How to Choose Colorful Rugs for Your full Kitchen

Area rugs are a good flooring option given that they are practical and offer warmth, comfort, and cushion over many types of flooring such as wood, tile, or concrete. They can also provide artistic value and bring personality to a room’s design. They make an attractive and practical addition to a kitchen. Colorful rugs with beautiful designs can easily lift the mood of a dull kitchen.

kitchen carpet modern idea
Brighten your kitchen with a colorful rug

Remember your Lifestyle in the Kitchen

Before picking a specific color for the kitchen rugs, you have to consider that kitchen is a high traffic area. So, preferring rugs with dark or patterned fabric to the light one will be the right decision as dark-colored rugs hide dirt and stains easily. However, if you cannot do without a light-colored rug, be sure that it is very easy to clean.

kitchen rugs interiors
Kitchen rugs add a soft touch under foot

Consider the Kitchen Style

Rugs should be chosen according to the style of your kitchen. For a country style kitchen, you should use the rugs that have a rustic look or celebrate natural theme. So, a braided rug or rug with themes such as strawberries or sunflowers will suit well that style. Likewise, a Victorian style kitchen will look good with a multi-colored and majestic Oriental rug.

kitchen rugs galley kitchen
Galley kitchens with narrow carpets are beautiful visually.

Create a Visual Breakup of the Floor

Rugs can be used to separate or define spaces in the same place. For example, you can easily separate your working area from the dining area in the kitchen by using two different rugs. When you will use more than one rug in your kitchen, be sure to choose them of different sizes because same-sized rugs will visually divide your room by half. On the other hand, in case of using multiple rugs, be sure that their styles harmonize with each other. Too many warring patterns and clashing styles can destroy the sense of harmony and create a jarring effect.

kitchen carpet dining room
Create a visual breakup of the floor space
kitchen carpet artisan inspired
Bring artisan colors into your kitchen

Use Bright Colors & Robust Patterns

If your kitchen looks dull due to the subdued wall colors or simple wallpaper and upholstery, add more interest to the place by trying a robust pattern with the area rugs. Uplift the mood of your kitchen by choosing rugs with ornate patterns and bright colors.

kitchen carpet modern idea
Modern zigzag rugs for a traditional kitchen

Add Interest with a Beautiful Rug

Instead of using the usual rectangular rugs, add visual interest to your kitchen by choosing round-, oval-, or square-shaped ones. An unusual shape will help the rug to become the focal point of the place and thereby creating a huge impact on the total décor. You can make the impact stronger by picking up the rug in a color or colors contrasting but not clashing to the color of your kitchen.

kitchen carpet modern idea
Black floor with white cabinets and a floral carpet create a good design

Irrespective of the type of kitchen floor you have, using small area rugs is always a good option to unify the theme and color scheme of your kitchen. In fact, adding a rug can be the perfect choice if you want to bring excitement to your kitchen.

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