Turning A Room Into A Princess’ Lair – Cute Ideas For Stylish Spaces

Princesses are super popular these days although they’ve never really been out of style. Little girls all over the world see them as role models and dream of having their own castle. You can actually make your little princess’ wish come true by turning her bedroom into a fantasy-inspired space where she can truly feel like royalty. But this is such a complex idea it’s pretty hard to think of specifics. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you.

Carriage beds

Carriage beds

Let’s start with the basics. Since you’ll most likely be redecorating a bedroom, think about adding a princess bed to the new design. How about a trundle bed? This ones looks amazing. It has a little bit of Parisian flair, perfect for the fairy-tale décor you’re looking to create.

princess Carriage bed

The idea here is similar. The carriage bed is pale pink and it even has “princess” written on it. It’s definitely the focal point here but there are numerous other ways in which you can make something like this work for your own home.{found on avenuelifestyle}.

Castle beds


If you want something a little more imposing, try a princess castle bed. Two towers can serve as nightstands or shelving systems and the headboard can be the main attraction. It’s all in the details.{found on dahliadesign}.


Actually, castle beds can feature a large variety of designs and structures and can even go as far as being structured on two levels. A set of stairs on one side and a slide on the other offer access to the top bunk. The design can also be adapted for a playhouse.


An interesting idea is to build the castle over the bed. This design has everything including two beds, storage, a safe structure and a very attractive look. The hard part is avoiding having two cute princesses fighting over who gets to sleep inside the castle.{found on sheilarichinteriors}.


This is a princess bed designed to fit in the corner. It’s actually a combination between a comfortable sleeping area and a playground with stairs, a slide, storage for toys and attractive colors and details.

Canopy beds


Since the bed is the main piece of furniture, we’ll stay focused on that for now. The next type we’ll discuss is the canopy bed which is romantic, feminine and chic by definition. This makes it ideal for your princess.{found on roomsbyzoyab}.


A princess bed canopy can be styled in a variety of ways. This is one of the options and it’s a really elegant one. The canopy is small and attached to the wall, right Kids bedroom ceilings. The ribbons are lovely accessories.{found on viphotodesign}.

Match the canopy to the curtains

Match the canopy to the curtains to add cohesiveness to the décor. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match. The color is enough to link them. Actually, it’s best to avoid matching a lot of things. Balance is key so keep things simple and diversify.{found on lsinteriorsgroup}.


You can purchase or make the canopy separately. This one, for example, is really cute, decorated with blossoms and leaves and featuring delicate pink and green accents. The design is breezy and delicate and this makes it versatile and easy to adapt to a variety of decors.


Pink is definitely a very popular color, often associated with princess. However, it doesn’t have to be the dominant shade in the room. It can be used as an accent like in this case. The fact that the floor is pink and everything else is white is very refreshing.{found on increation}.


And just in case your little princess is not a fan of pink, there are other colors to take into consideration. Lavender or purple are royal shades and they can make a space look sophisticated. Use this to your advantage when decorating the room.{found on tracymurdock}.


Perhaps softer and lighter colors would suit the space better. If this is the case, you can use pale blue, pink and beige to create a serene and relaxing décor. Add long canopy curtains to the bed to make a statement and don’t overlook the chandelier as a suitable lighting fixture.{found on afkfurniture}.


In the case of a more traditional bedroom décor, the canopy can feature less intense and bright colors. It can also include simple patterns such as stripes. You can mix and match different patterns and work with ornate furniture and accessories.

Princess bedding


What’s a beautiful bed without the right kind of bedding? Surely your little princess would very much enjoy themed designs. So look for her favorite characters or colors when choosing the bedding or let her pick the design herself.Available for $59.

new meaning of bedding for girls

This design gives a new meaning to the whole princess bedding concept. It actually has a princess dress printed on the sheets so your cute little pumpkin can look fabulous while sleeping and dreaming about fantastic things.

Wall décor

Simplicity and elegance nursery

It’s easy to forget about the basics when you’re focused on the details. So before you start adding the furniture and everything else, look at the walls and think of how you could use them to create the look you want. For example, you can paint them or use decals.


A suggestive wall decal combined with the right type of furniture, colors and accessories can result in a complete and fabulous interior décor that would make anyone feel like a princess.

Nursery designs


If you’re a fan of princesses and everything that has to do with them, why wait for your own baby princess to get older when you can give her a themed room right now? There are plenty of ways in which you can decorate a princess nursery. Just remember to use soft colors and maintain the same style throughout.{found on projectnursery}.

canopy over the crib

Isn’t it lovely how this wall unit looks like a castle and how the toys look like they’re just sitting there, each in their own tower? The canopy over the crib is another stylish feature and so is the armchair.

simplicity and elegance nursery

We love the simplicity and elegance of this nursery found on Awelldressedhome. The colors are simple, warm and soothing and the textures are nicely chosen as well. The small details are the ones that count and they make all the difference.