DIY Copper Pipe Magazine Rack

I’ve recently been hearing a lot of talk about inspiration. Where it comes from and how we use it to creatively decorate our homes and ourselves. Whenever you have a conversation about inspiration these days it inevitably turns to Pinterest. The site that continues to grow in popularity and users at an astounding rate since it was created 5 years ago. The site now contains all the inspiration you will ever need on recipes, DIYs and interior design (as well as cute animals, all the quotes that have ever been said and an abundance of street style and beauty blogging) to name just a very select few topics the site houses.

Copper Magazine Holder 17

The premise of Pinterest is that you can Pin and save anything you like from anywhere on the Internet to your boards. It’s down to your interests to build your own inspirations so there is potentially everything and anything you could ever be interested in right there, ready to be Pinned. Amazing right!?

As you have probably guessed by now I’m a big fan of the site and I really enjoy using it to find inspiration but recently I’ve also been going back to old school magazines more and more to be inspired.

Copper Magazine Holder 19

I’ve found that delving back into old magazines have been giving me a fresh take on modern trends. It’s given me something new to bring to the table and my projects are benefitting from taking inspiration from ideas that might not be the most relevant or popular at the time. See, this is the one problem I have with Pinterest. It’s recommended Pins (the ones it thinks you will like) are just too good! I’ve found that I’m receiving many of the Pins my favourite bloggers are and it’s influencing our work in the same way. Taking a different approach to keep my mind and ideas fresh is important so I’m focussing on expanding my collection of books and magazines to mix things up a little.

Copper Magazine Holder 18

The thing about collecting books and magazines is you need somewhere to put said books and magazines! I have previously created wall hanging magazine storage but this is clearly not enough. We need something with much easier access and more storage space. After a quick visit to my local DIY store I put together this copper rack to hold my magazines where ever I need them!

Copper Magazine Holder materials 2 copy


  • 2 metre Copper pipe
  • 12 x Copper 90º Connectors
  • Strong adhesive/cement glue
  • Pipe cutter


Copper Magazine Holder 1

1. Measure our the copper pipe marking where to cut with a pencil. From one 2 metre length of pipe you should be able to cut the following lengths if measured correctly. Measure and mark before you cut and adjust the lengths if your pipe is too short.

Pipe measurements:

  • 4 x 10cm
  • 2 x 8cm
  • 2 x 30cm
  • 4 x 21cm
Copper Magazine Holder 2

2. To use the pipe cutter place the pipe into the device and turn the screw to close up. When the pipe is held in place twist it around turning it away from you so you can see the line coming around to the front. Make sure the sharp wheel of the pipe cutter lines up with the indented line. If you’re getting a threaded effect then the pipe cutter is too tight. loosen and re-twist.

Copper Magazine Holder 3

Once you have one straight, continuous indent around the pipe tighten the pipe cutter and twist again. Continue to repeat these steps until you have cut right through the pipe. Now cut at each of your marked off points to create all the previously mentioned pieces of pipe.

Copper Magazine Holder 4
Copper Magazine Holder 5

To assemble the pipe pieces:

Copper Magazine Holder 7

3. Take one of the 8cm pieces and spread glue around each end. Be generous!

Copper Magazine Holder 11

Slot a connector onto both ends of this piece of pipe, wiping away any excess glue that squeezes out.

Copper Magazine Holder 12

One you have a connector on both ends of the pipe glue one end of two 10cm pipes and fit these into each of these connectors to create a U shape.

Copper Magazine Holder 7

Make another of these U shapes with the remaining 8cm and 10 cm pipes and leave for the glue to fully dry.

Copper Magazine Holder 8

4. Glue 4 more connectors to each exposed end of the pipe twisting them all to face upwards. Leave these to dry again.

Copper Magazine Holder 9

5. Glue one end of each of the four 21cm pipes into these these four connectors and wait until the glue dries and these are adhered in place. While you’re waiting for these to dry glue the final four connectors to the four ends of the 30cm length pipe making sure they are all facing the same direction.

Copper Magazine Holder 10

6. To complete the rack glue the exposed ends of the 21cm pipes into the remaining copper connectors. and once again leave to fully dry before using the holder.

Copper Magazine Holder

Now you rack is ready you can use it to store magazines, books and even records anywhere in your home! Enjoy.

Copper Magazine Holder
Copper Magazine Holder
Copper Magazine Holder
Copper Magazine Holder