18 Magnetic Projects That Attract With Their Utility

Aren’t magnets fascinating? There are so many things they can be used for…things like a magnetic knife holder, spice jars or wall decorations and they’re all really practical, good-looking and versatile. We’ve gathered a total of 18 such projects and we’ll guide you step by step, showing you how to create them for your own home.

Magnetic wall garden

Magnetic wall garden

The supplies needed to make these magnetic planters are: gravel (the kind you use in aquariums), spray paint, magnetic metal tins, painter’s tape, glue, moss, air plants and a dremel tool. Cover the exterior of the tins with tape so you can spray paint the inside. Apply 3-4 coats to get an opaque look. Remove the acrylic top from all the lids and mark a line along the diameter. Slice the lids in halves (or some other shape). And the edges and put them back in the frames and glue them. Then decorate the planters with gravel, moss and plants. Ruffledblog shows us how cute they’d look up on the wall.

Magnetic tins

Spray gold magnetic tins

We also found a similar project on TT&J. The difference is that the tins are not used as planters but rather as magnetic storage containers. To make these you need some unpainted metal tins (or plastic containers), high gloss spray paint and magnetic adhesive sheets. Spray paint the tins with the lid on so they open and close easily and then trace around them on a magnetic sheet. Cut out the circle and make a bit smaller than the tin’s base. Peel the backing and attach it to the tin. Put the lid on and that’s it.

Magnetic planters

DIY Magnetic Daffodil Planter

Recycling is fun and easy if you give it a chance. For example, instead of throwing out the empty spice containers, you can turn them into magnetic planters. Here’s what you need: yellow craft paint, decoupage, white spray paint, scrapbook paper, metal spice containers, washi tape, magnetic and a hot glue gun. First of all, paint the containers white. Then put two strips of washi tape along the bottom and paint a yellow line. Then cut a thin strip of scrapbook paper, apply a coat of matte finish decoupage to the container and one to the paper. Then wrap the paper around the container and apply a few more coats. Glue a few magnetic to the back of the container. {found on delineateyourdwelling}

Wine cork magnetic fridge

Or maybe you’d like to decorate your fridge with tiny cork planters. Aren’t these super cute? Upcyclethat shows how easy it is to make them. You need a few wine corks and a small knife. Punch a hole in each cork and then carve out a bigger holes using the knife. It should be halfway down the cork. After that, glue magnets onto one side of the cork. At the end, put a bit of soil into the hole and plant succulent clippings.

Magnetic fridge vases

Magnetic fridge vases

Don’t these mini vases look cute? They’d surely look great on your fridge but you have to find a way to make them stay there. It’s extremely simple actually. Use nail polish bottles (after you’ve cleaned them thoroughly) and a few small magnets. Put a big of glue on a magnet and press it against the bottle. {found on woodsoftbelltrees}

Magnetic knife holder

DIY magneteci knife holder

A magnetic knife holder is a practical addition to any kitchen and today we’ll show you how to make one. First of all, gather the supplies: a wooden block, a drill, super glue, extra heavy duty magnetic, spray lacquer finish, 2 small brackets, 4 small nails and a hammer. Next, cut the wood to size if needed and then drill some holes on the back without penetrating through the block. Put some super glue into each hole and drop the magnets in (make sure they’re dropped in the same direction). Then spray some lacquer finish to the front of the block and add the brackets.

Picture magnets


Personalized magnets are a nice touch to any interior. They’re a quirky way of making the space feel more welcoming. If, for example, you plan on creating an Instagram wall, Srtrends shows you how to do it. Print out the photos and trace them on magnet adhesive paper. Cut out the rectangles and trim them so they stay hidden behind the photo. Remove the backing and adhere them to the pictures.

Baby jars magnetic picture display

Another interesting idea is to turn baby food jars into picture magnets. According to Ohhowcrafty you also need cardboard, magnet disks, some craft glue, scrapbook paper and the actual pictures you want to use. Use the lid as a stencil and trace circles on a piece of cardboard. Then cut out the pictures using the lid as a guideline. Push the cardboard circles into the lids and then glue the pictures onto them. Apply some mod podge or glue on top as well. When they’re dry, flip the over and glue the magnets to the back. At the end, cut strips of acrapbook paper and cover the sides.

Magnetic calendar

Magnetic wall calendar

These days we have everything we need on our phones or tablets but you can’t really compare a phone calendar to a real one, especially if it looks like the one featured on The36thavenue. To make it, first measure and cut a piece of black vinyl. Then frame it with washi tape after you attach it to the wall or cabinet. Use a gold permanent marker to draw the lines and write the days of the week. Then add the magnets with numbers on them. Take 31 pieces of bubble tile and transfer rub-on numbers on them. After that, glue them to magnets of the same size.

Magnetic organization clips

Magnetic organization clips

Things like grocery lists written on pieces of paper, recipes and notes get forgotten if placed in a drawer. They’d look a lot better on the fridge as long as they’re organized and displayed beautifully. The tutorial shared by Chelsea on Farmfreshtherapy seems perfect for this type of project. The supplies needed are wood strips, short wooden clothes pins, a magnetic strip, walnut stain, a hot glue gun, a small alphabet stamp set and white stamp ink. Cut down the wood to the desired dimensions. Stain the pieces and cut a piece of magnetic strip the size of the clip and glue it onto it. Then glue the clip to the wood piece. At the end, label each clip using the stamp set.

Magnetic jewelry organizer


The jewelry organizer featured on Girlloverglam is pretty easy to make and really practical. To make one just like it, use a framed galvanized steel board and some magnetic hooks. After you frame the board and paint the frame the color you prefer, simply put the hooks on it and organize all your necklaces.

Magnetic makeup organizer

Magnetic makeup organizer

Without an extremely simple and practical way to store and organize makeup, everything ends up being all over the place. A good solution is the magnetic organizer shared by Shanna on Restorationredoux. It’s pretty easy to make. You need a frame from a mirror or something similar, some sheet metal, spray paint and small magnets. Paint the frame and the sheet metal and then put the two together. Glue small metals onto the back of your makeup products. Then you can simply stick them onto the metal and organize them however you want.

Framed fridge art

Framed fridge art

Sure, displaying your kids’ artwork on the fridge is cute no matter how you put it. But wouldn’t those drawings look a lot better if they were framed? To make the change, you need lightweight document frames, primer and spray paint, heavy-duty magnets and adhesive. Remove the glass from the frame and prime it and pint it. Then glue two magnets on (one o the back of each short edge). Put the drawing in and then the glass back on. {found on positivelysplendid}

Robot magnets

DIY Robot Magnets

Want something cute to display on your fridge? How about these lovely robot magnets? You can make them by following the instructions on Orangenmond. You need plaster, a silicone mold (this one is shaped like cute robots), magnetic vinyl, glue and acrylic paint. Mix the plaster and pour it into the molds after you’ve coated them with oil. Wait for the plaster to become solid and then push out the tiny robots. Paint them and then, when they’re dry, glue a piece of magnetic vinyl onto their backs.

Magnetic branch hangers

Branch Hanger magnetic

Apart from the usual cute magnets you display on your fridge on around the house, there are other similar things you can try. For example, these little branch hangers. To make them, take a few wooden branches and split them in half in such a way that they have a flat side. Then drill a hole in each one as big as the magnet you want to insert it. Be careful not to penetrate through the branch. Put some glue inside the hole and then put the magnet in. spray paint the branch and that’s all. {found on johannarundel}

Magnetic key holder

Magnetic key chain holder

If you ask me, every entryway needs one of these key holders. They’re easy to make and very practical and simple. Hawtomeandmain shows us how to make one. You need a wooden board, wood stain, glue, magnets, a drill and a few nails. Cut the board to make the two components on the shelf or simply get two from the start. Stain them and glue them together. Then drill a few holes on the underside of the shelf and insert magnets in.

Magnetic spices

Label magnetic spices

In the kitchen, apart from a magnetic knife holder, the second must-have is a magnetic spice rack. The fact is that this is a really simple and space-efficient way to organize and store your spices. Megan from Adashofmegnut shows us just how simple the project is. Get some spice tins, craft magnets, adhesive, chalkboard contact paper and a chalkboard marker. Turn over the tins and put a bit of craft adhesive in the four corners on each one. Then add a tiny magnet on each dab of glue. After it’s dry, cut contact paper labels on put them on each lid. Write the names on the spices on each label.

Magnetic Jars

Similarly, you can use tiny spice jars. If you don’t want to put all the spices on the fridge, you can put a sheet of steel elsewhere in the kitchen. Secure the sheet metal to the wall, glue magnets onto the jars and that’s pretty much it. It’s really simple and practical. Find out more on Instructables.