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How To Use Taupe Color And Why You Need It Now

The taupe color never ceases to surprise. Among interior design colors, taupe offers subtle strength and stability. It’s often categorized with indigo and chartreuse, but that isn’t fair to the color. As an easy neutral, taupe is an ideal foundation and accent color.

Taupe Color

If you’re designing or redecorating a room, and you’re not sure which color you want as a base, then allow us to show you the finer qualities of taupe. We’ve gathered a variety of examples illustrating how the taupe color is embodies style and taste. 

It’s not quite in the brown family but not in the gray either, falling in between the two.

In RGB color space, hex #483c32 is known as Taupe or Dark taupe.

  • Hex triplet: #483c32
  • RGB Decimal: rgb(72,60,50)
  • RGB Percent: rgb(28.2%,23.5%,19.6%)
  • CMYK: 0, 17, 31, 72
  • HSL: hsl(27.3,18%,23.9%)

Tone Color Variation

To produce Taupe tones you can add gray.

  • #3f3d3b – less saturated
  • #773803 – most saturated
Taupe Tone Color Variation

Today, we’re showing off brilliant rooms that utilize this soft shade in hopes to inspire you into using it for your home’s complimenting but also educate you on what color taupe truly is.

Top 6 Benjamin Moore Taupe Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Taupe Paint Colors
  • Driftwood 2107-40
  • Weimaraner AF-155
  • Indian River  985
  • Smokey Taupe 983
  • Brandon Beige 977
  • Shaker Beige HC-45

Tips For Choosing The Right Taupe Shade

Tips For Choosing The Right Taupe Shade

Before we go further, it’s important to establish a reference point for the taupe color. We won’t make sure everyone remains on the same page.

Taupe Hex Code

The taupe hex code is #483C32. As a color, taupe offers a subtle color foundation. Combined with other neutrals like tans and whites, taupe is common in warm and welcoming interior spaces. 

Warmer taupe hues feature red or pink undertones. Meanwhile, cooler tones have a grey base with hints of yellow or green.

Taupe Shades

A cooler shade of taupe is perfect for a modern home, but you could also add it to a vintage-inspired room. You’ll find the calming undertones of this shade make it suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms also, where you should be looking to create a relaxing atmosphere for anyone who uses this room.

For a traditional or elegant vibe, a warm taupe shade would be ideal. The shades will create a cozy atmosphere and can make large, open spaces feel more inviting.

This would be a great option for a large living room or bedroom. Taupe can be paired with almost any other color, but try to match colors and shades with similar undertones for best results.

Taupe Color Ideas For Interior Living Spaces

Here are the latest examples of how the taupe color can turn your next interior design makeover into a stunning environment.

Plush Taupe Curtains

Taupe Color in Interior Design

This luscious room is highlighted beautifully by full, plush taupe curtains. A beautiful display of taupe, this is a great example of one of the most feminine ways to play it. Unlike other dark curtain colors, taupe curtains won’t drown out a room, and will instead help to make a bedroom feel more light and airy.

These taupe curtains make a luxurious yet stylish addition to any room and you can add a few other accents in the same shade to your bed and furniture.

Silky Taupe Paint Walls

 Silky Taupe Paint Walls

These taupe walls offset the golden cream neutrals found throughout this bedroom with bold power. It’s a beautiful compliment but that’s still very relaxing.

This darker shade of taupe is ideal for a bedroom, and then the light curtains and headboard help to brighten up the space a bit. As you can see, shades of taupe vary dramatically, so it’s all about finding one that works to create your desired atmosphere and looking for a room.

Romantic Sofas Taupe Upholstered

Romantic Sofas Taupe Upholstered

These taupe sofas and throw pillows adorning the accent chairs add a mysterious, romantic element to this living room. We also love this neutral shade paired with the lighter and brighter cream tone.

Taupe is the perfect color to add to a large living room, and it works in both traditional and contemporary homes. Taupe looks great on soft furniture, such as these sofas, and creates a warm and cozy look that will invite anyone to sit down in your living room.

Contrasting Finishes

Contrasting Finishes

This ivory room is perfected and framed in taupe finished including the accent outline of the 3-D wall and the corner chair. We love the neutral, cool ethos surrounding this space.

Taupe With Plum


You’d be surprised how great of a pair of taupe can be to a plum counterpart. Accenting this living room, taupe becomes a beautiful addition to this sultry space. Try to find a shade of taupe with a purple undertone, which will make it easier to pair with this color in your home.

Taupe can be used as a base in almost any home. If you are planning to redecorate, you won’t have to get rid of your current furniture and can return it to its previous home after painting the walls in any shade of taupe.

Victorian Essence Bedroom Decor

Victorian Essence Bedroom Decor

This entire bedroom was constructed with a Victorian theme in mind – and they did that by using a combination of taupe, gray, and cream tones. The layered shades are the main attraction in this space. You can see a difference in taupe and gray.

Taupe Shades


Now here’s a bedroom that shows off the varying degrees of the right taupe shades. From light to deep and rich, this romantic and modern space has it all.

Taupe is one of those colors which isn’t too overwhelming to redecorate a whole room with, as you can see from this taupe bedroom.

The different shades all look like completely different colors, so you’ll find it adds more texture to any space in your home. {found on kellyhoppen}.

Posh Nursery Decor


Who knew you could create such a stylish and modern nursery with such a neutral tone. It’s quite interesting when styled right. It’s also a strong tone to play with gender ideas. This sophisticated nursery will allow you to adjust the style as your child grows, and then you can easily transform the room into a bedroom when they grow out of their current furniture.

From there, you’ll be able to add their favorite color to this neutral background with fun decorations and pieces of colorful furniture.

Orange Blast Decor


Taupe can also create a good playground for a blast of bold prints and colors. Mango not the windows and stripes on the floor mix well with this subtle, soft shade. If this mango color is a little too much for you, you can always go for a different color or a more muted shade of orange.

There are very few colors that taupe won’t work with, so try out a few different ideas before settling for the one you like best for your living room.

Slight Furniture


Take a good look at this sofa. It’s covered in a slight shade of taupe and mixes well with the rest of this golden, mustard room. It’s bright and asks as a solid, richening point to the room.

Taupe Luxurious Bathroom


Highlighted by a crystal chandelier, this feminine, and luxurious bathroom is full of taupe. Although the color’s name gets a bad rep for being boring. Taupe makes for the ideal base for a bathroom and creates a calming and sophisticated environment. It’s easy to pair with white bathroom fixtures and towels and offers a clean space for getting ready every morning and evening.

This bathroom would look great when it’s set off from a taupe master bedroom, which would provide a cohesive and relaxing atmosphere throughout this area of your home.

Creative Place


Taupe can set the scene in a more interesting way than a bright white or natural gray. It can even provide interest to a home office made for inspiring. So many people today are still working from home, and taupe can help to create a more relaxing working environment than a sterile black and white office may do.

You’ll feel like you have a space to be creative and focus on your work, where you’ll enjoy spending every day during your working hours. As you can see, you can easily add pink or other colored accents to the room, to give a little more character to the space.

We think colorful flowers would brighten up any taupe room, and thanks to its plain base, you’ll be able to add flowers of any type or color.

Taupe Undertone 


Just like the creator of this living room expressed, here’s a room that has a gray feel with a strong taupe undertone in the paint. This is where you can see how much taupe befriends a great gray. {found on 12thandwhite}.

Color Bursts


Take a look around at this popping living room. Filled with taupe and cream nuances and sprinkles of brilliant yellows, it’s such a happy spot to spend your time at home in.

Bucolic Comfort


Check out this plush and completely comfortable, beautiful bedroom. And we love the hidden taupe accents from the footstool to the pillows. {found on adoreyourplace}.

Taupe Accents


Taupe, of course, works in more traditional settings as well from bedrooms or living rooms. Although, we realize there’s an eclectic ethos surrounding this particular space.

Framed Light


Here we see some more billowing, bohemian curtains that surround this reading nook and office with romance and femininity. We adore the contrast and warmth.

Ultra Contemporary


Now we have another bathroom to drool over and gain inspiration from. Contrasted with white walls, the taupe finishes give a hipster feel.

Subtle Foundation


These taupe walls create a subtle, warm foundation for this eclectically-styled living room. It’s not too bright, it’s not too dark; instead, it’s a perfectly constructed neutral for a variety of colors to bounce off.

Rustic Taupe Bedroom

A Rustic Taupe Bedroom

In this example, the planked wall works well with the taupe textiles. Taupe is a versatile color that can be used to create almost any type of style you like to match with your current home décor. This would a fine choice for a teenager’s bedroom or for your guest bedroom.

The great thing about taupe is you can add other accessories to the room without worrying about colors clashing. This is because the neutral shade forms the base of the room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do Taupe And Beige Go Together?

If you’re going for a modern farmhouse monochromatic vibe, then taupe and beige are an ideal match. Taupe color, like the hues it is based on, beige and grey is universal and can be combined with various shades. As a color, taupe has communication abilities, unlike other colors. It generates a dialogue among those inside a taupe-colored room.

What Color Is Perfect Taupe?

Taupe is one of those shades. The neutral color is somewhere between gray and brown. Many interior design professionals agree that walls painted this shade provide the ideal backdrop for brighter hues, warm woods, and brass or gold accents.

How Can You Make Taupe Color?

Taupe is a mix of black or red with yellow and green undertones. The paint colors favor a purple undertone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a warm taupe or a cooler version, leaning more into gray, if it has a purple undertone, it’s a taupe.

What Does The Color Taupe represent?

Sophistication, practicality, intelligence, passivity, reliability, elegance, modesty, dignity, and maturity. It is this appeal that makes the neutral color versatile. Taupe color can enhance a contemporary space while also serving as the foundation for a traditional space.

Why Is Taupe Confused With Greige?

Taupe is often confused with greige, a gray-beige color that is considered cooler as it’s on the gray side. Taupe is a warmer tone. They are quite similar, some may even say that greige is a shade of taupe, while others say they fall in different categories.

As you can see, taupe is an easy neutral color to add to almost any room. Whether you are planning to redecorate your bedroom, study, or living room this year, a taupe color is a great base to use in any space.

The color creates a good foundation for almost any other accent color, which you can add by placing additional accessories and pieces of furniture in the room. For anyone who can’t decide between grey and brown, this is the perfect in-between shade that you’ll find easy to incorporate into both modern and traditional home makeovers.