The Best 10 Colors To Paint The Outside of Your House With

Picking the right exterior color can be crucial. It’s even more important than your front door and foyer combined in terms of first impressions. Whether you’ve decided on a foundation and shutter combine or just one shade that fits the entire home, we’re here to share some classic favorites to help you decide on the perfect tone for your own home.

Colors To Paint The Outside of Your House

Think heavily on this, it should show the house’s personality as well as your family’s. And it should be traditional enough to look cozy outside, but unique enough to stand out on the street. Take a look!

Top 3 color palettes to paint the house

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to personal preference but there’s also some options that tend to be more popular then others. When it comes to house colors that also depends on the region, style and a lot of other elements.

Light neutrals

There’s no doubt about it, most houses are painted in either classic white or some other light and neutral color. A lot of times it makes sense because we want our homes to look nice and clean and we don’t want them to stand out too much. Light neutrals are also very versatile and easy to pair with pretty much everything else.

Organic and natural colors

Another very common choice is to have the exterior of the house either painted or decorated with colors that match the palette of materials the structure is made of. For instance if the house is made of stone or brick then the rest of the exterior is made to match that look. This gives it an organic look that feels very natural.

1. Smooth, Chocolatey Brown.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Dark enough to stay timeless, but less harsh on the eyes than the favorite black, chocolate brown has a soft, welcoming vibe. It looks great on larger houses and looks even better paired with soft greens and creamy whites for a down-home, natural style.

2. Silky, Sky Blue.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

It’s cheerful, yet serene and relaxing. Everyone loves blue. It’s reminiscent of the ocean, the sky and balances out emotions for calming effect. It’ll definitely brighten up the neighborhood.

3. Creamy, Cuddly White.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Nix the bright and go with a creamy, sultrier white for the exterior. It meshes well with a variety of shutter shades, from the most unique of hunter greens to the most subtle of camel colors.

4. Natural, Warm Green.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Reminiscent of a crisp, fall day in the forest, these toned-down greens are perfect for making a statement. If you’re torn towards rustic, vintage-inspired spaces, then this may be the perfect pick for the outside of your home.

5. Hazey, Mysterious Grey.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

My favorite neutral tones, is grey. It’s easy, it’s light but still have that mysterious, sexy side that makes everyone feel welcome and excited. It’s a great way to create a foundation that mixes well with any theme too.

6. Happy, Playful Yellow.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

A classic look for the classic family home, yellow makes everyone smile. It may not be the best to dress your bedroom in but it surely shines outside.

7. Vibrant, Brick Red.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Most will only do the trim in a vibrant, brick red, but whatever you decide your house will surely have a fashion-foward, curbside appeal that no other houses in the neighborhood will have with such a bold shade.

8. Bold, Midnight Black.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Everyone loves black, it’s the classiest of all colors! And when done right, it’s the most sophisticated way to dress your home. White shutters will add that timeless touch!

9. Sandy, Beachy Beige.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

For a laid-back, relaxed vibe, that’s perfect for beach lovers or those that live near the water, go with something a bit more sandy. It’s upbeat but still makes for a great foundation.

10. Dark, Neutral Navy.

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

With a bit more punch than a light hazey grey, navy speaks to the eclectic in most. Use it on uniquely styled houses for an interesting style.

Browns and earthy nuances

We also commonly see a lot of houses that have brown-based exteriors. That makes total sense when it comes to certain materials like wood in particular. Also, brown and other earthy colors are so popular because they add a lot of warmth to the space around them and we want our homes to feel inviting and cozy.

Feng Shui and color

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

If you’re unsure what color to choose for the exterior of your house so it looks nice and also feels good at the same time, consider applying some feng shui principles. For instance, try to achieve harmony through color. Pick nuances that blend with the surroundings, whether it’s the natural terrain around the house or other structures.

Be sure to also add some highlights to your color palette so the house doesn’t completely blend in and lose its individuality. These highlights can be added in lots of different ways through things like the window trims, front door and various architectural and design details.

A blend of warm and cool tones

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

This house designed by Anchor Builders has a color palette that’s very appealing and we don’t really get to understand why right away. A closer look at it then gives us the answer: the colors are balanced. The blue tones of the roof are reminiscent of the sky but also go really well with the warm nuances on the exterior walls and the red accents.

Warm and earthy

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

It may not be very impressive in size but this house by studio Coddington Design sure looks super lovely. That’s in part due to its architecture but also to its color palette. The warm and earthy nuances used on the exterior combined with the roof shingles and the curved entryway create such a welcoming feel here.

Bright white farmhouse vibes

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

As mentioned before, white is a classic color when it comes to house exteriors. When paired with a style that’s typically warm and inviting like that of this farmhouse it doesn’t feel cold and austere but instead it helps to make the building look bright, airy and very fresh.

Shades of grey

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Greys are sometimes considered a safe choice because they’re very versatile and go with everything. When used on buildings this can either result in a very bland look or in a stylish and modern aesthetic. This beautiful house designed by Cariton Edwards definitely falls into the second category.

Strong contrasts based on neutrals

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Just because the colors themselves are individually very simple, neutral and bland that doesn’t mean that they can’t look interesting and bold when put together. A perfect example is this magnificent suburban house designed by studio DeGraw & DeHaan Architects. It makes use of dark grays, warm neutrals and whites.

Perfect harmony

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

The first thing comes to mind when looking at this house is harmony. Everything just fits so well together. The vibrant green of the plants and the trees and the warm lighting peeking from inside really help to complement the soft and neutral tones chosen for the exterior of the house.

Look to the sky
Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Blue is not really a very common color for houses and exteriors in general, not as common as white or as all the neutrals anyway. It does however have an advantage over other through the fact that it’s the color of the sky and the ocean. It’s also complementary to orange which makes this particular house look so beautiful in the end.

Rustic wood tones

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Dark wood tones and this material in general are often associated with rustic design so it makes perfect sense for this combo to look great on this small cabin-like house by studio Timberpeg. The contrasts are soft and subtle and based on similar nuances which adds continuity to the design.

Autumn colors

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

The beautiful colors of the stone combined with the autumn colors of the landscape look magnificent together and make such a wonderful pair. Of course, that doesn’t mean this is strictly an autumn-inspired type of design. A stone house like the one designed by Taliman Segerson Builders has sufficient character to stand out on its own in any context.

Greens and browns

Rustic Exterior in Minneapolis

Does this house by studio Lands End Development give you a hunting cabin sort of vibe? That’s all in the colors. Greens and browns go really well together and have an organic relationship because they’re both found in nature. They’re paired here with a few bright red accents which looks really cool and add diversity to the design.

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