20 Different Ways To Use Old Window Frames

With or without the glass panes, vintage window frames can be used for a host of different DIY projects and home decor ideas. Whether they be seasonal or up and adorning the house all year long, these are quite the versatile pieces of fun. Gather some at the flea market or as you update nooks and crannies around the house because once you master one of these creative ideas, you’ll want to experiment with even more. Check out 20 different ways to use old window frames and dive into one of these projects tonight!

1. Window Ledge

Window Ledge

Check out this cottage-styled project that adds a super chic and modern spirit into the vintage-inspired space. It creates a gorgeous focal point for any room and have the versatility to share its decor in and out of the seasons throughout the year. Not only does it give the wall texture and interest but it’s a way to add uniqueness without steering away from that cozy, homelike feeling.{found on downtoearthstyle}.

2. Living Room Wall Art

Living room wall art from old window frames

A bit similar to the first idea on the list, this living room art is a bit more contemporary and sleek than its predecessor. Using the frames as “frames of art” and adding printed paper of choice, the minds behind this DIY created a personalized focus to their quaint living room. When diving into this idea, don’t be afraid to add bouts of colors for a more vibrant finished product.{found on remodelandolacasa}.

3. Map Frame

Map frame

Personally, I love this idea. It adds a certain bit of charm to a vintage map or even one that’s brand new. It brings a culture to your dining room, living room or home office unlike other decor pieces and this too can easily be personalized as well, with your own additions to the map or just in the choice of map itself.{found on charmingzebra}.

4. Gallery Wall

Gallery wall from old window frames

If you’ve got a collection of old window frames, put them to good use! Create a showstopping gallery wall inside your home. These work great inside spacious foyers or living rooms. But here, we see it adorning a dining room with high ceilings and gorgeous natural light, which creates the illusion of even more space inside.

5. Desk Charm

Desk charm with an old window frame

You may even want to spruce up your desk by creating a bit of magic at your home work spot. Here, you see botanical prints and a vintage clock creating a layered, interesting look blending right into the room’s ethos. There’s rustic feel, a designer’s touch and personalized vibe that come together in this little corner – so take notes!{found on fadedcharmcottage}.

6. Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden from an old window

Yes, you read that right.  You can create a fairy garden right at home and use an old window frame to do it. Adorn the porch and create a new hobby. The kiddos will love it just as much as you love playing around with the design. And using the window, you’ll provide natural lighting right inside the grand, highlighting all the extra details.{found on unskinnyboppy}.

7. Hallway Rack

Entryway coat rack from an old window

Use for coats, hats and the like, this hallway rack can be quite the versatile and functional solution to your foyer or mudroom troubles. It will help organize but in a way that’s still very stylish for those who like to personalize their home.{found on aimee}.

8. Mantle Piece

Fireplace mantel decor with an arched window frame

Of course, you can always create a mantle piece out of your window frame find. We love this one in particular because of its unique shaping and personality. The fact that a wreath was adding only amps up the interest and homey spirit of the design, especially when placed on the mantle in a central part of the home.{found on thesweetsurvival}.

9. Chevron Tray

Small old window turned into a Chevron Tray

Learn how to create this funky chevron pattern while you also learn how to turn a window frame into a table tray! Use it to serve up sweet treats tour guests in the spring or just as a funky decor piece for your coffee table or dining room buffet. Keep in mind you can also add other patterns and colors to the design.{found on eclecticallyvintage}.

10. Chalkboard Calendar

Giant window frame chalkboard wall decor

Although we see this amazing piece hung up in the living room, it’s also the perfect piece to have inside your kitchen., mudroom or even in your home office depending on your needs. It’s funky, it’s fun but it’s also really functional for those with a large and busy family or those working from home and needing a bit of extra style and organization.{found on thistlewoodfarms}.

11. Card Holder

Create a cald holder with an old window and wire

This piece, made with chicken wire and the frame of an old window is the perfect way to display holiday cards throughout the winter season. Of course, you can use it all year long as well to display the kids artwork and other festive tidbits as well.{found on becomingkindred}.

12. Dry Erase Board

Dry erase board from an old window

If you’re not a fan of chalkboards then this dry erase board may be the best alternative. Again, in the kitchen, mudroom or inside the home office you can keep this stylish piece as your most functional reminder. Jot down to-do lists, grocery needs and the family’s schedule where everyone can see and utilize.{found on bhg}.

13. Headboard

Antique headboard

This idea from Liz Marie blog is one of the most obvious but also one of the most trendy and fun. Using old window frames as a makeshift headboard adds unique style and a cozy appeals to the bedroom.

14. Foyer Decor

Foyer decor with window frames

Sometimes the most simple of ideas are the best. Grabbing some older frames, cleaning them up a bit and using them in the foyer, on tables – benches – or the floor, with an ease lean may be a perfect way to adorn the home.

15. Picture Holders

DIY Antique Window Picture Frame

Here’s a personal favorite idea of my own. Use windows as a new and improved version of a photo frame. Create depth, mix and match family photos as they grow and personalize the edges with any color, pattern or texture that you’d like.{found on adollopofmylife}.

16. Coffee Table

Window frame turned into a coffee table

A project that’s a bit more in depth, this coffee table creation is gorgeous, don’t you think? You’ll need an old window frame to get you started, as it becomes the top of the design! This creation is perfect for a home with a vintage-vibe or cottage-esque feel to it. Or it’s just a great way to spruce up a covered back porch.{found on onemoretimeevents}.

17. Cabinet Door

Cabinet Door

Of course you can always take an older window and turn it into the perfect cabinet door. For a rustic appeal or vintage flavored furniture piece, think about adding a door to a shelving unit or changing a more contemporary piece out for a flea market find.{found on myrepurposedlife}.

18. Jewelry Holder

Window Frame Jewelry Holder

Window frames are the perfect foundation for a DIY jewelry holder. With a bit of chicken wire or even yarn, you can create a place to holder all of your favorite accessories. Just check out this fabulous tutorial over at The Borrowed Abode!

19. Coffee Bar Storage

Turquoise window frame coffee corner

Add this little DIY to your at-home coffee bar. It’ll add a pop of color and a way to style the corner, but you can also add some hooks and use it as a spot to hang up the family’s favorite mugs and cups for ease in the morning.{found on rightwhereweare}.

20. Planter Hanger

Old window turned into a hanger planter

Jazz up your garden with this adorable DIY project. Create a planter hanger from a larger, old window frame. It’ll be a great look for the patio or porch – or even as a focal point out in the garden, proving that window frame projects are great for outdoor decor as well. We love how the colorful flowers pop right off the neutral frame.