Cool and Creative Ways To Hang Plants From The Ceiling

The ceiling is a surface that’s often overlooked when designing and decorating various types of spaces. There are however a few really cool ways in which you can use the ceiling, such as for hanging plants for example.

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This strategy is very useful especially when you’re short on space and you want to be able to add some greenery to the room.

Hanging plants from the ceiling is not difficult and anyone can do it with the help of some basic tools and materials.

How to Hang Plants from Ceiling

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This is how it’s done: First, you gather the supplies. This includes a drill, a 5/8” drill bit, adjustable hanging chains and swag ceiling hooks for plants, one for each planter that you want to hang.

If you’re drilling into drywall use a swag hook that has a hinged clip at the top to anchor it against the opposite side of the drywall. Alternatively, use a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than the screw and then tighten the hook into place using a set of pliers.

Before you drill the holes, make sure you consider how the plants will be spaced out, check if they’re not too close to the walls and also if they’ll get enough natural light.

Once the hooks are in place, go ahead and hang your plants. Full tutorial on Instrucables.

Ceiling hanging planter design ideas

Yarn wrapped Hanging planter

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As you can see, installing hooks on the ceiling is not difficult. However, that’s just one of the elements that you need to think about.

Another important element to consider is the actual type of planter that you’re going to hang. One option is to wrap yarn or rope around a terra cotta planter or another type of pot. That way you can easily and quickly transform any regular planter into a hanging planter.

Ceiling hooks for hanging plants

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Another idea is to make a wooden hanging planter out of a salad bowl or something similar. All you need to do in this case is attach yarn or rope or cord to the bowl so you can hang it from a ceiling hook. If the bowl is round, three evenly spaced holes should be enough to keep it nice and secure.

Macrame hanging planter

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You can also craft a beautiful macrame hanging planter from scratch. All the supplies needed for this project are jute twine, wooden beads, a rattan cane ring, a ruler, a pencil and scissors.

You’ll need to make a bunch of square knots and spiral knots so get familiar with the technique before you start. After that, the project starts with the hanger loop after which you divide the strands into four sections. These will spiral down and then meet at the bottom to support the planter.

Brass Ceiling Hanging Panter

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Metal tubing is also a resource that you can use when making custom hanging planters. The brass tubing which was used here looks very chic and stylish but obviously you can customize your own planter however you want to. A few things that you’re going to need are some twine or string or wire, a pipe cutter and a tape measure plus the actual planter or pot.

DIY geometric hanging planters

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Another cute little idea is to hang air plants which don’t require soil or pots. You can get super creative with the design of the air planters and a fun option is to use hollo brass rods to create various geometric designs.

In this particular case, the supplies used are 1/8” diameter rods and 28 gauge galvanized wire. You can even combine several plants into one of these custom planters.

Frame and Planter Hanging

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This particular project is not exactly for plants. The idea here is to make hanging gold frame leaf art which involves a wooden picture frame, a plated gold chain, a D-ring,

Small wood screws, clear drying adhesive and basic tools. Also, you’ll need a few beautiful-looking leaves which will become the decorations. They can be green or dry or even faux leaves.

Boho Inspired Ceiling Hanging Planter

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Check out how cute this hanging planter is. It has a lovely boho look and it’s not even difficult to make if you ever want to craft something like this for your own home.

To make it, you need a plastic pot, a hot glue gun, scissors, nylon twine, yarn and embroidery floss. You can decorate it with tassels and pom-poms and you can also use yarn in different colors to create various combinations. Check out the tutorial on lostmom if you’re interested.

Ceiling hanging planter basket

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Embroidery hoops are also useful if you want to hang a planter in order to free up some space on your counters and shelves. You can use three hoops to make a sleek hanging support like the one featured on hearthandvine.

There are lots of ways to customize it but you can also just stick with a simple design if you don’t want to take the attention away from the actual plants and flowers that you’re putting on display.

Denim and Leather Hanging Plants

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There’s a little tutorial on pillarboxblue which you how you can repurpose a tin can into a planter and how you can then make a custom hanger for it.

You can either use denim or leather for the hanger, based on the look and style that you prefer. It’s very easy to do and a great way to use recycled materials in your project. This would also work with other types of planters and pots so keep an open mind.