DIY Double Box Shelf

Create a modern focal piece for your walls with this intersecting box shelf project. Using a few craft store boxes in various sizes, a saw, some glue and a little paint you can craft this piece in no time. Perfect for holding little plants or those miniature accessories that you can never find the right place for!

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  • 2 wooden craft store wooden boxes (open on each side)
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • craft paint
  • paint brush
  • saw
  • wood glue
  • spray lacquer
  • hammer
  • 4 small nails


1. Start by placing the wooden boxes next to each other. Measure approximately where you would like your boxes to intersect. With a pencil, mark the spots on the box you want to cut.

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2. Using your saw, evenly cut the corner off the box that is marked (at the pencil line). This should then fit snuggly against the uncut box.

3. Apply a thin coat of wood glue to the 2 sides where the box was cut and allow time to dry per instructions on the back of the bottle.

4. To finish securing the boxes, place 2 very small nails into the side of the boxes where they intersect (2 nails to each side).

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5. Once the boxes are secured together and dry, give them a coat of paint or stain. Here we left our boxes au natural on the sides and painted a just the borders of each box. You can get creative with this step and paint solid colors, patterns, or just stain darker. Customize it for your style and space!

6. Lastly, finish off your box with an evenly applied thin coat of lacquer and let dry. This provides a protective layer to the wooden box which is especially important if you leave the wood unfinished. If you decide to paint the entire shelf, this step can be optional.

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The craft store boxes should have small brackets on the back for hanging. If they don’t then you can simply hang the boxes right on the nail heads to add brackets to the back. Measure, level, and hang your boxes. And now for the fun part- add a few pretty plants, vases, or accessories to your new little shelf!

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