DIY Geometric Metal Tubing Hanging Planter

This simple modern planter is the perfect addition to your boring corner or window area. Using metal piping and twine with a few easy steps, hang any bowl or planter to spruce up a bare space. Make a few in different colors and sizes to hang together, or give a few away to friends and family. These make a great unique gift!

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  • metal tubing (brass used here)
  • pipe cutter
  • tape measure
  • twine, string or thin wire for connecting tubing
  • bowl or planter
  • plants

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1. Start by cutting your metal pipe with a pipe cutter. Here we used brass pipe, a harder material that won’t bend or break too easily like copper or aluminum. Measure around the planter that you want to hang to customize to your size. Here we used a small bowl. Cut 5 equal sized shorter pieces for the bottom (ours were 2.5 inches each, 5 equal sized longer pieces for the middle portion (ours were 3 inches each), and 5 more equal sized long pieces for the top portion (ours were 6 inches each).

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2. Cut 5 very long equal sized pieces of twine (or whatever material you are using to thread the metal tubes).

3. Start building your base by threading through one of the small pieces on 2 pieces of twine.

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4. Continue building your base by taking one of the strands that you threaded through the first metal piece, and thread that along with a new piece of twine through the second metal piece. Continue doing this until you have threaded all 5 pieces. For the very last piece instead of threading on a new piece of twine it will thread back through the original first piece of string (see top 2 photos above).

5. Pull everything tight and even out each piece of twine so that all the pieces left are even (each of the 2 pieces at the points of the pentagon).

6. At each point of the pentagon, thread the 2 pieces up through the 1 of the medium and 1 of the large sized metal pieces. Continue this for each point of the pentagon.

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7. Once all of the pieces are threaded through, tie all the pieces together in a knot and use another piece of twine to hang the whole planter. Plant a few plants in the bowl and place inside the hanger. Find the perfect corner or hook to hang your new planter!

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