How To Select And Decorate With An Industrial Bookcase

An industrial bookcase is definitely not a standard piece of furniture but it’s one of those pieces that sometimes fall right in place. Don’t be fooled by the style. Such a bookcase isn’t only for industrial interior designs. It can also look perfect in a contemporary or rustic décor. You just have to picture it. Then comes the difficult process of selecting the set of features and the design that best suits the space you have in mind.

DIY bookcases

Build an industrial bookcase from pipes

Like with a lot of other pieces of furniture, an industrial bookcase can either be bought or crafted. If you decide to treat this as a DIY project, you’ll need a bit of inspiration. Check out Magnoliahomes for a simple design which you can adapt to your own home. It’s a set of open shelves made using metal pipes and wood boards.

Traditional bookcase from pipes

For a design that’s a bit closer to the traditional bookcase, take a look at the tutorial provided on eHow. To build a bookcase similar to those featured here you’ll need five lumber boards, wood stain, pipes and fittings and screws. Check out the detailed list and get to work.

Another pipe bookcase design

Another pipe bookcase design can be found on Wellgroomedhome. You can customize it in a lot of interesting ways. Feel free to adjust the dimensions and to add your own twist to the design by using stain or paint in the color of your choice.

Store-bought options

Walnut Engineers Industrial Bookcase

Not in the mood to try a DIY project of this magnitude? No worries, you can find plenty of options in stores. A good example is the industrial bookcase we found on Etsy. Made with walnut shelves and an industrial metal frame, this piece can either be custom-made or bought in its standard version.

Industrial rustic shelving

If you’re looking to add a bit of rustic charm to your home, check out this bookcase. It beautifully combines rustic and industrial design elements and it can be made to order if you need to customize the dimensions. The shelves are made of reclaimed wood. Available for $360.

industrial Shelving unit design

Another simple but equally charming bookcase is this one. It measures 62″ H x 84″ W x 10″ D but can also be custom made to suit the client’s exact requirements. The unit works great for a lot of different settings, including offices, bars, kitchens and living rooms.Available on Etsy.

Steampunk industrial bookshelf

If you like your bookshelves to also have a sculptural side, check out this steampunk design which we also found on Etsy. The bookcase is made from brass fittings, copper tubes and oak shelves. You’ll have to assemble the whole thing on site so you’ll also get to enjoy a bit of DIY effort.

Crates and pipes perfect wall divider

Other bookcases such as this vintage one featured on Etsy are designed for large spaces. This unit can serve as a space divider between two areas sharing an open floor plan. It’s made using kiln dried pine wood and gas pipes. Such a unit can also look lovely in a store, as a merchandise display area.

Choosing a style and a function

Industrial design office area

Sure, we’re talking about industrial bookcases so they all share the same style. But this doesn’t make them all the same. The variations are numerous and the design possibilities offer a long list of options. Geometrical designs are versatile and quite popular nowadays so perhaps this can be your inspiration.{found on geremiadesign}.

Industrial Loft Design with a metalic bookshelf

A floor-to-ceiling bookcase could be accompanied by a ladder. The combination suggests a design similar to that seen in large libraries. In fact, that would be a really great source of inspiration. It can work for both offices and private homes.{found on chrisadorsey}.

Living room with industrial shelves

Add one or two of these industrial bookcases to the living room to change the ambiance and to highlight the industrial influences present in the decor. A traditional fireplace would complete the look nicely.{found on alyveljidesigns}.

Industrial bookcase with a double function

A really great idea is to have a bookcase with a double function. This design is perfect in that sense. The unit has a built-in desk at the center. The simplicity of the design gives the unit a robust and very basic look.{found on schmittcompany}.

Large industrial bookcase

If you want to make a statement, perhaps size can help you do this. You could opt for a very large industrial bookcase that covers an entire wall or for a really tall one that goes all the way up to the ceiling.{found on jacksondesignandremodeling}.

Bond Street Loft by Elizabeth Roberts Design

A metal pipe bookcase will make a statement without needing any help. That’s because of the materials used. There’s no need to highlight any of the other features. The frame would be enough.{found on Elizabeth Roberts Design}.

Simple Industrial shelving unit

An industrial shelving unit such as this one can have a lot of different uses. For example, it can become a main piece of furniture in a home office, on a hallway, laundry room or even in a pantry.

Cottage boys bedroom design

For more flexibility, pick a bookcase with castors or wheels. This way you’ll be able to move it around as needed. In addition, if the shelves are generous in size, they can hold a lot of things, including storage boxes and baskets.

Boys room industrial shelves

There’s no right or wrong way to use an industrial bookcase in a home’s décor. For example, it can even become a beautiful part of a bedroom’s interior design. Of course, such a unit would most likely have to be custom built.{found on beneathmyheart}.

Industrial storage space for dining area

Use an industrial bookcase in combination with other industrial features such as a unique light fixture, a set of chairs and other accent pieces, depending on the room you’re setting the bookcase in and the overall style chosen for the interior.

large bookcase that doubles as a partitio

A very interesting design idea is to have a large bookcase that doubles as a partition or as a staircase wall. The possible combinations of functions you can use are pretty much limitless so find the one that works best for your home.{found on chadbournedoss}.

industrial custom-built bookcase

A custom-built bookcase, regardless of its style, the materials used and the dimensions, can be perfectly adapted to a space as well as to needs of the users and can include a variety of custom features such as a media storage space, an empty display area for artwork, a desk, etc.{picture from fromthehipphoto}.