38 Shabby Chic Home Accents To Revamp Your Home!

If you’re inspired by vintage air, texture, romantic colors and warm, inviting spirits then you just may be one that could use a bit of shabby chic pieces in and around their home. And if you’re in need of a change and transition throughout your space, then you’ve come to the right spot. We’ve compiled 40 shabby chic home accents that can revamp your home and make it feel so much more refreshed and stylish. Dive in!

1. Lace Lampshades

Lace lamp design

Lace, textural lampshades can bring a bout of that girlish charm we love involved in shabby chic style. But it’s also got the raw, unpolished edge you need to make the vision possible.{found on shabbychic}.

2. Layered Nooks

shabby chic vignette

From wood to linens, these kind of layered nooks are what shabby chic homes are all about. From the bedroom to the foyer, these spaces are so fun to create.

3. Textural Walls

Textured wall with old papers

You may stumble upon the most perfect wallpaper or build you own accent wall with a bout of vintage papers, either way the textured style is right up the alley of this interior design genre.

4. Vintage Trunks

Shabby vintage trunk

Distressed, vintage trunks are a perfect shabby chic home accent. Use it at the foot of your bed or as a coffee table in the living room.

5. Mismatched Throw Pillows

Mismatched Throw Pillows

Every sofa and bed need a collage of throw pillows sitting atop making it so much more welcoming. But with the shabby chic flavor, having them be mismatched and textural are key.

6. Delicate Floral Prints

Delicate Floral Prints

Floral prints coincide with the shabby chic style as well. It pays homage to the girlish essence the of genre but without any modern edges.

7. Wicker Furniture

White Wicker Furniture

Whether inside or out, wicker furniture too can add that cottage vibe shabby chic decor can give to a home. Round out your dining room table or accent your guest room.

8. Woven Baskets

Woven Baskets

Sprinkle some woven baskets around the house too. Fill them with your blankets in the living room or flowers inside the foyer.

9. Old Windows

Old window wall decoration

An accent that will add a lot of personality and fun texture to your home is an old window or even some shutters. The mantle, hanging on the walls or layered in the corner are all easy ways to spruce.

10. Fresh Flowers

Shabby pastel fresh flowers

Fresh flowers work in every and all interior design styles, but especially inside a shabby chic home. It’s refreshing but it’s also feminine and charming.

11. Extreme Distressing

Extreme Distressing

From furniture to the doors, extreme distressing can be a fun way to add a unique spin in the house. Texture, personality and a pop of extra pizzazz, this look contrasts well with feminine flavoring.

12. Fun Aprons

Fun Aprons

Whether you hang them up to display them on a funky hook or just thrown them around the kitchen in a quirky way, aprons can be more than functional. They’re quite stylish as home accents too!

13. Pretty Armoires

Pretty Armoires

Add an armoire wherever you may need the extra storage space. These pieces are distinctly vintage in style when dressed in a pastel tone or accented with some distressing.

14. Worn Doors

Worn Doors

Just like some vintage windows, why not add some worn doors to your home decor. Lean one up against a corner wall or use it as a headboard!

15. Wrought Iron Pieces

Shabby chic night stand

It could be a bed, it could be an accent chair or it could be a patio set to dress up the backyard. Wrought iron furniture will always evoke that old age, shabby spirit.

16. Crocheted Bits

Crocheted Bits

It could be doilies on the dining table or these stylish pillow covers to add unique texture to the sofa. It’s okay to spread the love with any type of crocheted bits.

17. Coffee Collages

Coffee Collages

You can have a lot of fun styling your coffee table when it comes to shabby chic style. Layer vintage books, keys, fresh flowers in fun vases and even a bit of burlap!

18. Exposed Brick

Exposed Brick

Accent walls full of exposed brick are wonderful additions to a shabby chic home. The bedroom and the dining room are our personal favorite spots to make this happen!

19. Opened Shelving

Opened Shelving

Whether it’s in the dining room or inside the kitchen, opening shelving provides a unique way to both style and organize. Show off your vintage flavor and give yourself some easy access.

20. Bright Whites

Bright Whites

Besides pastels, bright whites work beautifully with the shabby chic look. This puts details on display and opens up all room with ease.

21. Lots of Mirrors

Shabby chic decor arrrangement

You can never have too many mirrors, especially when they’re framed with such interest. Layer these around the house and utilize their benefits.{found on dreamywhites}.

22. Glass Bottles

Old doors used for bedroom headboard

On the mantle, on the vanity or even on the dresser, collecting these glass, vintage bottles are just another, easy way to evoke a sense of shabby spirits.

23. Chandeliers

adding some chandeliers into your shabby chic home

Believe it or not, adding some chandeliers into your shabby chic home can be a beautiful, uplifting accent. It blends well with the style but creates a pop or charm as well.

24. Interesting Artwork

Shabby chic bathroom with Interesting Artwork

Keep your eyes peeled when your out at the flea markets for some fun, interesting artwork. This tugged at the vintage flavor of this style as well.

25. Metal Canisters

Metalic shabby chic accents

Metal canisters add a pop of texture and new material as well. Use them to organize or hideaway some beautiful, fresh florals.

26. Farmhouse Sinks

Shabby chic farmhouse sink

Farmhouse sinks are another good addition to your kitchen if you’re looking to transform it into this same charming and cozy genre. Plus, they’re super functional.

27. Ruffled Bedding

Ruffed bedding

Don’t be afraid to add some ruffles to your bedroom. They too are a sign of girlish charm which fits in nicely with the tousled feel of shabby chic homes.

28. Upcycled Ladders

Upcycled Ladders

Grab a vintage ladder or one that’s had a bit of wear and treat, and upcycle it! Use it to store blankets or even towels in a larger bathroom.

29. Wooden Furniture

Wood Furniture for shabby chic decor

Whether it’s painted or left in a more natural state, wooden chairs, wooden tables or wooden walls or another way to keep shabby chic décor grounded in a more traditional sense.{found on bhphoto}.

30. Bare Neutrals

Bare Neutrals

We love bright whites but bare neutrals mix well within this theme as well. Use them to stick with a foundation that’s a bit more cozy.

31. Dress Forms

Dress forms

These are great for decorating corners or filling spaces that need an extra pop. Perfect for bedrooms, craft rooms or even inside the home office!

32. Romantic Draping

Romantic curtains

Shabby chic décor is all about tousled, imperfect creations. And romantic, chunky draping from the beds to the windows is where you can find that same tone.

33. Tufted Additions

Tufted chair with a shabby chic style

It could be a beautiful chair in the corner or your headboard. Whatever the case, tufted additions to your shabby chic home are always a good idea.{found on mymistersandme}.

34. Cottage Charm

Cottage charm kitchen

Cottage style and shabby chic nature are quite close, so don’t be afraid to mix and match them throughout the house. Especially inside the kitchen!

35. Powder Blues

Powder blue room

If you’re looking for the right pop of color, try out this gorgeous shade of powder blue. It works especially well in the bedroom.

36. Floor Pillows

Shabby chic floor pillows

Throw down some beautiful throw pillows too. This disheveled look is both cozy and fits perfectly inside this style genre.{found on savvysouthernstyle}.

37. Reading Corners

Shabby chic corner

Reading corners fill empty spaces quite well. But they’re functional too. Use it for reading and relaxing, but layer it with those chic accents.

38. Copper Tones

Copper tones for chandelier

You may even want to mix in some copper tones as well. Whether it’s some vases or the light fixtures, this is a neutral that works well too.