What Happens When You Utilize Floral Wallpaper

We already know that wallpaper is back in the interior design world as a means of creating and not just a “thing” of the past. And one of our favorite prints and patterns deal with flowers, but not in the way that we’re all used to. Get rid of the “grandma style” preconceived notions you have and explore some modern or vintage floral wallpapers that pop!


Eclectic floral wallpaper

Take a look at this gorgeous and bold bedroom that’s covered in eclectic floral wallpaper. Pops of color, storybook-like design and fashion-forward energy, wallpaper doesn’t have to feel “old.”


Colorful floral wallpaper

It’s hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous and colorful floral wallpaper. Perfect for a youthful and spirited living room or even a bedroom with a bout of girlish charm, it works with both color-filled accents or even inside a monochromatic room.


Laundry room rich wallpaper

Even a deep and rich print could revive parts of your home. Just look at this laundry room that went from boring to fully fashionable in a blink of an eye. Wallpaper can truly transform a room and this is proof.


Large floral wallpaper

This wallpaper is one of my personal favorites of the bunch. You can even find wallpaper that creates pure art on the walls, just look at these extra-large flowers cascading down the hallways.{found on surfaceview}.


Spring flair through wallpaper

Cover your guest room with a springlike flair by using some of this delicate wallpaper. White, cream and with a pop of green; we’re loving how this addition brings a bout of new life into the space.


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It’s hard not to create a list of floral wallpaper examples and not include something that speaks to all the feminine voices. Whimsical, fairy-tale like and sweet, this choice would be beautiful inside a bedroom or even inside a home office.{found on anewall}.


Bathroom Colorful Poppies Wallpaper

Of course these poppies would look great in other parts of the home but we’re really loving how they can make a bathroom seem so much more fashion-forward than before. Add color and style within a blink of an eye.{found on Guehne-Made}.


Neutral Wallpaper

Neutrals make gorgeous floral wallpaper too, just look at this hallway. Delicate and feminine but also light, bright and with an open-feel, don’t be afraid that subtle tones won’t highlight the details of the flowers.{found on lesleemitchell}.


Leafy Wallpaper

You may find some wallpaper that has a lot of greenery involved in its floral pattern. If you love Asian styles or even beachy vibes, then this room may speak right to your decorator’s heart.{found Jessicagordonryan}.


Vintage flower wallpaper

Here’s a beautiful example of how to utilize some vintage floral wallpaper inside the house. In the kid’s room, your bedroom, the living room or even inside your personal crafting or sewing space, it’s full of femininity and spirit.{found on designsponge}.


Romance bedroom wallpaper design

You’d be surprised of the romance that adding some floral wallpaper to the walls can bring. Just look at this easy and soft bedroom, it’s full of relaxation, romantic spirits and feminine touches.{found on shabbychic}.


Traditional bedroom with a beautiful wallpaper

You can create a cozy and traditional bedroom without feeling like your grandmother or that your space has become outdated because of its wallpaper. Just look at this gorgeous and welcoming choice!{found on etrecreative}.


Watercolor wallpaper for bedroom

Here’s another ultra artistic design that we’re swooning over. This blue and watercolor-inspired print would be a great choice for so many different parts of the home, including a breakfast nook!{found on rebeccahayesinteriors}.


Vibrant wallpaper for mudroom

Create something bold and a bit dramatic – but in a youthful way – by adding a lot of color to your foyer or mudroom! We’re really loving the sorority-vibes that this space holds.{found on thepinkclutchblog}.

Hand Drawn

Hand Drawn Wallpaper for a feminine bedroom

Doesn’t this spread look as if it has been hand drawn? If you’re inspired by more artistic or personalized styles then this choice may be just the one you need to transform that special room inside your home.{found on mhouseinc}.


kids room with pink wallpaper and bunk beds

Maybe you’re on the hunt for something to make your kiddos’ room extra special. Try some whimsical floral wallpaper as it can help you transform the room without cluttering it up with too much “stuff.”{found on llidesign}.

Black & White

Blacck and white floral wallpaper

Just because you’re looking at floral prints doesn’t mean they have to be colorful. This black and white kitchen is full of contemporary style and that’s only added to with the addition of this black and white accent wall.


Accent wallpaper design

Remember, you don’t have to dip an entire room in wallpaper. Instead you can pick out a flirty, delicate and vintage floral wallpaper print and use it to accent and compliment a room.


Woodland Wallpaper design

Those floral designs can also be mixed in with a bit of masculine, woodland appeal. Just check out this blue pattern that can turn a foyer into something so much more special and wow-worthy.{found on hyggeandwest}.


Rosey kitchen wallpaper

These rosey pops fill this kitchen with so much personality and fun. Of course, it goes right along with the unique cabinetry as well. Delicate, feminine and full of life, even the kitchen can speak volumes on your personal style.