How To Use Natural Elements In The Bathroom For a Fresh Décor

The bathroom is one of the spaces where elements that have a strong link to the outdoors are welcomed and appreciated for the texture and freshness they add to the décor and the ambiance. Materials such as stone and wood can be used in a huge variety of ways and we’ll explore some of these options analyzing the way they influence the room’s interior design.

Cool ways to use stone

Cool way to use stone for bathroom

Stone can be used on walls for added texture, on the floor for a unique feeling underfoot and it can also be fashioned into washbasins and even tubs. All these options influence the décor in unique ways and they each play a role in defining the final look.{found on identityconstruction}.

Perfect combo for a rustic bathroom wood and stone

Use stone in combination with wood to offer the bathroom a warm, welcoming and charming look. The stone shelves are an interesting feature and the whole interior design has a strong rustic component. The corner window bench is particularly attractive.{found on pearsondesigngroup}.

Mix modern with natural elements

But there’s usually no need for a certain material or color to be extensively used in a room in order to send a message. For example, a stone accent wall is all this bathroom needs to feel complete and really inviting. It’s often the small things that have the biggest impact on a décor and that influence a certain design the most because of the contrasts they create.{found on hart}.

Big stone columns for bathroom

Stone columns form a frame for a very cool shower in this bathroom. It’s as if the shower is a separate structure brought here from a completely different setting. It contrasts with the rest of the bathroom but in a rather interesting and pleasant way.{found on customarchitecture}.

Big stone steps for bathtub

The stone steps are definitely the eye-catching element in this bathroom. They have a somewhat rough appearance but they complete the overall rustic décor really well. The fact that the bathroom has large windows and the placement of the tub in the corner help give the room a spacious and fresh look.{found on locatiarchitects}.

Modern and contemporary bathroom with natural elements

Modern and contemporary bathroom can also make great use of natural materials. In fact, these types of decors are the most impressive ones. Take this small bathroom for example. It has a very relaxing décor, with dry vines forming a divider and a stone pedestal sink occupying the corner.{found on kudaphotography}.

Boulder rock bathroom wall

An exposed rock wall can really transform a bathroom. This one is definitely impressive. It doesn’t reach the ceiling and this gives it a mysterious allure. It also has an organic and irregular shape which allows it to look impressive and the pretty much take over the entire interior design.

Shower rock boulder

The dark-gray stone wall in this bathroom is not exactly eye-catching. However, it has a strong impact on how the décor feels as a whole. Also, this is not the only natural element in the room. The shower enclosure features a large rock inside which seems to serve as both a decorative element and as a seat.{found on socalcontractor}.

Large rock for walk in shower

Speaking of which, a large rock can be a really cool feature in a bathroom. Use it as a sculptural decoration and let it stand out on its own. The rest of the décor should be simple.{found on hufft}.

Bricks as natural element for bathroom

Can bricks be considered a natural element in an interior design? The answer is not easy but, one way of another, they can definitely make a bathroom look and feel welcoming and charming. Like this exposed brick wall which is pretty much the strongest source of color in the room.{found on impactbuilt}.

Chic ways to use pebbles.

Pebbles around the bathtub

Pebbles are small, cute and very versatile. They can be used in lots of interesting ways, especially in the bathroom. A common approach is to surround the tub with pebbles, forming a zen oasis that makes the whole room feel fresh and relaxing.{found on giannacamilotti}.

Bathroom Pebbles flooring

Pebbles can also be used as actual flooring. They can cover the whole bathroom or only a portion of it, usually the area around the tub or in front of the sink. They can be used in combination with a stone tub for example for a dramatic impact.

Pebbles used for contemprary bathrooms

This interior décor strategy can be applied to a variety of styles. It works great in contemporary bathrooms because the pebbles add texture and beauty to a minimalist design. They often complement a minimalist tub with smooth curves or a very simple shape.{found on susanthieldesign}.

Pebbles can be used on walls

But pebbles can also be used on walls. They can be arranged in a mesmerizing mosaic and also used to create a variety of patterns and designs. The mirror frame, in this case, is the perfect accessory for this accent wall. It gives the room a subtle rustic character but, at the same time, it looks sculptural and trendy.

Small bathroom space decorate with pebbles

Pebbles of different colors can be used to create an eye-catching accent wall. The pattern can be random or it can follow predefined lines in order to transmit a certain idea or to represent a certain theme.