Decorating With Pantone’s Color of the Year Part I: Rose Quartz

If you thought that Pantone couldn’t throw anymore surprises at us after last year’s pick of Marsala, think again. This year, for the first time ever, Pantone has chosen two colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. They explain that rose quartz conveys compassion while serenity is relaxation to the eyes. While I’m all for compassion and relaxation, I say somebody was on a cotton candy binge. Thankfully though, these pastel tones are so easy to add to your home.

Pantone rose quartz cover

Pink has been on trend in home decor for a while now. Whether poppin’ hot or soft blush, it keeps showing up on my Pinterest feed. So Pantone’s choice of rose quartz just makes it official. Also, I now have permission to buy the pink bedspread because it’s the color of the year! Check out these 11 ways to add rose quartz to your home, too.

Rose quartz couch

Ah, the pink sofa. She’s been dancing around the edges of our vision for a while and has now been given permission to step into the spotlight. Because nothing says feminine like a rose quartz velvet sofa. (via Gosto Disto)

Rose quartz front door

The front door usually gets pretty neglected in the process of home styling. You paint it once and then you’re done. May I suggest that you give it a makeover with a beautiful coat of rose quartz? It will bring your whole home up to date. (via Pompeli)

Rose quartz tile

Some of you probably live in a home with vintage pink tile. The good news: you can stop despising it now! Since rose quartz came to the rescue, lots of other people will probably consider installing pink tile in their bathrooms, too. (via Decor Salteado)

Roze quartz lighting

Rose quartz lighting? Why not! There are some gorgeous pink feminine options that will cast your dining room or your living room or your bedroom in a lovely rosy glow. Talk about setting the Valentine’s Day mood. (via Style Me Pretty)

Rose quartz dining room chairs

Speaking of dining rooms, how awesome are these dining chairs? I dare you to give yours a refresher with a can of rose quartz paint. I promise that they will look smashing against whatever kind of table you have. (via Decor Salteado)

Rose quartz cabinetry

Let’s not forget the kitchen. While you may not be so keen on painting all your cabinets pink, try giving your cabinet doors a facelift. It will be much less work on the arms but no less glamorous. (via Casa Vogue)

Roze quartz textiles

Let’s talk textiles. Curtains, throw pillows and blankets, all these are simple ways to bring rose quartz into your home. Then when you decide to switch to serenity, it will make the job as easy as pie. (via Style Me Pretty)

Rose quartz bedding

You may think that bedding goes into the textiles category but I say it’s a category all it’s own. We do spend a lot of hours in bed so making it a place of comfort is important. Rose quartz will sing you to sleep with dreams of ballerinas and frilly baby dresses. (via SF Girl By Bay)

Roze quartz tableware

I vote that adding pink to your tablescape, whatever the season or holiday, is a good move. Pink is unexpected and will give your table that hint of chic without taking away from the food on your plate. (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

Kids rose quartz canopy

Step into your child’s room and consider where you can add a bit of rose quartz for them. A little reading corner like this comes highly recommending, but even a pink nightlight will do the trick. (via Apartment Therapy)

Rose quartz paint

Obviously, if you’re majorly on the rose quartz bandwagon, you can just grab a paintbrush and start painting. There is something about making the trim blend with the wall that is simplicity at it’s finest. (via Vogue Living)