DIY Wooden Half Log Bookends

Looking to add some extra color and style to a bare bookshelf? Create these DIY wooden bookends on a dime! With a half log and a few fun and bold paints bring a half log to life for this project. A few simple cuts and these sturdy pieces are ready for your creative touch. Personalize their color and size for your decor!

DIY wooden bookends

Materials you’ll need for these rustic wooden bookends:

  • half a log (can be as thick or thin as you prefer for this project)
  • paint brush
  • multicolored paints (pick 3 in the same family if you are going for ombre as pictured here)
  • sanding block
  • saw
  • varnish (optional) for finished product
half log book end supplies

Instructions step by step to DIY wooden bookends:

Step 1: Prepare the wood log

Start sourcing a log and ensuring that your half log is cut down to size. If you can’t find a large enough slab and are starting from scratch, you may have to cut down a log with a chain saw. Ideally each side of these book ends should be wide enough to stand on their own and heavy enough to support books.

You can cut one large log slab down into 4 quarters (which will actually yield 2 sets of book ends). If you are starting with just half the log all you need to do is cut down the center. If the book ends are too long for you then cut them down further to desired size. You will likely need a strong and well-sharpened saw if your pieces are on the larger size.

half log book ends

Step 2: Sanding process

Sand off the splinters and sand down the two open sides of the log (not the bark side). Sand until smooth and ready for paint.

Step 3: Use different paintings

Using 3 different shades of similar colors (here we used gold, peach and hot pink), paint an ombre effect on the side of the book ends to face you. Let dry and place with on either sides of your books to keep them in place!

Adding varnish to the finished project is optional. Here we kept it bare, but adding varnish would add a more finished look to the pieces. And how you paint the end book ends is totally up to you, go for the ombre as shown here, pick a single colors, or leave au natural!

DIY half log book ends
half log book end DIY
half log bookend DIY