Leaf Art – DIY Hanging Gold Frame

With house prices rising and it becoming harder for younger people to get a foot on the ladder more and more of us are choosing to rent these days instead. We’re living in rented accommodation over longer periods of time which makes it difficult not to see these houses as just temporary spaces rather than as our homes. Living with other peoples decor styles using a collection of mismatched furniture is the reality for many people, but it does’t mean that you can’t put your own stamp on the decoration. It’s possible to create a place that is comfortable, welcoming and very you by using decorative, functional items in key areas.

DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art

I’m currently obsessed with finding new, interesting ways of decorating and displaying art.One thing my home is sorely lacking is art. I’ve been so consumed with furniture, soft furnishings and far too many hanging planters, that I’ve neglected to extend the decoration to my walls. The pieces I do have are slowly collected and sparsely dotted around my home, and although each of these pieces holds some significance to me, I feel that a few ‘filler’ frames could bring them all together a little more. As well as looking for prints from local artists I want to DIY a few pieces as well and I felt like this DIY hanging gold frame leaf art was the perfect place to start.

Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art Angle View

I’ve filled the frame with a leaf decoration creating a modern look for a low price. Now is a great time for collecting foliage and pressing to use around your home as decoration. Keep it contemporary by combining it with simple statement pieces like a gold frame as I have done here

DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art Materials


  • Wooden picture frame
  • Plated gold chain
  • Picture frame hanging D-ring
  • Small wood screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Clear drying adhesive
  • Leaves
  • Jump rings (optional)


Prepare your leaves

You will need to prep your leaves a few days in advance of starting this DIY. Collect up and clean the foliage. Place between two pieces of clean, dry paper and pile on a few heavy books to press flat. Keep checking the leaves until they are dry and ready to use. While these are drying you can source your materials and start on the frame.

Open the last link on your chain

1. Open up the last link on your chain using the pliers. This article shows you the correct way to do that. If the chain is soldered shut you will need a large jump ring. Open the jump ring and hook onto the chain to act as the final link.

Hook the link

2. Hook the link onto the D-ring and close up the link. Repeat this step on the other side of the chain.

Screw the plates attached

3. Screw the plates attached to the D-ring onto the sides of the frame. When buying the frame make sure it is a soft wood by pressing your nail into the back of the frame. It should easily make a dent. If your frame is a hard wood you will need to drill a small hole first. As you’re attaching the plates to the frame ensure that the chain isn’t twisted. Attach one side then work out any kinks in the chain and screw onto the other side.

Remove the backing of the frame

4. Remove the backing of the frame and put aside. Take out the glass and lay out the leaves until you’re happy with the arrangement. Spread glue evenly over the front of the leaf and press into place, cleaning up any excess glue off the glass with a cotton bud or cloth. Once all of the leaves are in place let the adhesive dry fully.

Replace the glass

5. Replace the glass into the frame. Using your pliers fold the tabs that hold the glass in place towards the frame to halve them in size so you don’t see them through the glass pane. Carefully press towards the glass to hold in place. Don’t press them down too hard or you will break the glass.

DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art Finished

Now your frame is ready to hang. If leaves aren’t your thing try creating different effects with other found objects. Let you imagination run wild!

Cool DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art
DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art Closer
DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art View
DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art wall
DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art Up