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17 Different Types of Rugs And Their Popular Styles

There is no denying that the inclusion of a rug goes a long way to pull a space together. However, did you know that not all rugs are created equal, and that there are actually a large number of different rug types? In this article, we will provide an overview of the most popular types of rugs that are on the market so that you can best determine which ones will look best with your designs.

17 The Most Popular Rug Styles

1. Knotted

Commercial rugs

Knotted rugs are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they are also built to be durable. In fact, many knotted rugs are actually handmade by definition. A knotted rug is made with a special type of loom that creates a pattern out of materials like wool, cotton, and silk.

Although knotted rugs are usually more expensive than their non-knotted counterparts, they are also known for their longevity — in some cases lasting up to 20 years. Of course, this depends on whether or not you are taking the proper maintenance.

2. Shag

Commercial rugs
Charlotte Handmade Shag Gray Area Rug – found here.

Long gone are the days with the shag carpet, or rug, being associated with the 1970s. Although this style may have originated in the groovy decade, there is no denying that shag material is very en vogue in the 21st century.

Shag rugs add variety to a room because of their unique texture and appearance. They are also incredibly soft to the touch, which makes them pleasant to walk on and extra cozy in cooler weather.

3. Braided

Commercial rugs
Waterford Handmade Braided Cotton Multicolor Area Rug – available here.

Braided rugs date back at least one hundred years, when they were a staple of colonial interior design in the United States. They were popular because they could be made out of virtually any materials, including excess fabric and scraps.

Due to the nature of their construction, which occurs in a circular manner, braided rugs often feature unique and colorful patterns. However, it is also possible to have a braided rug come in a solid color, if that’s more to your taste. Though most braided rugs are now made in factories, it may still be possible to find one that is handmade.

4. Hooked

Commercial rugs
Aubuchon Hand Hooked Rug – Available on Wayfair

A hooked rug is made by using a crochet hook to connect threads of yarn. The end result is a charming and slightly rustic looking rug that keeps its natural bumps and imperfections.

Hooked rugs, due to their rather delicate nature, have a slightly shorter lifespan than some other rugs types. However, if used in a room of your home that does not receive a lot of foot traffic, a hooked rug can last for up to ten years.

5. Square

Commercial rugs

Just as the name would imply, a square rug is a type of area rug that has four equal sides. As a square rug gets its name from its particular shape, it can exist in a variety of different patterns and colors.

Square rugs are best for rooms that are relatively square. It will look best if you also have square furniture, such as a TV stand or coffee table.

6. Round

Commercial rugs
Ponca Oriental Navy-Light Blue Area Rug – found here.

Round rugs are best used in small spaces, as they tend to make a space feel larger than it actually is. The reason for this is because round shapes tend to prevent that boxed-in feeling that can often be created in small, square-like spaces. Round rugs can come in a variety of patterns and colors.

7. Area

Commercial rugs

Technically, “area rug” is given to the name of any rug that does not cover a room from corner to corner. Of course, the exact rug size that qualifies for this definition will depend on the size of your room. To put it simply: an area rug is like a carpet, but smaller!

Area rugs not only help add warmth to a room, but they are also an important design tool. Area rugs can also lend themselves to sound-proofing by softening the sound of footsteps on your floor.

8. Geometric

Commercial rugs

It’s no secret that geometric patterns are very in! It seems like geometric patterns have been popping up everywhere lately, from clothing to wallpaper styles, and rugs are no exception to this. A geometric rug is a great way to add some personality to your space if you find it is otherwise filled with neutral tones and materials.

9. Slice

Commercial rugs
Slice lime rug – found here.

A slice rug is designed to accommodate the edge of a wall or counter or other space. True to its name, it has the appearance as if an ovular rug was sliced down the middle. The advantage of this is that you can place it right up against a straight surface without interference.

Slice rugs are often used as kitchen mags, or even as welcome mats at your front door. They are especially handy if you don’t have a large floor area to work with.

10. Welcome mat

Commercial rugs
Stender Border Welcome Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat – found here.

Speaking of doormats, you can’t go wrong with choosing a traditional welcome mat for your front steps or hallway. Welcome mats are often designed to be used outdoors, so they may come with a protective coating that can help them survive the elements. Welcome mats can come in a plain color, or they can even come with designs or phrases that can help you express your personality.

Welcome mats also serve a functional purpose, as they give visitors a place to wipe their shoes off before they enter your home. They are a good choice for anyone who lives in a climate where snow or slush are the norm.

11. Runner

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A rug runner is a type of rug that is longer in length than it is in width. They are specifically designed to function well in hallway spaces, an area that is often an afterthought for many homeowners. However, even though they are awkward spaces to fit a rug to, they are a very important place to put a rug in, as they see a heavy amount of foot traffic. This is especially true if you have hardware flooring that you are looking to protect.

12. Outdoor

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Strathaven Striped Turquoise Indoor- Outdoor Area Rug – found here

For many of us, our living spaces are not only indoor — they’re outdoor, too! However, if you are planning to put a rug outside, it is not as simple as buying a regular rug and using it in an outdoor area. It is imperative that you buy a rug that is specially used for outdoor use (though indoor/outdoor rugs do exist).

Outdoor rugs are specially designed to withstand the elements so that you do not have to bother bringing them inside every time there is inclement weather. To succeed at this, they are usually made from tough synthetic fibers that are moisture and temperature resistant.

13. Kitchen mat

Commercial rugs
Kraig Anti-Fatigue Mat – Available on Wayfair

Rugs also aren’t just reserved for living area use! It can be just as useful to have a rug in your kitchen. Kitchen rugs, or kitchen mats, are designed specifically with kitchen spaces in mind. After all, the kitchen can be a hazardous place, with lots of potential for water spillage and food splatter. Underneath the sink is a popular place for a kitchen mat as it provides comfort while doing the dishes.

14. Baby

Commercial rugs
Brasfield Teepee Cream-Fern Area Rug – found on Wayfair

If you’re planning for the arrival of a newborn, there are many different things to consider — but don’t forget about finding the proper rug! As you will be spending a long amount of time in the nursery, it’s important that you ensure that it will be as comfortable as possible with the proper floor coverings.

Rugs designed for nurseries are fun to shop for, as they can come in a number of colorful patterns, and can include things such as animal or educational themes.

15. No-slip

Commercial rugs
Rug Pro Ultra-Low Profile Dual Surface Non-Slip Rug Pad – available on Wayfair

No-slip rugs are designed to come with a rug pad on their underside covered in a synthetic adhesive material that allows them to stick to the floor underneath them. Not only is it useful for a rug to stay in place from a design standpoint, it also eliminates what would otherwise be a safety hazard.

16. Stair tread

Commercial rugs
Beauvais Stair Tread – found here.

Much like hallways can be difficult spaces to fit a rug too, stairways provide a similar problem. While many people may have staircases in their home that are already covered in carpeting, some may have hardwood floors on their stairs.

If your stairs feature hardwood flooring, you can use stair treads to protect the wood and to prevent slips and falls. Many stair treads may need to be custom-fit to your stairs, although it is possible to apply separate stair treads that consist of a separate rectangle for every single step.

17. Commercial rugs

Commercial rugs

If you are looking for a rug for a commercial space, then you probably have unique needs that may not be satisfied for a rug that is designed for the home. Commercial rugs may be similar to residential rugs in appearance, but they are made of a durable material that gives them the strength to withstand a high volume of footsteps. With they come at a higher price tag, they are bound to last longer thanks to their quality.