10 Home Office Design Ideas We Love

In the case of a home office it’s not necessarily about the size but about the atmosphere and the décor. This should be a space where you feel comfortable, where you feel inspired and where you can seek peace and quiet whenever you need it. It should be a small retreat inside your home, designed just for you. These home offices each have something that makes them very appealing and we’re going to try to discover exactly what that is.

Black office

We’re going to start with this lovely home office. Even though, most of the times, it’s best for a room to be bright and filled with light, in the case of a home office it’s sometimes best to be cozy and slightly darker. This allows you to concentrate better and also makes the whole space seem more intimate. This home office features black walls with spotlights and wooden floors partially covered by a traditional rug. It’s a nice combination of colors and textures.

White table design

In some cases, more space is needed. This home office, for example, is spacious and quite open as well. It seems cozy and inviting and it has an eclectic mix of elements. The combination of colors is beautiful and very pleasant to the eye. The shades are very nicely balanced. The wooden floors add warmth and texture to the room, the walls are somewhat neutral while the orange and turquoise details are the pop of vibrant color the room needed to feel dynamic and inspiring.

Yellow office chair

Sometimes the size of the room is not the one that dictates the décor. For example, this home office only uses a portion of the room, while the rest is just a detail that makes it seem more airy. The focus is on the center where the table and chair are. The cabinet placed against the wall solves the storage problems while the two beautiful desk lamps create a warm and luminous atmosphere.

Keep calm office

A modern home office usually focuses on efficiently and creatively using the space available. The design is very simple and minimalist and most of the focal points are bold and eye-catching. In the case of this home office, the combination between the neutral grey walls and the turquoise wall decorations is very beautiful and refreshing.

Turquoise office we love

This is a home office that we have presented on another occasion as well but that’s just too beautiful to omit now. It’s an attic home office as you can see by analyzing the walls and ceiling. What’s interesting about it is how luminous and airy it seems when in fact it’s quite small and it only has one window. The décor is mostly turquoise and what’s particularly interesting is the way the darker details stand out because of the contrast.

Narrow office traditional rug

Having a room is your home that is designed specifically as a work environment isn’t exactly alluring. But it can become a well-balanced space if you know how to decorate it and if there’s also a detail that gives you inspiration and motivation. For this home office, that detail would be the terrace. You feel less pressured when you see the terrace right next to you. It’s a breath of fresh air that gives you the force to continue.

Corner office

This home office is also directly connected to the outdoors. Situated on the ground floor, the office is partially separated from the rest of the residence. Is has direct access to the outdoors and a separate entrance and it’s also spacious and airy. The atmosphere inside is refreshing and gives you the kick you need to get inspired and to get back to work.

Glass office

Of course, a home office doesn’t necessarily have to be a separate room. When the space is a problem, compromises have to be made. In this case the layout hardly seems like a compromise. The home office is a small space encased in glass and placed in the corner of the room. It’s both separated and connected to the rest of the room and, even though it’s small, it’s very well organized and decorated.

Colorful office design

For some people, the motivation comes from the visuals. For example, a colorful and vibrant décor can be the element that gives you that extra kick of energy you need. This home office is indeed a colorful space. But notice that the colors are not chosen chaotically. They are bold and vibrant and they are not numerous and they are well-balanced. The pink and yellow shades are complemented by neutral tones.

Office green accents

Some home offices are shared spaces and this requires a different type of layout. L-shaped desks are best for these situations. They provide plenty of work space and they can accommodate either one or two persons at the same time, each having its own private area. In the case of this home office, the colors and the décor were chosen to reflect a calm and peaceful environment and, as a bonus, they also make the room seem airy and spacious.

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