Modern Hanging Chairs Take The Coziness Outside

Hanging chairs are well known for the fact that they’re comfy as well as for the coziness they bring anywhere you place them. They share a lot of things in common with hammocks and they come in a wide range of designs, shapes and styles. Hanging chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and some models can look just as great in both locations. Others are designed specifically for outdoor or indoor use only.

Kodama Zome Hanging LoungeView in gallery

The Kodama Zome is a hanging outdoor lounger designed by architect Buckminster Fuller. It has a powder coated steel frame, polyester webbing and custom mattress and cushions. The fabric is available in a variety of different colors.

Rattan garden hanging chairView in gallery

The design of the Nautica hanging chair is inspired by a series of classics from the 1970s. Although the pieces looks lightweight, this hanging chair has a very strong and resistant structure. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this is a piece that would defining fit great in a garden or on a porch.

Swingme garden hanging chairView in gallery

This is SwingMe, a garden hanging chair designed by Daniel Pouzet. Extra wide fiber strands are woven through a basket-like aluminum frame and the result is a lightweight and casual design. It has a wraparound backrest that increases comfort.

Swingme garden hanging chair two seatingView in gallery

SwingUs is basically the same as the SwimgMe chair but designed for two. It’s also very comfortable when used by a single user as a lounger. It was designed for outdoor use, in gardens in particular.

Round swingrest wicker gardenView in gallery

And there’s also a third similar product called SwingRest. It has a basket-like bottom and is perfect for terraces, porches or gardens. It comes with an optional fabric curtain cover designed to offer privacy and shade without completely separating the users from their surroundings.

Ned rest hanging chairView in gallery

NestRest was designed by Fred Frety and Daniel Pouzet and its shape is inspired by that of a bird’s nest. It’s made using an especially strong Dedon fiber which is weaved tightly into a solid and sturdy structure that allows the users to look out while preventing others from seeing in.

Adagio Garden hanging chairView in gallery

Francesco Rota Designed the Adagio hanging chair, a very cute piece that functions as a swing. It has a steel structure, hand-woven upholstery, rope cords and a comfy seat pad. It comes with suspension cords filled with highly resistant yarns and a stainless steel fastening system.

Volcanic Rock by Maffam FreeformView in gallery

The Manu Nest by Maffam Freeform is a hanging chair made of a material called Basalt which is a magmatic rock that renews itself quickly through volcanic activity. The Basalt fibers are combined with ecoresin and the result is a very lightweight and highly durable piece of furniture.

Steel hanging chairView in gallery

On the other hand, if you want a design that’s delicate and romantic, take a look at this one. This hanging chair comes from Fermob and is made of top quality steel with protection against the elements and with a UV-resistant coating. The chair comes in 22 different colors.

Suspended Cage ChairView in gallery

Were you ever curious to know how a bird feels when it sits in a cage? The Cageling suspended chair allows you to at least come a bit closer to imagining this scenario. It was designed to look like a large bird cage and it has comfortable seat cushions made from industrial felt, available in 48 different colors. Customize it with the color of your choice and enjoy the comfort it offers. The chair will also most likely become a focal point.

Hanging Metal Chair by SelettiView in gallery

Emisphera by Seletti is a hanging chair with a retro look and a modern design. It’s made of metal and PVC and it’s hand-woven so each piece is unique. The chair only comes in white and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Hang it from a beam in the corner of the living room or take it out on a porch or under a tree.

Philippe Starck Hanging ChairView in gallery

Renowned designer Philippe Starck teamed with furniture brand Dedon to create the Play lounge chair. It’s egg-shaped and made from molded polypropylene and fiberglass. The chair is part of a collection that also includes a floor lounger and a pair of seats set of a platform.

Marrakech Swing ChairView in gallery

The Marrakech is a relaxing swing that has a sturdy bamboo frame covered with hand-woven recycled cotton. Similar to a hammock, the swing chair is very comfortable and relaxing. In addition, given the nature of the fabric used in the process, each piece is unique and slightly different.Available for $229.

Colorful Cotton Fabric Hammock HangingView in gallery

Even more similar to a hammock is this hanging chair we found on Hayneedle. It has a very simple design, featuring a hardwood spreader bar and the actual seat which is made of cotton fabric. The hanging hardware is sold separately.

Chaises hanging chairView in gallery

The Solo Cello chair transposed the characteristics of the hammock into a modern design. The chair has a graphic look and a design with a lot of industrial character. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this piece is really comfortable and also quite eye-catching.

Single Hanging chair - CacoonView in gallery

The Cacoon also has a familiar design and that’s because the inspiration for this piece came from tents. This is a hanging tent designed for outdoor use and is made of anodised aluminum, nylon and cotton and polyester fabric.

Egg hanging chairView in gallery

The suspended Egg chairs from Pierantonio Bonacina are inspired by a ’60s classic. It has a shell made of wicker and can be displayed in two different ways. One option is to hang it from a ceiling or tree and the other is to use its own self-supporting steel structure.

Skyline Fabio Hanging ChairView in gallery

The same duality can also be applied to pieces such as the Skyline Fabio chair which features a strong, durable and stylish support designed to allow the user to place the chair in a variety of spaces without being restricted to areas with ceilings.

Altea hanging chairs for outdoorView in gallery

The Altea functions on the same principle. It has an aluminum frame and fiber weaving with a floral motif. The support allows you to take it out on the porch, in the garden, by the lake and in a variety of other places without worrying about installation. Its design is also versatile and can look chic in a variety of different settings, both indoors and outdoors.