Increase Your Surface Area With These 15 Nesting Tables

Apartment dwellers, amid the usual quirks and oddities that come with renting an apartment, all have one problem in common. There is a serious lack of surface space in such a small area. Where do you put your mug of coffee in the morning? How can a couple candles make a coffee table romantic when it’s covered in bills? Everyone needs more space to hold their cups and books and houseplants, and nesting tables make a beautiful solution to the problem. Not only do they come in many shapes, sizes and colors, they provide a surface space that can disappear in a snap. Take a look at these 15 nesting tables that will help increase the surface area in your living room.

marble tables

A little marble only added a feel of luxury to your living room and these chic nesting tables are the perfect touch. With their marble tops, they’ll gladly hold your morning coffee as well as all the glasses of your dinner guests. Or you can slide your bills out of sight when your mom comes over. (via West Elm)

classic tables

It doesn’t get any more classic than this, folks. IKEA would be the place to find some creamy nesting tables that will match any style, from nautical to chic to country. Just imagine your aloe vera gracing one surface while your glass of wine rests on the other. Perfection in a table. (via IKEA)

log tables

Infuse your living room with a touch of rusticity with these log nesting tables. The tops feel like log cabin in the woods while the sleek black legs keep your space from going completely over the hunters lodge ledge. Plus, they’re small enough to fit in any little nook or cranny. (via Shades of Light)

cloud tables

Did you know that there are nesting coffee tables? And this might be the cutest one you’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect fun touch for a girl-who’s-young-at-heart loft or even a living room corner turned play space for the kiddos. Yes, even they need a surface space to color. (via Etsy)

Organic modern wood nesting tables

For some reason, wood plus metallic is a winning combination and these nesting tables get it right. With a dark wood surface, your tables will stand out against your carpet and those sparkly legs will give some glam to whatever you store underneath. (via Organic Modernism)

metal tables

Masculine men looking to purchase the most masculine decor need look no further for side tables. These nesting tables provide an interesting shape that look great when styled together or separately and that black metal will look superb against your leather couch. (via Dot and Bo)

patterned tables

Just because it’s a table doesn’t mean it has to be square or round. Get your funky on with a set of patterned nesting tables like these. They promise to add some jive to your decor without you having to move a muscle. But patterns will do that for you.

rainbow tables

Why not decorate with all your accent colors? It gets even better when they have an element that makes them match. Yes, I’m talking about these colorful nesting tables. Those colorful surfaces just scream “life of the living room” while the wood legs hold them down to earth. How can you resist? (via A Plus R)

mirror tables

We all probably wish we could have a glass of wine times two, and with these nesting tables, you can! The mirrored tops will reflect anything from light to greenery to a glass of wine. Put a glass on each table and you’ll have wine times four. Lucky you. (via Crate and Barrel)

Water color nesting tables


Just for the artsy individual, these nesting tables are begging to be in your apartment. Such gorgeous watercolor tops will eliminate the need for any side table styling because those colors are works of art themselves. Their wiry frames make them easily move so you can enjoy their art in your living room, bedroom or even bathroom. (via ABC Home)

Ikea nesting tables gold hack

You’ve probably seen this IKEA nesting coffee table or a hack of one. Glass tops are always a good choice when you’re going for a modern living room and these frames are easily painted whatever color you like. So get to IKEA already! (via IKEA)

duel color tables

Pops of color are a great addition to any living room, whether minimalist or bohemian. These nesting tables are the perfect touch of glossy pop you need to set off your side table styling. (via World Market)

modern tables

In a home full of antiques and unique pieces, the last thing you want is a set of boring nesting tables. Except these are anything but boring. You can turn them any which way you like, creating a table with a flat edge to fit against a wall or couch or a full gilded circle. Either way, they’ll fit right in with your thrifted pieces. (via One Kings Lane)

mid century tables

Hello mid century modern. IKEA does it again, making a beautiful set of nesting coffee tables that radiate those mid century vibes. You won’t be able to resist adding them to your tiny living room. (via IKEA)

clear tables

Turn up the chic. Glass nesting tables like these would be lovely in a feminine apartment or office or even dorm room. They’ll even look artsy when they’re all nested up together. (via Wisteria)