What Color is Taupe and How Should You Use it?

There are some colors that we have a hard time defining. Indigo and chartreuse fall into that category, but so does taupe. Taupe is an easy neutral that makes a perfect foundation and subtle accent color for those that love traditional styles and cozy feelings sprinkled around their home. It’s not quite in the brown family but not in the gray either, falling in-between the two. Today, we’re showing off brilliant rooms that utilize this soft shade in hopes to inspire you into using it for your home’s complimenting but also educate you on what color taupe truly is.

Taupe Color in Interior Design

Plush Taupe Curtains.

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This luscious room is highlighted beautifully by full, plush taupe curtains. A beautiful display of taupe, this is a great example of one of the most feminine ways to play it.

Silky Taupe Paint Walls.

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These taupe walls offset the golden cream neutrals found throughout this bedroom with bold power. It’s a beautiful complement but that’s still very relaxing.

Romantic Sofas Taupe Upholstered.

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These taupe sofas and throw pillows adorning the accent chairs add a mysterious, romantic element to this living room. We also love this neutral shade paired with the lighter and brighter cream tone.

Contrasting Finishes.

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This ivory room is perfected framed in taupe finished including the accent outline of the 3-D wall and the corner chair. We love the neutral, cool ethos surrounding this space.

With Plum.

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You’d be surprised how great of a pair taupe can be to a plum counterpart. Accenting this living room, taupe becomes a beautiful addition to this sultry space.

Victorian Essence Bedroom Decor.

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This entire bedroom was constructed with a Victorian theme in mind – and they did that with using a combination of taupe, gray and cream tones. What’s so great about this room is the layering shades. You can really see a difference in taupe and gray.

Various Shades of Taupe.

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Now here’s a bedroom that shows off the varying degrees of the right taupe shades. From light to deep and rich, this romantic and modern space has it all.{found on kellyhoppen}.

Posh Nursery Decor.

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Who knew you could create such a stylish and modern nursery with such a neutral tone. It’s quite interesting when styled right. It’s also a strong tone to play with gender ideas.

Orange Blast Decor.

chevron-rug-with-taupe-wallsView in gallery

Taupe can also create a good playground for a blast of bold prints and colors. Mango not the windows and stripes on the floor mix well with this subtle, soft shade.

Slight Furniture.

yellow-curtains-retro-taupe-yellow-decor-contemporary-living-roomView in gallery

Take a good look at this sofa. It’s covered in a slight shade of taupe and mixes well with the rest of this golden, mustard room. It’s bright and asks as a solid, richening point to the room.

Luxurious Bathroom In Taupe.

elegant-bathroom-with-taupe-wallsView in gallery

Highlighted by a crystal chandelier, this feminine and luxurious bathroom is full of taupe. Although the color’s name get a bad rep for being boring, this space is anything but.

Creative Place.

creative-office-taupe-wallsView in gallery

Taupe can set the scene in a more interesting way than a bright white or natural gray. It can even provide interest to a home office made for inspiring.

Undertone Color.

gray-and-taupe-colors-living-roomView in gallery

Just like the creator of this living room expressed, here’s a room that has a gray feel with a strong taupe undertone in the paint. This is where you can see how much taupe befriends a great gray.{found on 12thandwhite}.

With Pops.

pops-of-yellow-taupe-sofaView in gallery

Take a look around at this popping living room. Filled with taupe and cream nuances and sprinkles of brilliant yellows, it’s such a happy spot to spend your time at home in.

Total Comfort.

total-comfort-bedroomView in gallery

Check out this plush and completely comfortable, beautiful bedroom. And we love the hidden taupe accents from the footstool to the pillows.{found on adoreyourplace}.

More Traditional Taupe Accents.

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Taupe, of course, works in more traditional settings as well from bedrooms or living rooms. Although, we realize there’s an eclectic ethos surrounding this particular space.

Framed Light.

Blue-wallpaper-Taupe-Brown-curtains-bedroomView in gallery

Here we see some more billowing, bohemian curtains that surround this reading nook and office with romance and femininity. We adore the contrast and warmth.

Ultra Contemporary.

white-taupe-bathroom-designView in gallery

Now we have another bathroom to drool over and gain inspiration from. Contrasted with white walls, the taupe finishes give a hipster feel and

Subtle Foundation.

taupe-Subtle-FoundationView in gallery

These taupe walls create a subtle, warm foundation for this eclectically-styled living room. It’s not too bright, it’s not too dark; instead, it’s a perfectly constructed neutral for a variety of colors to bounce off.