Prayer plants offer more than unique patterns. It gets its name from the fact that its leaves open wide of a day and close up of a night as if in prayer. It’s like the sun, who hides at night only to appear each morning.

The prayer plant is surprisingly special. Its leaves are often striped, making it a great foreground for otherwise flat surfaces or rooms. If you prefer basic patterns with pops of pizazz, the prayer plant could be perfect for you.

Pancake Plant – It’s Never Too Early For Flapjacks

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By 57696c6c On Reddit

The name of this plant may be silly, but the Pancake plant is a serious choice. There are many names for this popular indoor plant, such as the Chinese Money Plant, bender plant, and UFO plant. The leaves are thick, but it is surprisingly affordable.

The leaves of the pancake plant are always round, one of the few plants that are like this. Whenever it has matured, the leaves are large and glorious, looking amazing with round furnishings. 

Fern – The Plant That Never Goes Out Of Style

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By Binthinkin On Reddit

The fern has lasted through the decades and has always been the most popular indoor plant. It’s hearty and large, adding a lot of personality to your home without a lot of effort. The fern reproduces via spores, having neither seeds nor flowers.

The fern goes well with almost all types of decor. It can hang from a pot, sit in a planter, or cover an entire table. With so many options, it’s hard not to add a fern to your home forest.

Bonus – Plant Decorations

Monstera with tiny house on it
Image By Slimgo123 On Reddit

No matter what type of house plant you choose whether it’s something rare or one of the popular house plants we mentioned today, you can make it yours. This Redditor added the sweetest little house that they built themselves.

You can always purchase plant decorations or make a fairy garden. The choice is yours! What matters is making your house your own with something that’s uniquely you!