20 Metallic Bits and Baubles to Dress Up Your Coffee Table

The one troublesome thing about interior decorating is deciding how often to update your style. Themes and colors come on trend and then go out pretty fast so it can be difficult to stick with what you’ve got for more than a few years without things looking a little dated. However, there is one decorating tip that never fails to impress and match whatever other colors you decorate with. It’s called metallic. Shades of gold, silver and copper will go with all your favorite decorating trends, throughout the year and all the holidays. So filling the spaces that catch the eye, like the coffee table, with metallic glints is a wise idea. Take a look at these 20 metallic bits and baubles to dress up your coffee table.

Gold feather tray

A good tray is an important coffee table necessity. It will catch things from rings to pennies to earbuds and keep them corralled safely until you need it again. A metallic tray will only make whatever is in it look awesome. (via Brit + Co)

Gilded armadillo

Everyone falls for some animal figurine at some point. While your friends may have silver giraffes on their coffee tables, this gilded armadillo will certainly be a conversation piece on yours. (via West Elm)

Half moon planter

Plants can bring a coffee table to life which means you have to consider your planter carefully. This half moon bronze beauty promises to give your coffee table plant a sparkly to their green life. (via Urban Outfitters)

Copper walnut case

It’s nice to have snacks at hand on your coffee table. Whether they’re nuts or M&M’s or dried cranberries, you can keep them ready but out of sight in this copper walnut case. It will look especially nice against your Christmas decor. (via CB2)

Gold urchin sphere

Isn’t this a cute little golden urchin? They’ve been in style for a while now and while some of the bigger sizes seem to overdo it, this little guy looks just perfect to place on top of your coffee table books. (via Lulu and Georgia)

Gold pear candle

Candles have a way of bringing a feel of home into the room. These gilded pear candles will not only burn brightly, they’ll look amazing when they aren’t in use as well. Bonus. (via Anthropologie)

Metallic wire basket

You’ve probably been on the hunt for that perfect catchall to keep your coffee table surface clean, right? Well this copper wire basket is exactly fit for that purpose. Along with looking super glamorous. (via Leif)

Handblown silver vase

There is no fowl mood that a vase of fresh flowers can’t cure. Keep this sterling silver vase on your coffee table for emergency situations like those… and adding that silvery gleam to your decor. (via Minimalux)

Gilded match striker

You’ll need something to light your coffee table candles. Instead of having an unsightly box of matches on your coffee table, invest in this sphere match striker that will hold your matches much more attractively. (via Neiman Marcus)

Decorative copper ball

Speaking of spheres, a metallic sphere like this is exactly the piece your modern coffee table needs. It says art without being too overbearing plus it won’t take up too much space visually. (via Target)

Gilded oval trays

Are these gilded trays pretty? They look almost like lily pads or flower petals. Whichever you decide, their whimsical shape will match your boho living room perfectly. (via Neiman Marcus)

Starry copper lantern

A copper lantern like this will not only look great sitting on your table, it will emit a lovely warm glow when you light the wick inside. Now all you have to do is choose your favorite scent. (via Urban Outfitters)

Brass piggy bank

Don’t let all your spare change take over your trays and boxes. A brass bank like this one is exactly the home your coins have been searching for. It will act as storage and an art piece at the same time which is some talent. (via West Elm)

Gold pineapple planter

I’m convinced that pineapples will never go out of style. Which means your coffee table needs something pineapple… like this perfect gold planter! It will make some succulent very happy. (via CB2)

Gold ampersand figurine

If you’re not a metallic animal figurine person and you aren’t really into modern art pieces, this gold ampersand is for you. It will shine on your coffee table from spring, through summer, into fall and add to your Christmas coffee table collection. (via ModCloth)

Copper tealight holders

Isn’t this little guy adorable? He’ll hold any candlestick with pride so you can change your candlestick colors with the seasons. In fact, you might want to get two more little owls for your dining room table. (via Lulu and Georgia)

Mini copper planters

I’ve been swooning over these copper planters for a long time. They just match greenery perfectly. While your coffee table must have some, you could definitely put a few around the rest of your house. (via Julia Kostreva)

Metallic box

Everyone could use another box. Such pretty metallic containers deserve to grace your coffee table and give a home to all the things you’d prefer your guests not to see. (via H&M)

Gold zebra tray

I couldn’t resist adding this dish. Those gilded zebra stripes are just everything! It will definitely help bring the animal out in your living room decor. (via Shopbop)

Copper tealight holders

Geo diamond votive holders that have a coppery glint? Could there be anything more perfect for your un-sparkly coffee table? Your votives will thank you. (via Fab)