Fall Into Orange: Living Room Accents for All Styles

The fall season is a time when we likely start gravitating toward warmer, fall-toned colors – golds, browns, deep reds, and of course oranges ranging from pumpkin to burnt sienna to cinnamon. While we may enjoy these colors and want to bring them inside, especially at this time of year, it can be difficult to know how to use them in our home décor. Is there a place for orange in modern design? Traditional? What about mid century modern? The answer: Yes to all!

Wall patterns with bold furniture orange and blue

For now, we’ll focus on orange. What to do with it, aside from eat it in the form of pumpkin pie? This article will show some ideas for incorporating orange into your living room, no matter what your style, so your home can be as festive as its inhabitants this season.

Orange Accent Space.

Orange open space design

For the living room with a wet bar, corner home office, or an open concept where the kitchen is rather a part of the living room, consider defining the smaller space by painting it out in orange! This is a fantastic option for an industrial, vintage style. (And if you can get your hands on a brown and orange striped sofa like this one, all the better.)

Geometric Orange Wall.

Geometric wallpaper in orange for living room

Whether you still embrace the chevron pattern or are over it, you can’t deny that this zig-zag wall is visually exciting. Tempered with an adjacent neutral wall with large windows, a balance is struck between graphic geometrics and neutral sunny skies.

Orange Oversized Art.

Oversized orange wall art

Rotating artwork is one way to freshen up a space each season, and an oversized piece done in orange is a sure way to ring in the Fall. Orange and grey are a particularly striking color combination in contemporary décor.

Orange Art Mat.

Framed orange wall art

Maintain a contemporary feel on your artwork with white frames, but give the art a burst of color by choosing orange matting. We love this option for dark walls, where the orange can serve as a sort of buffering transition between lighter art and the darker walls.

Painted Orange Wall(s).

Orange walls for living room

We all know that paint is one of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to change and freshen up a space. It only makes sense, then, that you consider painting out a wall or two in your favorite color of deep orange – a pumpkin or sienna hue would certainly warm up a contemporary living room with plenty of natural light to counterbalance it.{found on brookelang}.

“Orange” Wood Accents.

Orange wood accents

When orange in its bold state seems a little overwhelming for your bright, airy, Scandinavian aesthetic, consider incorporating orange tones as they appear in nature. These two trunk stumps as side tables are a wonderful example – they reinforce the flecks of geometric orange in the artwork and bring in some natural warmth to a white-heavy living room.

Orange Window Treatments.

Orange window treatments

Like most colors, orange is particularly versatile – you simply need to choose the right shade and tone for your space. Whatever the color of your living room walls, you can likely choose an orange tone for window treatments. Just choose fabric that has a similar saturation level to the rest of your space for cohesion and visual appeal.

Orange Pendant Lamp.

Orange pendant lamps over the kitchen island

While orange accessories can be scattered throughout a living room space, they generally will benefit from having one primary feature that ties them all together. In this instance, an orange lampshade or handing pendant lamp will be just the connecting piece that’s needed.

Orange Fireplace Face.

Orange fireplace design

One way to draw attention to your fireplace is to paint it a different color than surrounding walls. Choosing a warm orange color is a lovely way to do this, particularly if the neutrals of your home are already in the soft tan/yellow color scheme.

Orange Fireplace.

Orange malm lancer fireplace

Taking an all-white space and tossing in small bits of solid color gives a room a bright, modern edge. If you’re looking for a fireplace AND color scheme inspiration for your contemporary styling tendencies, this living room is sure to give you plenty of ideas.

Orange Side Table.

Orange side table

Got an old table lying around? Consider this fun option for fall – cut it in half (or at whatever depth you want), paint it out in an energetic glossy orange, and attach to the wall. This would be great next to a sofa for a side table.

Retro Orange Sofa.

Orange leather sofa

For the die-hard retro fan, an orange leather (or pleather) sofa is sure to hit the spot. The thing about orange furniture is, the color can be muted enough so that it almost reads as a neutral, making it versatile as a statement piece or a building block for other attractions.{found on redeggdesigngroup}.

Orange Club Chairs.

Orange club chairs

If you’re looking to incorporate orange in a more long-term way, consider opting for the color on your next set of upholstered club chairs. They add warmth in color during the winter seasons, and they brighten up the space during the sunshiney summer (simply alternate pillows and other accessories to bring out these characteristics). Lovely in a spacious, California-cool style.

Orange Coffee Table.

Orange coffee table

For the classic and mid century modern design lover, few pieces could be more appealing than a low, large, glossy-orange coffee table. The piece is brought into today’s era with its chrome legs and detailing, and the overall effect is cheerful and style-savvy. (Plus, we love how the color is carried through the space, particularly in the corner lampshade.)

Orange Stools for Coffee Table.

Orange stool or coffee table

Re-purposing items is all the rage these days, and this example is fantastic. Take two low stools, recover them in a warm orange fabric, and push them together to serve as the coffee table to your living room. Bonus: They double as seating during entertaining.

We hope you’ve been able to find an idea or two for how you can bring orange into your living room this season (or longer), no matter what your style preference is!