20 Trendy Ice Cube Trays for Summer Sipping

Weather is warming and I’ve got dreams of ice cold lemonade dancing in my head. Summertime means outdoor parties with lots of friends and drinks that help beat the heat. While finding the recipe for your 2015 signature sipper is easy, styling it to make it look as good as it sounds is harder. The time has come to think about investing in an ice cube tray that goes beyond the cliche cubes. Take a look at these 20 trendy ice cube trays that will make your summer drinks Instagram-worthy.

anchor ice

If you’re one of the lucky few to spend your summer nights out on the water, serve up your mocktails with these classy anchor ice cubes. They will certainly make a personalized touch to any drink recipe. (via West Elm)

shark fins

Da-dun, da-dun, da-dun. Whether it’s a complicated cocktail or a kid’s Kool-aid, these shark fins will have you humming the Jaws theme song all night long. (via Amazon)

mustache ice

Even the fanciest party guests won’t be able to pass up these prim and proper mustache ice cubes. They might even ask you to “be a good man and pass the bitters.” (via Williams Sonoma)

death star ice

Your geek friends will love a good Star Wars themed drink, complete with icy Death Star. I always knew that the battle station instilled a chill of fear, but I really had no idea… (via Think Geek)

smiley ice

Smile! When you serve up these ice cubes in your yellow lemonade, no one will be able to hold it back. Hence you will serve up the best lemonade in town. (via Fab)

pineapple ice

Thank goodness pineapples are still in. These super fun ice cube trays will bring a bit of summer not only to your drinks, but also to your freezer. Win win. (via Nordstrom)

beans ice

If you’ve got little ones, they’ll love having you pop these pea pod ice cube trays out of the freezer. They’ll probably start asking you for ice! (via ModCloth)

guitar ice

Not only does this tray provide guitar shaped ice cubes, the strings are used for stirrers as your guitars melt. I can see an outdoor jazz party with these guitar cocktails right now. (via Awesome Ice Cubes)

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Planning on traveling this summer? Get away with these Easter Island head ice cubes, whether you’re taking a plane or not. (via 2 Shopper)

diamond ice

Shaped ice cubes are truly a diamond in the rough. Get it? And these will give your drinks more sparkle than a square ice cube could. (via Urban Outfitters)

titanic ice

We’re not just talking about iceberg cubes here. You can literally put the Titanic in your drink this summer, if you aren’t afraid of a little ice. (via Amazon)

chill pill ice

“Take a chill pill” might be an old phrase, but these ice cubes promise to bring it back when they make their debut in your party drinks. No medicinal properties present. (via Awesome Ice Cubes)

ring ice

Hosting a bachelorette party this summer? Make sure each lady’s sipper comes with a little ice, literally and figuratively. (via Amazon)

giant ice

Sometimes, you just need a giant cube. Well here’s a cube that will make your cup runneth over. Make sure you either serve a tonic that needs the dilution or in large glasses. (via Urban Outfitters)

superhero ice

It’s hero time! Your littles will absolutely love finding Iron Man’s face in their water. It could be a great way to keep them hydrated while they’re out in the heat. (via Awesome Ice Cubes)

ice screams

It could be Halloween or it could be an art festival. Either way, these screaming cubes will make your drink one to remember. (via Convenient Gadgets and Gifts)

shark ice

I couldn’t resist another shark mold. This one’s a whopper that will enjoy giving your guests a fright by taking a swim in your punch bowl. (via 2 Shopper)

doctor who ice

While they may not enjoy melting the Tardis down to nothing, your Whovian friends won’t mind taking down a few Daleks in their summer sippers. (via Think Geek)

ice chess

You can use them in your drinks… or really play a game of speed chess if you’ve got the brains for it. Either way, these duel ice cube trays promise loads of icy cold fun. (via Think Geek)

kitty ice

Calling all cat ladies! Don’t you see this tray filled with coffee ice cubes? My freezer needs this. (via Awesome Ice Cubes)