30 Copper Home Accents to Buy and DIY

When you want to add a new element into your home decorating, metallic shades are the way to go. However sometimes, gold can seem too glitzy and silver looks too cold. If you’re stuck in that same predicament, it’s time to look to copper. That rosy glint will bring a friendly yet sparkly feeling to any room in the house. Plus, if your favorite copper home decor piece will take too big a bite out of your decorating budget, there are simple ways to DIY with the metal. Check out these 30 copper pieces for your home that will buy or DIY their way into your heart.


buy copper pot

The kitchen might be the easiest place to add lots of copper pieces. You can start with a classic set of copper pots and pans. They’ll look even better if you have a place to hang them up in your kitchen. Trust me, you’ll be satisfied with their sparkle and shine. (via Anthropologie)

buy copper planter

Whether it’s herbs in the kitchen or a nest of succulents, this copper vertical planter will add just the metallic touch your walls need. You can add it to your gallery wall or fill an empty space that you’ve been thinking about. And when it adds metallic and houseplants, how can you go wrong? (via Williams Sonoma)

buy copper lamp

Let there be light! I’m sure that this copper table lamp gives off just as much glow if the light were off. It’s simple design would look stunning on your bedside table, dining room buffet or even your living room side tables. The best part, it won’t matter what color scheme the rest of the room is because metallic always matches. (via CB2)

buy copper print

Prints. What would our lives be without ’em? There are plenty of gold and silver foiled quotes, but really the copper ones are best. Not only do they emit a warm sparkly glow, they inspired you to glow yourself from the inside out. (via Not On The High Street)

buy copper kettel

Away with the plain stainless steel. Just imagine pouring yourself a steaming cup of tea from this copper kettle. It promises to take you snugly through the winter as well as adding a beautiful copper touch to your stovetop. That’s one kettle you won’t mind keeping out all the time. (via Nalata Nalata)

buy copper shaker

Everybody needs a little metallic on their bar cart. Consider adding this copper shaker to yours and you’ll be reaping stylish benefits in no time. Plus, it will give you an excuse to paint your bar cart pink which you know you’ve always wanted to do. (via Crate and Barrel)

buy hanging planter

The placement of houseplants is very important so when you start running out of space in front of the perfect window, it’s time to take things up high. A copper planter like this is just the thing to add some greenery to bare corners. Plants plus copper strikes again. (via Food 52)

buy copper tray

It’s a fact that marble is the chicest. When paired with silver though, it can come across as standoffish. When paired with gold, it can be too luxe for your home. Copper handles make the perfect match for a lovely tray that you’ll want to use in the kitchen, living room and even outdoors. (via Terrain)

buy copper jewelry holder

Display your jewelry in major style with this simple yet lovely copper jewelry holder. With it’s round stature, it will fit in the tiniest of spaces, all the while providing an artful piece that gives you maximum jewelry storage. You just can’t argue with that. (via Francesca’s)

buy copper canisters

If you’re hunting for some serious copper accents, try a set of copper canisters like these. They’ll give you the storage that every kitchen needs as well as looking stylish beyond a fault on your countertop. I imagine they’ll become you’re favorite kitchen accessory. (via Williams Sonoma)

buy copper mirrors

Mirrors are sparkly. Copper is sparkly. And when you put two sparkly things together, you get something absolutely glamorous. These mirrors will definitely add that glam to your bathroom or bedroom or wherever you decide to hang them. (via World Market)

buy mini planters

Who can resist succulents nowadays? With such a wide selection, you need the perfect planter to display their beauty and tiny-ness. A little copper cup like this will definitely do the trick. Whether you’re going for bohemian vibes or serious class, such small copper accents will certainly add to the effect. (via Julia Kostreva)

buy copper pendant

You’ve surely seen this pendant light before. It’s a major classic in the Pinterest world and it’s easy to see why. This copper pendant lamp is gorgeous! Hang it above your counter, your table, your bed, your couch or all of the above. You won’t regret it. (via Hive)

buy copper rack

Small spaces required small closet solutions… just like this clothing rack made from copper pipe. Not only will it keep your clothes safely hung, it will become an art piece in your bedroom. It might even encourage you to wear brighter colors since your clothes are on display. (via Etsy)

buy copper kitchenaid

Everybody wants a KitchenAid mixer that matches their kitchen. The problem is when you dole out a huge sum on a color that will make you marry your kitchen’s theme. Who wants an orange kitchen forever? Well, investing in a copper mixer solves that problem. It will never go out of style. (via Amazon)


diy copper magazine holder

With a quick trip to the hardware store, you can create all kinds of copper accents for your home and keep reign over your decorating budget. Take this copper pipe magazine holder. Something so simple to create can have a big impact, visually and organizationally, on your living room.

diy copper vase

Everyone has an old vase or two sitting in the back of their cabinets, unused and unloved. Before you give it up to the thrift store though, try giving it a new coat of copper spray paint. Suddenly, it will become your favorite vase that you’ll find all kinds of uses for. (via A Merry Mishap)

diy copper side table

One of the reasons to love copper pipe so much is the variety of uses. Take this side table! In an afternoon, you can have a completely new piece of furniture for your living room that commands attention, without spending a fortune. (via Brit + Co)


Get your plants ready. They’re going to love their new home, hanging from a copper pipe. With a bit of rope and some hooks, you can have yourself a plant hanger that will provide wall decor while keeping those leaves away from your pets. It’s a win win for you and your plants. (via Eclectic Trends)

diy copper sconce

Wall sconces are the big thing, especially when they come in metallic shades. But instead of spending big bucks on a simple copper light, try DIYing one yourself! Put one on each side of your bed and your bedroom will instantly be Pinterest worthy. (via Camille Styles)

diy copper shelves

Did you know that you can buy copper in sheets? The mind simply whirls with possibility. These copper floating shelves are an Anthropologie copy cat DIY. But when they look like the real thing, how can you resist? They certainly look lovely holding all those plants. (via Vintage Revivals)

diy copper wine rack

There’s just something about a well stocked and stylist wine rack that says modern class. Keep your bottles safe and sound in a coppery cradle that you made yourself. While it makes great storage in your pantry, it’s so pretty that you might just have to store it on the counter. (via A Bubbly Life)

diy orb lampshade

Globe lights are so gorgeous… and hackable. Seriously. This DIY uses cardboard and copper spray paint to create a legit looking shade for your pendant lamp. I can see this hanging in my kitchen. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

diy copper rack

Plants aren’t the only thing you can hang from copper pipe. If you’re having trouble with storage space for clothes, try making this clothing rack. It will store your garments properly as well as becoming a favorite addition to your bedroom. (via Food 52)

diy mini planters

When you saw the buyable version above, you might have thought “I can make that!” Well you can. With a couple copper caps, you can create a rose and green succulent display that’s easier on the wallet but just as effective. (via Poppytalk)

diy copper jewelry stand

It’s about time your bracelets had a home that wasn’t the top of your vanity or hidden in a drawer. Steal a little bit of copper pipe from one of the projects above and make them a safe place to rest that’s also a sparkly display. You’ll find that that’s all the decor you’ll need on your vanity.

diy plant rail

If you love plants but have a brown thumb, this copper DIY is for you. Find yourself a few air plants and make them this shiny copper rail to hang on. They can grace a bathroom wall or spruce up your kitchen, wherever you think needs a bit more green. (via Gathered Cheer)

diy copper tri lamp

The tripod lamp isn’t an uncommon sight nowadays. But have you ever seen one made from copper pipe? It’s pure genius. You’re just one lamp kit and one trip to the hardware store away from this trendy lamp gracing your living room. (via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

diy copper pots

Are you short on decorating money and time? Just a few dollars will buy you a can of copper spray paint. Then you can go crazy on all those houseplants that you’ve been meaning to put into pretty pots and haven’t had the time. You’ll be surprised how much it spruces things up. (via Poppytalk)

diy copper macrame

Yes, macrame is still a thing. You can find it in colors beyond your imagination or you can stick with the classic white. If you do go pale, consider using some copper pipe to give your wall art a little shine. It will become a whole new modern piece. (via A Beautiful Mess)