DIY Oilcloth Covered Tray

Looking for a refreshing summer home DIY project? This multipurpose tray will add a pop to your home decor or next outdoor party! Not only will this piece stand up to those water rings from a refreshing drink but it can be easily cleaned and reused elsewhere in your house once summer comes to an end!

DIY oilcloth tray finished


  • unfinished wooden tray
  • spray paint
  • spray finish
  • half yard of oilcloth (or less depending on your tray size)
  • rotary cutter
  • straight edge with measure
  • cutting mat
  • super glue
DIY oilcloth tray finished


1. Start by spray painting your unfinished wood tray. Pick a spray paint color that accents your oilcloth pattern. Apply a few coats of spray paint to the tray, focusing mostly on the edges as the inside bottom of the tray will be covered with oilcloth. Apply as many layers of spray paint as needed, allowing ample drying time in between each coat (refer to drying time instructions on the back of your paint can!).

DIY oilcloth tray finished

2. Spray finish over your spray paint. We used a glossy lacquer which will help protect the tray against water damage when in use. Spray an even coat of lacquer focusing on the sides of the tray (again, the oilcloth will cover the inside bottom of the tray). Allow drying time as indicated on the back of the bottle.

DIY oilcloth tray finished

3. Measure and cut a piece of oilcloth to fit the inside of your tray. Measure the interior bottom for dimensions. Use your straight edge, cutting mat, and rotary cutter to make nice even cuts down to the perfect rectangle that will fit nicely inside the tray. Cut your piece slightly larger than the dimensions first and make trims as needed. You want the piece to lay nice and flat inside without wrinkles.

4. To adhere the oilcloth to the tray, apply super glue to both the bottom of the oilcloth and the tray and use your fingers to smooth out the oilcloth. Allow drying time as indicated on the back of the bottle of super glue.

DIY oilcloth tray finished

Once the super glue is dry, your tray is complete! Use your finished tray for serving drinks (the oilcloth will definitely hold up against those water rings left under ice cold drinks on a hot day!), to anchor a few items on a shelf, or as a table centerpiece holding flowers, salt and pepper shakers, etc. So many options for this versatile home project!

DIY oilcloth tray finished
DIY oilcloth tray finished