20 Gorgeous and Neutral Master Bedrooms

Master bedrooms, traditionally, have a bit more space to work with. So what better way to utilize that aspect than to enhance the extra square feet? Painting and decorating using neutral tones only will help to widen, lengthen, deepen and breathe even more air into this central spot in the home. Create your very own oasis by dressing your master bedroom in subtly romantic, gorgeous and contemporary shades. Take a peek at some of our favorites!

1. Contemporary Sky

Contemporary sky bedroom design

The hazy blue foundation of this space creates a romantic, relaxing space that is complimented so well by the natural light that comes in through the windows. Of course, the classic, black and white duo used as accents offers up a modern spin making the room much chicer and more sophisticated, overall.

2. Whiteout

Bedroom with stunning design

A completely white space may need no room for error but it sure does make it possible to utilize and highlight every inch. Whatever style you choose, going with off-whites or crisp whites will make for a room full of life, as well as easily opening up the walls and giving the illusion of higher ceilings.

3. Natural Moods

Neutral mood for bedroom

Full of whites and natural wood surfaces, we’re in love with the organic simplicity of this space. Here, the bedroom utilizes the sunlight shining through the windows and keeps a freshness about its style by leaving off excess in furniture, decorum and color pops. Instead, texture makes this one interesting.

4. Taupe Oasis

Taupe master bedroom design

Taupe is a classic color that’s been completely overrated in the design world. Living in the midst between both gray and camel, it meshes well with a variety of colors and rich neutrals. In this particular room, the powder blue acts as a sustainable neutral shade while the natural light is allowed to pour inside highlighted the airiness.

5. Golden

Luxury golden bedroom with tuftead headboard

A neutral tone that gets overlooked when speaking and decorating on the topic is gold! Create a golden space full of femininity and power. And in this particular spot it opens up the room creates a warm enveloping spirit, which is perfect for a space that you need to feel welcomed and relaxed in.{found on wninteriors}.

6. Architectural Gray

Architectural Gray bedroom

Here’s a contemporary bedroom that remains breathy and light despite it’s crisp and modern undertones. Framed with midnight blacks and sculptural pieces, we love the vision behind the room but also the clear sense of space as well. The textural walls also help with a bit of personalization.

7. Chic-ly Shabby

Chic Feminine Bedroom Design

Completed in creams and taupe, this chic and shabby room is full of welcoming spirits and beautiful style. Filled with a womanly spirit but still rugged enough for a man to feel at home in, this room may not only be a personal favorite on the list but the most relatable in terms of replication.{found on carlmayfield}.

8. Buttery Creams

Buttery Creams Bedroom

Cream offset by a rich, gray wall and accented with a buttery finish, this room is neutral but created with a more surprising, unsuspected of ways. Mos of the time neutral rooms are made with a monochromatic scheme is mind, instead, this room was envisioned with contrasting shades.{found on briandittmardesign}.

9. Home Away From

Home away from home

There’s something very vacation-like happening in this master bedroom. We love the natural lighting, textural pieces and homage paid to classic neutral tones like white, cream and chocolate. The overall feel to the space is neutrality – in both style and gender specifics, which is perfect for those looking for more versatile looks!{found on taliankodesigngroup}.

10. Brownies

Modern chalet master bedroom

This room mixes a collection of brown neutrals. From chocolate to camel, staying in the family helps to create a slight, soft ombre effect while still staying very romantic and warm. We love the feminine touches that don’t overwhelm the contemporary, easy style as it makes an even playing field.

11. Effervescent

Effervescent Bedroom Design

There’s something extremely attractive about this room. It may be made with neutral grays and a slick taupe, but its full of charisma, charm and a sweet effervescence. And that’s all because of the breath of the room – made larger with the choice of colors that don’t overshadow the actual shape of the space.{found on i3design}.

12. All About Texture

Oversized lamp above the bed

Just because you decide to forgo traditional color doesn’t mean that you’ll be cultivating a boring or drab bedroom. With the right choices you can develop a room with style, fashion-forward energy and intricate detailing. Like this space, that holds so many different layers of texture within its neutral foundation.{found on purvipadia}.

13. Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream master bedroom

Sometimes a room can be as sweet as a dessert topping. Actually, it can be just like a big bowl of whipped cream when done right. This room was made with light, buttered golds and creamy accents – making it hard not to fall in love with. The golden nature makes it easy compliment the natural lighting and provide the illusion of more space.{found on souciehorner}.

14. Layered Whites

Modern bedroom with fireplace and tv above

This room was made with so many different shades of white but it never took away from monochromatic feel, chic charcoal accent wall or romantic and soft spirit. There’s no way that a couple couldn’t enjoy a bedroom with this type of ease and styling. From the quilted bedding to the shag rug, it all works so well!{found on pattersoncustomhomes}.

15. Beige Foundation

Master bedrom with a vaulted ceiling

Beige can be a lot more likable than the name can induce. This creamy tony is a great foundation piece for adding depth and it plays well with softer – or even crisper – shades of white. It can help in the creation of a more formal or more feminine style, with gold or silver being a suitable complimentary piece.

16. All Spectrums

All Spectrums Bedroom

Here is an example of what happens when you decide to use a little bit of every type of neutral. From grays, to whites to even a tiny bit of black, they all came together here seamlessly with a style of fashionably choice and a welcoming nature that every bedroom needs to have for its guests.

17. Black, White, Chocolate

Black white and chocolate bedroom

One of the more outside-the-box choices would be to go with all three of the captains in neutral families. A bit of black, a bit of white and a bit of chocolate brown can make a striking, classic room in an instant. All while still seeming spacious and open, but with slick and chic contrasts as well.{found on drewmcgukin}.

18. Traditional

Traditional neutral bedroom

Create you own little oasis full of traditional charm. There is an easy elegance and peaceful appeal that’s been detailed throughout this creamy white bedroom. But with the pop of black, it brings in a depth it’d be missing without. Just make to layer several tones of cream when making such a one-color look as to have more interest and bearing.{found on lindaburkhardt}.

19. Cozy

Cozy bedroom design

Here’s a more cozy example of a neutral bedroom covered in a homey personality. Layered, romantic browns and a light cream make this room one that can easily envelope any person who walks inside. But when create your own haven, it’s important that the feeling is just for you!

20.  Stunning Design

Bedroom with stunning design

This entire room was designed in such a dramatic and striking way that it’s hard not to love in any color. But when paired with a crisp white, you get a stunning contrast to the hardwood floor and a very clean and uncluttered way of designing. Although white and “bare” – in a sense – the textural ceiling and wall make for more pop!