Floating Cabinets With Creative Interior Design Ideas

Floating cabinets are a unique blend of functionality and style. They bring together the best features of these two concepts by being versatile, modular, practical and exciting.

Floating Cabinets

They also have the added benefits of a lightweight appearance and adjustability. Let’s see them being incorporated into a few interior designs. 

20 Interior design ideas featuring floating cabinets

Complementary designs

To maintain a good balance between looks and functionality these floating shelves feature a combination of open and closed modules. They also incorporate accent colors in their design.

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A two-tone floating cabinet

Minimalism doesn’t have to look bland. Although very simple in terms of design, these floating shelves and cabinets manage to look interesting by playing with two different colors and finishes, one that showcases the beauty of wood grain and another that blend in with the wall. 

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A diversified yet unified aesthetic

Here’s another design based on simplicity. This time the floating cabinets are separated into modules that showcase slightly different hues of the same color. They’re positioned at different heights and in a way that visually fills the wall without hiding it. 

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Simple, practical and elegant

Sometimes symmetry can fit a particular design or style. The way in which the furniture is arranged tells a story and awakes emotions, ultimately helping to create an immersive design. Floating shelves are rarely symmetrical in design and placement and that’s makes designs like this one interesting.

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The fun side of modular floating shelves

Floating shelves are highly appreciated for their modularity and versatility. Coming up with unique and original ways to display them is a lot of fun and a wonderful creativity exercise. 

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Elements that fit together like pieces of a puzzle

Floating cabinets can be both very simple and very complex. This design incorporates a multitude of different modules and they all fit together like pieces of a puzzle. This ultimately makes the design look clean and balanced. 

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Floating shelf inception

Floating shelves come in a wide range of styles, designs, shapes and sizes and it’s even common to have shelves that overlap or that fit inside other shelves. This shelf inception adds a fun and interesting twist to the design. 

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Different colors and finishes for added character

One way to add character and style to a collection of minimalistic floating cabinets is to make each module unique. A difference in the materials used for each module or the finishes and colors of each one paired with a unifying overall aesthetic can end up looking magnificent. 

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Clever furniture combo

Attaching a floating desk to a shelving unit is a clever and space-efficient way of seamlessly integrating it into the room’s design. This way a desk doesn’t look out of place in a living room or in a bedroom. This is also a stylish way to add floating shelf storage to a home office. 

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Custom designs that perfectly fit a space

Floating shelves give us a lot of flexibility and the possibility to create custom furniture arrangements that perfectly fit a space or a layout. The shelves can be designed to fit around other pieces of furniture and to complement them. 

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Floating cabinets with LED bands

LED bands can be attached to the underside of floating cabinets either to add more functional lighting to a space such as the kitchen or to create subtle ambient lighting in an area like the living room or the bedroom. 

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Height-adjustability floating cabinets

One of the biggest advantages that come with floating cabinets is the height adjustability. The shelves can be installed at any height and this allows one to customize their furniture in a way that makes it comfortable to use or in a way that enhances the aesthetic of the room. 

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Floating shelves that blend into the wall

Not all floating shelves are designed to stand out. They can just as easily blend in with the wall behind them and with the decor of the room. This can be done by matching the color of the shelves to that of the wall and keeping the design simple. 

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Sturdy and robust yet lightweight

Another distinct characteristic of floating cabinets is their ability to look weightless even when their design and structure is robust or when they’re actually quite big in size. 

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Exciting color combinations

A cool way to take advantage of the versatility and modularity of floating cabinets is to create custom arrangements and color combinations that fit the theme and atmosphere of the room and five the design and exciting appeal. 

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A perfect fit for small spaces

Floating shelves are especially well-suited for small spaces like the bathroom for example. Their lightweight appearance and modularity combined with their simplicity and the infinite design possibilities allow each tiny space to come to life. 

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Functionality and beauty in balance

Floating shelves are commonly preferred in interior design in favor of other furniture types for the ease with which they bring functionality and beauty together. They can be decorative and practical at the same time and the way in which this is made possible differs from case to case. 

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A weightless look regardless of proportions

Raising a large furniture unit off the floor immediately changes the overall appearance of the room, making it feel more airy, spacious and open. The unit itself suddenly seems more lightweight and this applies to both small and large modules.

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The appearance of a floating unit

Some of the unique advantages and characteristics of floating cabinets have been borrowed by designers and applied to regular furniture modules. For example we can have the appearance of a floating unit which is actually sitting on the floor by giving it a recessed lower section. 

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