100 DIYs to Give Your Home a Makeover This Summer

Summertime is coming up fast and while it’s nice to spend some time being lazy with some lemonade and a good book, we’ve got to get out of the hammock eventually. Warm weather is the perfect opportunity to take up some extra projects around the house! And I don’t mean the general maintenance of mowing and painting over smudges. We’re talking about fun projects that will help you bring your personal style into your home. Take a look at these 100 DIYs that promise to make your summer To Do List a lot more enjoyable.

Living Room

diy pallet coffee table

It’s high time your old coffee table had an upgrade. Pallets can be found aplenty so once you find a good sturdy one, attach some hairpin legs to create the perfect rustic mod coffee table that you’ve ever seen.

diy magazine rope

So many of our magazines nowadays have such artsy covers! Let your magazines double as art in your living room with this rope magazine holder. Not only will it show off what you’re reading, it will make those pages easily accessible.

diy plant stand

I just love a good IKEA hack. Get your plants climbing in style with this simple DIY that replaces the white plates on the IKEA PS 2014 Plant Stand with pretty acacia wood plates. Super glue to the rescue! (via Sugar and Cloth)

diy stump side table

Speaking of wood, that stump side table trend is still around. Thankfully! Put some casters on the bottom of your log and you’ve got a moveable side table that will make all the other side tables envious.

diy boxed shelf

Store your trinkets in style with a double box shelf. It’s perfect for holding little bottles and vintage ceramics. In fact, it’s just what your gallery wall has been wishing for.

diy slouchy bag

Creative storage is so essential in your living room. Where else can you throw your junk stylishly when surprise guests visit? This slouchy bag promises to hide your stuff in the chic-est way possible. (via Brit + Co)

diy animal clock

Animals lovers pay attention. You could create this animal clock in an afternoon and pay tribute to your favorite furry friend. I think I need a cat clock now…

diy floor pouf

Poufs will never go out of style because of their versatility. They make a great ottoman, plus a side table for that lone chair, plus extra seating for guests. Choose your fabric wisely because you’ll use it for everything.

diy bookends

While I’m loving the agate bookends, they can be just a little more than I want to spend. These ombre wood bookends have the same colorful effect and are definitely more kid friendly.

diy wall hanging

If you’re thinking you don’t have time to DIY your own woven wall hanging, you’re in the right place. This project only requires a table runner, some pom poms and glue. No one will ever know and I won’t tell. (via The Lovely Drawer)

diy leather catchall

It’s high time you had a place to corral all your important things like car keys, chargers and anything else that’s usually floating around your coffee table. You only need basic sewing skills to put this fancy leather catchall in your living room.

diy hiding books

You wouldn’t know it, but those books are actually a hiding place. The box behind them would be perfectly discreet place to put drinks or even your computer’s router.

diy paint dipped pictures

Have you been thinking about taking your art to the next level? Dipping your pictures, frames and all, can be an inexpensive solution for a whole new look in your living room.

diy pipe table

Every room needs a little bit of sparkle and shine. It’s even better when that sparkle and shine can be useful, like this side table with copper pipe legs. One trip to the hardware store and you can have a new tabletop by lunchtime. (via Brit + Co)

diy tray

Trays are a great item for any style coffee table. They can clear all your books and candles instantly for a game night or host the easiest snack station you could ever hope for. So when this DIY project promises such versatility, how can you resist?

concrete coasters

Say goodbye to the white rings on your furniture. Keep all your living room surfaces shining like new with these simple concrete coasters. Hexagons plus concrete equals a super trendy DIY.

diy magazine rack

Books, magazines, all our reading material can easily clutter up and otherwise clean living space. But this magazine holder is here to save the day. You definitely won’t mind adding this stylish project to your To Do List.

diy stamped pillows

Pillow covers are possible the fastest and easiest way to redecorate your living room. So when you find a pair of plain canvas covers, stamp them in several different colors and shapes so they can be changed with the seasons. (via Brit + Co)

diy embellished boxes

There is no call for boring storage in any room in your house, but especially the living room. Paint it, paper it, draw on it, make it a box that you won’t mind seeing on your bookcase.


Wreaths make a lovely addition to a blank wall and are easy to change up with the holidays. Put together this little beauty that you’ll want to leave hanging all year round.


bedroom lightup headboard

When you walk in the bedroom, the first thing you notice is probably the bed and headboard. So when you want your headboard to be a statement piece, there’s no better way to do it than making it shine like Broadway. Get your woodworking skills onto this project. (via A Beautiful Mess)

bedroom charging dock

If you have a smartphone, it probably rests beside your bed at night… along with your tablet and maybe even your laptop. Get those chords under control with this simple DIY charging station.

bedroom diy chandelier

If you live in a loft or a tiny apartment, space is a precious thing. So when you’re looking at your bedroom thinking “There’s no way I’m fitting a bedside table in this place,” it’s time to get creative with lighting. Besides, who doesn’t love a romantic chandelier? (via Leona Lane)

bedroom wall decal

All you need is some bright contact paper for this project and boom! Instant art. Use your blanket wall to spell out your favorite phrase or a romantic saying that you’ll end up leaving there forever. (via Camille Styles)

bedroom tassel bedding

Putting together your own giant yarn tassels is so incredibly simple. Choose the color based on your bedroom color scheme and attach some tassel-y fun to all your bedding. Don’t forget the shams! (via The Blondielocks)

bedroom mason lamp

Are you trying to add some country touches to your bedroom without going all out Little House On The Prairie? Put together this lamp from a mason jar to bring that nostalgic feel to your nightstand or dresser.

bedroom his hers pillowcases

Pillowcases make such a fun project, whether you gift them to some newlyweds or keep them for yourself. These His and Hers pillowcases will become a favorite in your bedroom. (via A Beautiful Mess)

bedroom watch stand

Some people just can’t function without the ability to consult their wrist for the time. If that sounds like you, add this watch holder to your dresser to give your arm pieces their own place to rest. You’ll never lose them again. (via The Merrythought)

bedroom shaggy rug

When you pop out of bed in the morning, the first thing you want to feel is a nice soft carpet under your toes. Shag rugs can take a large dip into your decorating budget though, so replacing the store bought with this simple DIY sounds like a good idea to me. Hint, it’s pretty much all tassels. (via Urban Sleek Blonde)

bedroom quote canvas

For the headboard-less, it’s time to cover up that blank spot on your wall. Choose your favorite color and phrase and you can have your own statement canvas above your pillows by tonight. (via Alyssa and Carla)

bedroom poster dresser

Some of us have lived with our dressers for longer than we’d care to admit. But why not give them a quick and easy makeover with a large poster and some decoupage? Everyone will be wanting to know where you bought it. (via A Beautiful Mess)

bedroom pom pom pillow

It’s my opinion that pom poms should be in every room in some respect. This DIY adds them to pillows and we all know that your bed can never have enough throw pillows.

bedroom perfume display

Perfume bottles are often so pretty that it’s a shame to push them in a drawer. Put yours on display with a simple cake stand, decked out in crystals from any old craft store. It will change the whole feel of your dresser space. (via Peek and Ponder)

bedroom swiss cross blanket

Throw blankets make up an important part of every bedroom. Not only do they provide extra warmth, they add more patterns and different textures to your bed. There is no reason you can’t DIY your own throw and get exactly the look you want. (via Brit + C0)

bedroom wooden lamp

Natural textures are currently on trend so if you’re looking for ways to add wood and fur to your bedroom scheme, you’re in the right place. This wood lamp is perfect for adding a touch of nature in a stylish way to any bedside table. (via Upcycled Treasures)

bedroom poster headboard

You’ve had this thought. We all have. Why can’t I use a big poster as a headboard? The answer, you can! Frame it or just put it up as is and you’ll want to spend all your time on your bed. (via The Merrythought)

bedroom vanity tray

Reign in the dresser clutter with a simple hexagon tray that splits into even more storage space. No more floating brushes and bottles of nail polish because it will be all corralled in this. (via Sugar and Cloth)

bedroom floating table

You might think it’s magic, but it’s just wire and wood. Using a floating bedside table will create a whole new look in your bedroom, especially if your bed is under sloped ceilings. (via Monsters Circus)

bedroom yarn lampshade

All us lovers of decorating are always on the hunt for creative lighting. Banish your bedside table lamps and trade them for this yarn wrapped hanging lights. It’s a project simple enough that you can catch up on your favorite show while you wrap.

bedroom jewelry stand

Copper pipe is everywhere and I’m kind of loving it. This jewelry stand will not only give you more dresser surface, but it will also make your necklaces and bracelets into a piece of art. Can’t resist that sparkle and shine!


bathroom shower curtain

Hands down, the easiest way to perk up your bathroom is to replace the shower curtain. And when you can go ombre, then go ombre! Adding a catchy phrase will be the thing to make you smile first thing in the morning. (via A Beautiful Mess)

bathroom basket shelves

Storage is super important in the bathroom. You’ve got your toilet paper as well as all the other bathroom necessities, so it’s easy to run out of places to put things. Hanging some crates or baskets on the wall makes the perfect solution for small bathrooms with little to no storage. (via A Beautiful Mess)

bathroom towel holder

Hang your hand towels in style with this simple copper ring. The best part, whether your bathroom is bright coral and blue or you’re going for a masculine style, this DIY is neutral enough to match. (via The Merrythought)

bathroom soap gems

Who doesn’t love fancy soap? You could buy some of the ever popular soap gems, or you could make your own as big or as small as you like. They’d make great gifts too! (via Mr Printables)

bathroom first aid

Create a place to keep all your emergency equipment like bandaids and gauze, so they’re easily accessible when needed. This chalkboard cabinet is just the spot, whether you use the Beatle’s lyrics or the Red Cross symbol. (via Look What I Made)

bathroom mason pump

Bring the country to the bathroom by turning a classic mason jar into a soap dispenser. If you want to go the extra mile, make one for lotion too!

bathroom triangle mirror

Extra mirrors can be a handy thing to have in your bathroom, especially when you have multiple people in the house. This chic triangle mirror is a the perfect size to provide an extra reflection and some style. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

bathroom tshirt rug

Nobody wants to get straight out onto the tile after a hot shower. Use old t-shirts to weave this colorful rug. It will also give you an excuse to buy new clothes. (via Alicia Sivert)

bathroom plant hanger

Bathrooms are often window-less which means plant life is limited. But air plants can grow anywhere so while you’re looking for something to take up wall space, hang some of this greenery off a towel rod to bring some life to the bathroom. (via Gathered Cheer)

bathroom shelf frame

When you’ve got kids, you’ve got the bath toy storage quandary. Fill a frame with little shelves to keep all their bath time knick knacks as well as the shampoos and lotions and little baby washcloths. (via I Heart Naptime)

bathroom laundry hamper

If you’re going to collect laundry in the bathroom, you might as well make it the cutest laundry bag you’ve ever seen. Stamp it with brightly colored dots and you won’t mind it sitting in the corner. (via Design Love Fest)

bathroom cup organizer

Get all your brushes and lip liners off the bathroom sink and into these shiny copper cups. You’ve just gotta love projects that decorate and organize at the same time. (via A Beautiful Mess)

bathroom tp holder

Speaking of copper, how about using some copper piping to hold your toilet paper? Your hardware store list is probably getting pretty big by now, huh… (via Kristi Murphy)

bathroom city hanger

Use the back of a door to your decorating and storage advantage. Just a bit of wire will let you create a cityscape that holds your towels and robes and other bathroom things.

bathroom bathtub caddy

There are two kinds of people in this world: bath people and shower people. If you’re an all out bubble bath person, make this bath caddy that will keep your iPad dry and hold a glass of champagne while you soak. (via eHow)

bathroom ladder shelves

Maybe you’re bathroom has hight but not width. You can spend the day building this ladder shelf that will gladly hold everything you need stored in your bathroom. (via HGTV)

bathroom rope soap

Rope soap anyone? Make this nostalgic gift for yourself, your friends, your niece and your mom. It will work especially well in nautical bathrooms. (via A Beautiful Mess)

bathroom tile mirror

Everyone recommends framing your mirror, and while I agree, you’re going to have to be awfully careful if you frame it in wood. Using tile like this project makes much more sense to me. It’s water-safe. (via Earnest Home Co.)

bathroom hanging shelves

While this project is for two shelves, you could easily lengthen it to three or four or to the floor if you’ve got the space for it! It would be a great place to store towels for the whole family.

bathroom tissue cover

Admit it. We’ve all bought a tissue box based on the color. But when you make this tissue box cover, you can choose the ugliest tissues on the shelf and no one will ever know. (via The Merrythought)


kitchen utensil rack

Small kitchen owners, this one’s for you. Whether you’re short on counter space or cabinet space or both, this rack is a simple solution for storing your serving utensils and adding a little unique flair to you kitchen. (via A Beautiful Mess)

kitchen industrial cart

Everybody has a bar cart nowadays, but not many people can say that they made theirs themselves. Make this and you can! Then fill it with all your coffee necessities or use it a a serving piece in your dining room.

kitchen supplies holder

How many times have you tried to grab a paper towel with your wet hands and ended up dripping water all over the kitchen? End the wet madness with this organizer that will keep all your sink essentials handy… and dry! (via Nellie Bellie)

kitchen knife block

When anything from Anthropologie can be a DIY, you darn well DIY it. This knife holder will keep those blades safe, sharp and stylish. And no one will know that it’s not actually from Anthro. (via Bigger Than The Three of Us)

kitchen grocery list

If you’re a list maker like me, then having a special grocery list in the kitchen that doesn’t float around on the cabinets is a very appealing idea. Now you can easily jot down an item while you’re thinking of it instead of remembering after you get home from the grocery. (via The Merrythought)

kitchen labeled bottles

It seems unlikely, but putting a label on it makes it seem more organized. Putting your pantry essentials in pretty labeled bottles like these will make you want to keep them on the kitchen counter instead. (via Lia Griffith)

kitchen coaster set

Stop lamenting over ugly kitchen coasters. You can make these classy minimal coasters with some wood strips and your choice of paint. Yay for pretty counterspace.

kitchen utensil holder

Are you looking for something that will help you feed lots of people easily? Or maybe you’re running out of drawer space? Either quandary can be solved with this simple utensil holder. It will allow you to tote your forks and knives into the dining room or out onto the patio with ease. (via A Beautiful Mess)

kitchen coffee cover

Protect your precious French press with this masculine leather cover. It will also act as an insulator and keep your coffee warm longer. Now there’s a win win. (via Do Not Iron)

kitchen butterdish

Why shouldn’t we store our butter in style? I wouldn’t mind keeping this classy dish on my counter all the time. Plus, that agate knob will add a bit of flair to the table. (via Griff Anie)

kitchen concrete counters

Concrete is the new crafting medium these days and it was just a matter of time until someone decided to cover their kitchen counters with it. It’s chic, durable and will allow you to change the color scheme in your kitchen with the bat of an eyelash.

kitchen marble clock

Keep track of the time you spend over your morning coffee with this lovely marble wall clock. It makes a great piece to fill an awkward wall space or add to your kitchen’s gallery wall. (via Brit + Co)

kitchen dipped jars

Remember what I said about labels? Get your storage jars on that bandwagon, plus a color dipped upgrade. You can make them all one uniform color or create a color coding system with several shades. (via Simply Earnest)

kitchen floating shelves

Floating shelves for the win! If you were looking for a way to put some copper into your kitchen, this is IT. And did you know that this is another Anthro copycat? Get to it! (via Vintage Revivals)

kitchen wine rack

Sometimes all you want is a simple wine rack with clean lines and easy storage space. You’ve found exactly what you’re looking for right here. (via The Merrythought)

kitchen basket lampshade

Give your kitchen lighting a makeover with this rustic basket lampshade. It will give your lights a new look in the daytime and cast fun shadows on your kitchen at night.

kitchen knife magnet

They say that magnetic holders are the best way to keep knives sharper longer. So taking this project up a notch to make your magnetic holder look great on your wall is definitely a good idea.

kitchen cutting boards

Don’t let your wooden cutting boards leave the food to do the decorating work. Use a wood burning tool and give them their own personalities behind the fruit and cheese. (via Brit + Co)

kitchen industrial sign

Fill this space above a cabinet or window with this metal ‘Kitchen’ sign. You could also spell out ‘Eat’ or ‘Coffee’, whatever best suits your kitchen and your space. (via Liz Marie)

kitchen cork strip

A full fridge is a cluttered kitchen. Make this cork strip to keep your calendar, sticky notes and endearing pictures in a clean line on your wall, instead of covering the front of your fridge.


outdoor painted rug

Let’s take this party outside. Did your home come with a boring concrete patio out back? Use some bright colors to paint a patterned rug on it and make it feel a little more cozy. (via A Beautiful Mess)

outdoor plant ladder

Fill an odd corner of your yard with this ladder that can be the perfect spot for hanging planters and candles and all kinds of creativity. Because the more succulents the better! (via Sugar and Cloth)

outdoor hammock

Can I just jump into this picture? What’s a backyard without a place to relax? Take advantage of some trees and hang up this DIY hammock for all those lazy summer weekends. (via The Merrythought)

outdoor painted table

If you were thinking about buying new patio furniture this summer, stop right there. Spruce up the stuff you’ve already got with a bit of bright paint and some painters tape. Let the striping begin. (via Lovely Indeed)

outdoor string lights

What is a an outdoor entertaining space without string lights? Start your thrifting because this upgrade requires mini bundt pans to create lantern-like lights.

outdoor patio pond

Bring a bit of the wild on to your patio with this patio pond. Kids can have fun playing on hot summer days or you can keep some fish for your own enjoyment. (via Lowes)

outdoor porch swing

Bring some of that home style comfort to your porch with this classic porch swing. What a way to stay shady and cool on a hot summer day. (via A Beautiful Mess)

outdoor potting bench

Gardening can be tough on the back with all that moving and bending, but a potting bench like this might be just the thing you gardeners need. Made from pallets, just add a bit of paint to give it some pop in your backyard. (via A Piece of Rainbow)

outdoor painted cushions

Sometimes, we get in that spot when our patio furniture is too made over to paint again but too expensive to buy new. Create simple painted chair covers like these that will be easier on the wallet and give your chairs the makeover you didn’t think possible. (via Pretty Prudent)

outdoor doormat

You can’t have a porch without a doormat. Wind your rope into this Italian greeting. And if you want to get fancy, use some brightly colored rope for a brightly colored rug.

outdoor firepit

Fire pits are the perfect addition to any backyard because they provide a fun activity for guests as well as adding a special entertainment space. Build your own this summer that you’ll be using until November. (via A Beautiful Mess)

outdoor paver planter

Large planters can be a pretty penny so getting creative is a must for the small budgets. Using inexpensive paving stones can help you create nice large pots that won’t fall over or blow away without draining your decorating envelope. (via Live Laugh Rowe)

outdoor wooden lounger

For those who prefer to go super rustic in their decorating, you’ve got to make this wooden lounger for your patio. With a little work, you’ll have the most unique patio furniture in the neighborhood. (via HomeMade Modern)

outdoor serving tray

Drinks anyone? This tray is durable enough to be left outside and pretty enough to use for everything. It’s also simple enough to make before your guests come this Saturday.

outdoor hammock chair

Inside, outside, upside down, your kids will love swinging from a hammock chair like this one. Let them decorate the fabric and then hang it from your tree, porch or even a pergola. (via A Beautiful Mess)

outdoor cube lanterns

Candlelight is undoubtedly the most romantic lighting there is. So why leave it indoors? You can enjoy their flickering flames from these cube lanterns over a picnic or an evening glass of wine.

outdoor cornhole

Games are important when you’re hosting an outdoor party. And the more colorful the better. Whip up this portable cornhole set and I can guarantee that it will be the showstopper of the night. (via Brit + Co)

outdoor canvas tent

There’s just something about outdoor forts that are magical, transporting us to our childhood. Whether you have children or not, you’ll enjoy spending lots of time in this canvas tent in your own backyard. It just invites you to get lost in a book. (via The Merrythought)

outdoor patterned planter

Whether they are galvanized pails or terra cotta pots, please oh please don’t leave them to themselves. With a little paint, you can add fun patterns and designs that will brighten up any outdoor space.

outdoor ottoman cooler

This is possibly the ultimate outdoor entertainment necessity. Not only can it serve as an ottoman to put up your feet or a side table to set a tray on or an extra seat for a guest, it opens up to reveal a cooler inside, perfect for all those summer sippers! (via Home Depot)