How To Successfully Use Gray In The Bedroom

Our understanding of the colors is pretty limited and not always accurate. For example, we often consider gray to be a very boring and sand color when in fact it can be very stylish and sophisticated. Gray is a neutral that pairs well with other colors such as yellow, purple or green. At the same time, it looks elegant when used in combination with the forever stylish black and white, creating balance and harmony. In the bedroom, gray is an excellent color because it creates a relaxing and soothing ambiance. There are lots of great ways to design and decorate a gray bedroom and we’re going to explore them all.

Grey bed with a curved headboard

A gray bed can be a stylish addition to a modern bedroom. The color is versatile and durable so you don’t really have to worry about stains or dust. Make your new gray bed fit in naturally by making sure the rest of the decor shares similar characteristics with its design.

Twils grey shaped bed

Obviously, there are various different shades of gray to take into consideration. A light gray like this one can make the room look bright and open without overly emphasizing these details. More than that, this is a shade that makes the bed look really comfortable and cozy.

Decorate the bed with textile

A gray accent wall is definitely an option worth considering. Usually it’s the wall behind the headboard that gets to serve as an accent feature. You can complement it with a purple headboard and a few gray accent pillows with various patterns and textures.

Wood paneling for bedroom and grey bed

Because gray is a cold shade often reminiscent of materials such as concrete, you might want to use it in combination with wood in order to obtain a warm and inviting ambiance throughout. For instance, the wall behind the bed can be covered with wood panels and the bed itself can have gray upholstery.

Grey bed frame and tufted headboard
Leather tufted headboard

It could also be interesting to mix and match various shades of gray. Play with them and use them in combination with different textures and finishes. Pair a shiny light gray with a textured dark tone. A good example is this bedroom with has a leather headboard and bed platform, an upholstered bench and bedding all sharing the same main color: gray.

Wood frame and grey pattern

As mentioned before, gray and purple are two colors that go well together. Purple is a rich color that adds a sophisticated touch to the decor while gray is a soft neutral that tones it down a little bit. At the same time, these are both cold color so you might want to add a touch of yellow or brown to the bedroom.

Floating nightstands for bedroom

Consider using gray in combination with earthy color tones. This way you’ll ensure a cohesive decor and you’ll also be able to establish a nice balance between warm and cold tones. A few subtle shades of brown could be just this room needs to feel inviting and comfortable. Also, don’t forget the accent lighting.

Simple bedroom design in grey

If you fear that the bedroom will look monotonous if you use too much gray, feel free to add some touches of fresh colors to the decor. This could be done with some patterned and colorful bedding. Perhaps you’d like to pair a gray bed with some green sheets or a duvet with orange accents.

Bedroom we love in grey and bedding

Don’t be afraid of dark colors, especially when you’re decorating the bedroom. This room has to be just right if you want it to be serene and relaxing. This is why using bright colors such as orange, yellow or red is not exactly the best idea. Darker tones such as gray, brown or even black and much better. Too much light can also be disturbing.

Vispring luxury beds

Don’t want to paint an entire wall gray? No worries, there are other options to choose from. For example, if you have a Murphy bed you can only paint the interior of the wall nook gray. You can create a similar look even if you have a regular bed. It’s nice to feel cozy inside a nook. You can paint the rest of the wall light blue or another color that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Letto michetta bed with a tufted design

It’s important to think of all the details before you pick a color palette for the bedroom. For example, if you want to use gray in your bedroom, take a moment to think of all the textures you’re going to use and how they’ll influence the overall design. To avoid a cold look, use gray on soft and warm textures.

masterpiece vispring bed in grey

Experiment with various shades of gray. Some can have a hint of brown in them and some can be a little bit closer to purple or blue. Mix and match several of these to avoid a monotonous and bland interior design. Also, consider similarly simple accent colors or leaving the rest of the decor neutral.

Wooden and grey leather makes the perfect bed

A lot of modern bedrooms feature gray as their accent color. A lot of modern beds integrate this color in their designs so it should be fairly easy to find all the necessary pieces for a successful gray decor. It’s then up to you to pick the right details such as the bedroom, the pillows, the wall art, area rug and everything else.

White grey bed and nightstand

You can also trick the eye and use off-whites which in the right light can look gray. This way you’d control the decor and you’d be able to change the ambiance by using light. Other colors such as yellow or blue can look pretty interesting in dim light. Consider them as accent colors for your gray bed frame.

Decorate the bed with diff patterns

Another important element to take into consideration is pattern. This is what saves you when you fear that the decor would be too simple or too boring. So if you’re using gray as your main color for the bedroom, break the monotony with some cute and  fresh patterns like polka dots or stripes. Geometric design suit most modern interiors.

Flowers for nightstand

It would also be nice to use gray in combination with soft pastels such as pink, peach or light blue. They will soften the harsh nature of gray and will also add a feminine touch to the decor if this is something you desire. You can introduce this beautiful colors in the form of throw pillows, duvets, wall decor or curtains.

Large rectangle headboard panels

Check out this fresh and chic bedroom. The gray wall has a rough look giving the space a subtle industrial look but the green accents and soft accent light and geometric forms redirect the eye and attention towards something else, ensuring that the decor looks and feels fresh and welcoming. The bed is no longer a freestanding piece of furniture. It becomes a part of the entire room decor.

Feminine designed bedroom in grey

What some may find cold and unappealing other would consider cozy and cute. Not everyone agrees that gray is a suitable color for the bedroom which is why it’s important to use it correctly. Too much gray or the wrong finish or texture can have the opposite effect and make the space look dark and gloomy.

Floor headboard design idea

A great color that pairs well with gray is turquoise. As you know, there are many different shades or turquoise, some closer to green and others closer to blue. The blue-ish tones are especially wonderful when combined with gray. They lend it some of their royal beauty and sophisticated charm and the result is a very stylish composition.

Bedroom frunture for storage

To avoid a gloomy decor, you need to pay special attention to the lighting. A lot of times a ceiling light is considered too bright and even unnecessary for a bedroom. Walls sconces and bedside table lamp are more popular and appreciated. Make sure they emphasize and highlight the right elements. You can use them to give gray elements a warm look.

Modern bedroom lampstand

Use light gray tones on shiny fabrics for a luxurious and sophisticated look. Avoid grays that are too dark. They can look rather harsh and you want to keep the decor soft, chic and exquisite. What’s great about this combo is that is that can either have a feminine touch or it can look masculine and chic, depending on your desire.

Grey bed design with large headboards

The versatility of gray as a color allows it to be integrated in any bedroom interior, whether it’s modern, traditional, rustic or eclectic. You can choose to not pay much attention to the style and to focus more on comfort, on the way colors interact, the textures and materials used in the room and their unique role in defining the space.

Wooden frame with grey patterns

It can be refreshing to casually add a contrasting detail to a bedroom dominated by shades of gray. For example, add a yellow throw pillow or blanket and make sure it sits next to a dark gray element. These two colors look great together and you can definitely take advantage of that.

Platform bed in grey with black accents

Even though we said red is too strong to be used in the bedroom, you can definitely use it as an accent color is small amounts. For example, you can complement a gray bed with a small red side table or a shelf. A table lamp with a red base could also be a stylish and elegant addition to such a space.