10 Bold Colors to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

When you buy a new home, there are some big decisions to make that might prove more difficult than you would think. Like painting the exterior of your home. Most everybody will point you in the direction of a few dusty shades. Beiges and grays are always a safe color. If you want to get wild, they’ll suggest light blue or green or maybe even buttery yellow. Because who wants their home to stick out like a sore thumb? The answer is you do! Choosing a bold color for your home’s exterior might seem risky but once you’ve painted, your house is going to be the most enviable one on the block. Take a look at these 10 bold colors to paint your home’s exterior and get your paint brushes ready.

Red House ExteriorView in gallery

Red isn’t a rare color when it comes to homes. But while most people opt for a deep rose red, I dare you to go a shade lighter. Pick something as lipstick red as Taylor Swift’s lips and your home will stand out beautifully. (via Coastal Living)

Dark navy houseView in gallery

Let’s get on the darker side of things for a moment. Colors don’t have to be bright to be bold. Navy, for instance, is an up and coming color for home exteriors so you better get to it so you’ll be in the trend starter club. (via Sadie and Dasie)

AA014705View in gallery

Yellow isn’t an unheard of color for your home. Though when you choose a shade as bright and sunshiny as this, your home is bound to stand out as the happiest on your street. This works especially well if you live in a small town amongst lots of other quaint homes. (via About)

Blush pink houseView in gallery

I want a pink house. Yes, pink. If your home has the right character, painting it a pink shade can really bring out the personality in her. Luckily Pantone has the perfect color for you this year! (via Heir and Space)

Pastel mint houseView in gallery

Mint is one of the more wonderful colors on the pastel scale. You might think that a color light this is reserved for a beach-side home, but I beg to differ. Even an old farmhouse in the middle of the Midwest would look adorable painted this shade. (via Our Boat House)

Brick ourange house exteriorView in gallery

Orange might not seem like a color to even suggest for a home, but in the right shade, it can do wonders. Instead of going as orange as the fruit, err on the side of pale orange and suddenly your home looks like a southern beauty. (via Architec Design)

Forest green houseView in gallery

Put away your dusty greens because you’re going to want a forest green cabin like this. Especially if you’ve trimmed your home in wood, that woodsy color is the perfect compliment. (via Escuyer)

Violet purple houseView in gallery

Isn’t purple just the prettiest? There aren’t too many purple houses in the world so choosing a this brave color will definitely make your home THE Purple House in your neighborhood. Basically, it will become a landmark. (via A Good Thing Happened)

Glossy black houseView in gallery

Black is a bold color that we’re seeing more and more of around town. It’s a great option for a modern home or even as a refresher for an old classic beauty. (via Habitus Living)

Bright turquoise houseView in gallery

Who doesn’t love turquoise? While the color might not look right in a cold climate, you’ll definitely need to put the shade on your list if you live in a warm place. It will be like coming home to the beach every day. (via House Of Turquoise)